What's The Most Underrated Bargain You've Ever Scored from OzBargain?

I'm talking about bargains where in your opinion the upvotes it received were significantly less than it's actual bargain value.

For example it's this deal for me. - Clearance Items up to 90% off, $5 NBA Shirts $3 iPhone SE Cases, $15 NFL Caps + $5 Shipping (Free over $120) @ Fangear

I'm a big NBA fan so I got a bunch of $5 NBA shirts thinking I'd wear them as pajamas or something. They're Mitchell & Ness brand which I'd never heard of previously. Turns out Mitchell & Ness are a pretty high end brand and their shirts go for like $70. I wear them pretty much every weekend since the deal was posted over 2 years ago and they're still as good as the day I bought them.

(Bonus points if you can find the deal and link to it.)


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    Dishwashing tablets in bulk! It sounds silly, but I've saved hundreds.

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    For me it’s gotta be the 7/11 fuel app trick. Soooo much appreciation to @freighter and @master131. I’ve easily saved a few thousand dollars over the last few years

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      Yep these guys are the MVP's. Haven't used their services much in the last year (I wonder why?) but let's say I've frightened many Cashiers across 7/11's in NSW & ACT with the savings I've pocketed.

      Largest saving was $86 on a fill up. Got a lock on a fill up in like WA/QLD and used it in CBR right after the price cycle spiked.
      Difference was about 60c ish p/L and my cousin, dad and I filled up from one bowser and used the full 150L limit.

      As the extended family aren't too tech savvy, I do the locking for them too. I would guestimate that the app trick has saved a combined approx 5k in the last few years
      (about half of that was just me)

    • You must drive heaps. I track every dollar I spend on cars at best I can see ~$1000 in discounts over the last 5 years. The average saving works out to be roughly 13%.

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      I loved this too. Then I moved to Adelaide where there are no 7-11s ☹️

      • what?!?!

        no 7-11s fuels in adelaide?!?!??

        mind blown

        • There's a company here called OTR that have cornered the market and pretty much own every single servo in Adelaide. They must have some sort of mutual territory agreement.

          • @sevendollarsfifty: My cop mate tells me that OTR holds the record for armed hold ups in SA. Maybe that's why they changed their branding from On The Run to OTR. I had a laugh a few days ago when I heard on the radio that an armed robber was "on the run" after a hold up at OTR Old Reynella.

        • Wait until you realise 7/11 isn't nationwide ;)

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      No worries. It was fun. But they rightfully fixed their product/app.

      But there's other fun apps to tinker with too now!

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    For me it's has to be the $60k teslas. Bought 20 and now have them rented out.

    • Only 20? Was it a slow day?

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    $15 off @ doordash for first 3 orders. min $20 spend

    once i use up the 3 orders, move onto the next sim card and account. rinse & repeat

    UE has cottoned onto me so i had to find an alternative

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    If that deal was now it would get close to 1000 pos votes I reckon

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      Oh man still my favourite ozbargain hunt! All my mates got in and got flights to the capital cities.

      I managed to score flights to the sprawling metropolis of Rockhampton haha. Such a brilliant deal when you factored in the wine as well, which wasn't so bad.

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        We got Perth to Melb ;)

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    Possibly not that underrated more memorable, but the Expedia.ie flights from 2012 - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/70589

    Just memorable as the dollar was fairly good, you had plentiful choice of flights days/times, and you felt like you were getting one over Qantas cause the fares were 30-40% cheaper than direct through them. Felt like such a shady character at check-in, like the AFP were about to pull you aside for questioning. I had practiced my Irish accent as well.

    Its also probably the most spontaneous thing ive bought. Spending ~$5k on a holiday before booking annual leave or checking any upcoming appointments/engagements.

    Crazy thing is since then the flights are roughly the same price when on sale.

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      and the expedia brazil of the same.

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        And Expedia Japan for dirt cheap Jetstar flights….those were the days!

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      +1 really miss Ozbargain sourced flights/holidays.

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    The old school 'bargainers keeping it real since last decade, you can't beat the old "trade bait" deals with EB games.

    Was an infinite loop of credit.

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    Still have this jacket. It excellent quality and toasty warm. Wife asked me to find another. Found it on ebay but not in the size I wanted. If anyone knows of a similar make and style, that'd be appreciated.

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    Ooh another…

    Woodworm umbrellas!

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    That one time I scored an insane bargain on eneloops…

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    Wasn't the best, but the free AirPods 2nd Gen from eBay Plus wasn't bad. I already had a pair so I sold it on Gumtree for $250. Easiest quarter of a thousand I ever made.

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    Maybe not under-rated but I bought 22 items of clothing for $32 delivered on this deal and have resented paying normal price for any clothing to replace it since.

  • I picked up a 12TB external hard drive for around $300 on here. That was an absolute steal. Wish I'd bought more than one.

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