Diablo 2 Resurrection: Beta and Upcoming Full Release

Anyone played the Beta over the weekend - its over now. Full release date next month.

Its a remaster instead of a remake, so all game mechanics are the same. New skins, higher res, changes in UI. Network code seems mostly the same, with the classic rubber banding when network/server load is high.

Not sure if the MODs are still workable as they did mentioned the client code is some what different but I'm not a fan of mods.

This game brings back memories from 20 years ago when it first came out.

I did play the open beta over the weekend - must say I'm quite impressed of course my expectation was set pretty low, i.e. only better graphics and expected the mechanics to be the same including the less desirable mechanics. Then open beta didn't really test whether the MODs worked, and whether the "cheating" with MODs will affect it like the original which kinda made me stop playing though.

I played on PC not on console - heard the console version had lots of issues.


  • which platform ? epic? steam ? free?

    • blizzard :) …

    • PC (Battle Net)
      Xbox 1/SX/SS

    • Blizzard's Battlenet platform. There's no subscription apart from buying the game.

  • In before the boycott comments!

  • Not sure if the MODs are still workable as they did mentioned the client code is some what different but I'm not a fan of mods.

    They said Mods would work 100%

    then they went ahead and disabled TCP/IP connections which a large majority of Mods require.

    Sadly given the climate this game is going to burn in a fire.
    A lot of hardcore diablo players are boycotting the game and the general consensus in the diablo community is that they will be too.
    Personally i was never a fan of D2 and playing the beta reminded me why.

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    It's $70 and they stripped out TCP/IP. I spent years playing on a private server with friends, there's zero hope of "resurrecting" the experience I had with the old game and there's nothing about the new version that seems appealing.

    I'm going to wait 6 months to see if it winds up being a dumpster fire like the WC3:R launch where the servers weren't even working properly and it comes down to a reasonable price for a remake of a 20 year old game, then I'll think about it. I expect this to sell poorly though.

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      Load up classic D2 and a bunch of mods and have fun ;D

  • They removed ultrawide support because some whingers said it gave people a 'competitive advantage'. No buy from me

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      No ultrawide support? WTF! Bad enough they took out one of the best features in TCIP/IP support.
      I couldn't believe a few years ago when the latest Need for Speed game did not support racing wheels. What the hell is wrong with these gaming companies?!

      • It's worse because it was fully supported in the alpha, and because of a few whingers on the blizzard forums they've now removed it

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    I suspect the reason why you were “quite impressed” is because Vicarious Visions did most of the heavy lifting for this remaster. Blizzard would have fumbled it.

    I played a little bit too, it wasn’t bad. Had to play with the old graphics because my MacBook couldn’t really handle the new graphics lol. The price seems a bit steep, I think it’s $70 or something. I probably would buy it if I had more time.

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    I tried the Beta out of nostalgia, having spent way too many hours on the original D2. For me, modern ARPGs have advanced so much that I couldn't get in to it. Movement felt clunky and graphics quality made it hard to engage with after playing D3. It also reminded me how awesome personal loot drops are and not having to click like a madman after every boss fight to try and get any loot.

    Unfortunately for Blizz, this Beta has put me firmly in the no thanks camp.

    • Too true.
      They missed the boat on not implementing alot more QOL features like view item being a toggle, slightly larger bag space and a streamlined ability bar but to each their own I guess.

    • D3 is shit.

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    Played original 2 years ago with a friend who never got around to playing - just one run through the campaign - good fun and brought back heaps of memories

    In before this becoming Reforged all over again (another beloved game of mine butchered)

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    After W3R, I'm not going to trust Bliz, plus $70? Hahaha. Make it $14.

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    I had pre-purchased to play in the closed beta and after a day requested and received a refund.
    Besides the HD graphic overhaul it was the Diablo 2 of old that didnt do much for me back in the day.
    If anything I'd rather load up classic D2 and slap on an overhaul and just play that instead having to falk out $70 for a remaster that does very little but stiffle expectations and enjoyment based on the changes Blizzard implemented.

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    I recommend you look up and try "project diablo 2"

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    I'm waiting for Diablo 2 remastered resurrection.

    it would be the alpha hacked with the entire game, with the original TCP/IP support.

    Hopefully someone can figure out how to make it work, considering the alpha hacked game still exists.

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