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Telstra $300 Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit for $249 Delivered @ Techano


Thanks to hopper for posting previous deal.

Clicked on it to find that the current price is $249. It mentions 48 hour Flash Sale but there is no start or end time.

Managed to get Officeworks to price beat to $236.55 (delivered) over phone.

From hopper's earlier post:

Not the greatest price or reputed seller.

But price match with OW might make this deal bit sweeter with extra 5% ($265) now $236.55

Note : you can get cheaper deal from boost, but if you are someone looking for eSim this might be a better deal.

4G only.

Bonus data
Get 50GB once off bonus data when you activate on Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile plan (200GB = 150GB + 50GB bonus). Must activate between 6 July 2021 and 27 September 2021. New customers only.

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    Just a reminder - if you have iPhone 12 and activate the second sim slot (esim), you don't get 5G on your primary.
    I no longer subscribe to a 5G capable service anymore and saved a few pennies.

    • +2

      that's not true anymore. Software update fixed that.

  • +1

    Mmm this or renew my Boost 12 month 100Gb plan for $150…

    • I thought it's $200

      • You can get it for sub $150 with Officeworks price beat.

        • Who's is cheapest price.

          • +1

            @Jklaro: Just check OzB search function. Lots of places have deals pretty regularly - just get Officeworks to price beat.

      • +2

        Current users are getting $50 one-off on first recharge as they discontinued $150 plan and introduced $200.

  • Damn I just bought the $300 Boost sim for $240. Is Boost 4G and Telstra 4G the same shiz?

    • In my experience - yes.
      I have done tests in the middle of Sydney and in the country areas like Cootamundra and Braidwood.

    • Mostly same… Moved to Boost from Telstra… No change at all. Even signal Bars also says Telstra 4G..

    • +1

      It uses the exact same Telstra network. It's got better coverage than all the other Telstra wholesalers.

      • Boost actually get full Telstra 4G coverage so effectively gets different treatment to other MVNO's/wholesalers. Been on Boost plan for last couple of years (moving to Telstra for eSIM) and it has no coverage difference from my work (corporate connection) Telstra SIM. This has been confirmed by multiple other users as well in this and other threads.

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    Is the Telstra esim on prepaid working now? After they migrated to their new system, apparently they can't do prepaid esim …as of about 1 month ago

    • I would like to know this too. I probably would just re-up $150/6 months if I can't go back to e-SIM. Can anybody here pls confirm if prepaid is fixed?

  • Can I use this to recharge my existing prepaid number which is the same plan, $300 for a year?

  • Thanks OP! Got OW to PB the Boost $200 plan.

  • I have heard rumours that Telstra markets these sims for 4G coverage only but in reality, they let you access 5G coverage as well. Is that true? Can anyone confirm?

    • Yes.
      I have been using prepaid SIM for almost 2 years.
      It shows 5g on my fold 2.

    • Can confirm I have 5G on my SIM, been going for around 13 months - I have usually just used starter packs etc, but had so much data and 5G access that I decided on recharging this time.
      I recharged last month only for 6 months as I just cannot handle paying full price with most providers, particularly Tel$$$tra.

      However, they have sent a text to me indicates the rules are changing on 8 September (bold is my emphasis):
      first a personalised SMS:
      <first name>. so you can enjoy even more data for the same amount, you'll be updated to our Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile plan from 08 September, <wall of text>
      Find out what your new plan includes today: <link>

      link shows (and note cannot see anything that says I will have more data when migrated):

      Say hello to your new Pre-Paid plan.
      Our latest offering, with even better value.
      <insert name>, to ensure you continue getting the best from Australia's best 4G, your Pre-Paid service <insert number> will be updated to our latest Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile plan.

      <wall of text>

      A few changes to current features.
      As we update our plans a few older features, including some you may have used before, will be phased out.

      If you have a 5G compatible device, you'll continue to have 5G access until your current rechcarge expires, on the Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile plan 5G network access is only included on $60 recharges.

      <more text>

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