Delivery Time for Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid

I ordered a Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid Cruiser (in Crystal Pearl) from a Toyota Dealer on the 11th February 2021.
I still have not received the car and every month the dealership is feeding me a different story about why it hasn't gone to production yet.

Just wondering if anyone else has ordered the above vehicle and if they have been lucky enough to receive it (if so when was it ordered and when was it delivered)?

I am based in Victoria and it was ordered from a Victorian Toyota dealer.



  • Ordered in Feb, rec'd in late May.

    • May I ask what state?

      • QLD

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          Thank you. Safe driving.

        • I'm similar to EightImmortals - ordered mid Jan, received late April. Brisbane dealer - AWD Cruiser

    • We ordered AWD Hybrid Cruiser end of March and got it start of July, so reasonably quick turnaround. QLD as well.

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    And Toyota have just halved production so expect the dealer to double their excuses/reasons

  • FWIW I spoke to someone yesterday who ordered in March and is still yet to receive their car. Obviously got to do with the strong demand for RAV 4’s and the worldwide semi conductor shortage.

    Hang in there.

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    I don't understand. Do you have my Rav 4?

    We have your order, we just ran out of cars.

    But the order gets the car here. That's why you have the order.

    I think I know why we have orders.

    I don't think you do. You see, you know how to take the order, you just don't know how to fill the order. And that's really the most important part of the order: the fulfillment. Anybody can just take them…

    (Seinfeld) The Car Reservation

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      You better give me the insurance because I’m gonna beat the hell out of this thing.

  • Be patient padowan…

  • Ordered in December 2019 and received in June 2020.

    Rav 4 Hybrid Cruiser 4WD located in Victoria.

    I guess quite lucky given the initial wait quote was 14 months.

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    I never really understood the whole ‘Oh What A Feeling’ ad campaign.

    Now I realize it is people that have placed orders jumping up and down while they wait.

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      Yes.I am jumping up and down but not in joy.
      Ordered in mid march and still no production date.
      Now expecting to receive it in Nov/Dec but might spill over to 2022 and have to pay $2500 extra for upgraded model.

      • Would you really need to pay the extra $2,500? I checked with my dealership and they told me that the new 2022 model will start getting built from November 2021. Anyone who places a new order today are automatically paying the increased price as they will receive the 2022 model. For someone like me who already placed their order before the 2022 updates got announced, I was told one of the 2 things will happen. If they build my car prior to November 2021, I will get what I paid for. If they build my car in or after November, I will automatically receive the new updated model at the price that is in my contract, essentially saving me the additional $2,500. They don't run multiple production lines with one line working on the 2021 model and the other on 2022. If this is indeed true, I am actually hoping they build mine in November or later. Perhaps @spackbace may be able to confirm this? I am in NSW.

        • Check the fine print. My fine print says if the price increases i have to pay increased price.

  • I had to wait around 7 months for an XV - I believe they've been hit by the chip shortage. I've only filled it up once due to the never ending lockdown.

    • I didn't know that part of the reason for the chip shortage was that the cost of silicon has risen substantially due to the mass production of COVID-19 vaccines. The silicon which is used to manufacture chips is the same silicon used to make the vaccine vials. Wiki.

      I guess the empties can't be recycled.

      • Yup, I'm powered by a 3070

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          Duuuuude, it's the 5G chips. That's why the shortage is happening.

  • Neighbour has 'bought' the same car in the last month or so, expecting to pick it up in December (in Victoria).

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      If its a hybrid RAV4,he is very unlikely to get it in 5 months after ordering.
      Right now times have blown out to 8 to 10 months.

      • I'll let her know

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          In Russia a Man Goes to Buy a Car…

          He goes up to the owner and asks for a car, to which the owner responds:

          'You know there is a 10-year waiting list?'

          The man then answers, 'OK,' and after some time he then agreed to buy a car.

          So he pays for the car in advance, and just before he leaves he asks the owner,

          'Can I pick the car up in the morning or afternoon?'

          'It's 10 years away, what does it matter?'

          'The plumber is coming in the morning'.

  • I ordered mine in April this year (colour - crystal pearl) when I was told that it will be an 8-10 months wait. The last (and the only) email from Toyota just confirmed that they have received my order. I haven't heard anything since. I am in NSW.

  • Mate got his Rav 4 Hubrid in 5 weeks from order. (Vic)

    They have just announced a slow down of manufacturing in Japan due to chip shortages.
    My mates Hilux was just pushed back 2-3 months.

  • I didn't realize that so many OzBargainers didn't kayak.

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