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[PC, Steam] Battlefield 4 Premium Edition $5.99 @ Steam Store


Weekend deal on Steam, ends in 36 hours. Best price I've seen so far

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    Hell of a good game even now. The servers are full of players right now.

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      100% Just picked it up myself and getting started with it. It's a lot of fun

    • hopefuly they will stay that way after the new battlefield launches

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        that's an optimistic comment. BF4 stayed alive this long because it's modern and the last two games haven't been. BF4 is dated in a lot of areas now, gun play, modern mechanics etc. i'm sure some diehards will continue to play it because there's a lot of variety but 2042 is going to hit its numbers fairly significantly.

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          Yeah, i read somewhere that everyone is jumping onto bf4 because of its modern settings similar to bf2042. For$6 i wouldn't complain

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      This game nearly 8 years old and the servers are still full?? Impressive..

  • Any reason to pickup on steam besides achievements and trading cards as i got it for free from prime gaming?

    • Did you get the expansion pack?

      • I got

        China rising, second assault, legacy operations and night operations

        Does the premium come with all packs and shortcut kits?

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      If I am not mistaken, the version you picked up from Prime Gaming was the standard edition.

      The version in this deal is the premium edition, which comes with the standard edition of the game, all 5 paid DLC (which each come with additional weapons, four multiplayers and new multiplayer modes), all shortcuts and some gold battlepacks.

      The paid DLC is very handy if you want to be able to play on all maps on all Australian-based servers, as around half the active Australian-based servers at this very moment run paid DLC maps. I think you can still join a server running paid DLC maps if the active map is not a paid DLC map and you don’t have the corresponding paid DLC, but you will be kicked out after a round ends and the next map in the rotation (or as voted by the server) is a paid DLC map.

      The shortcuts are an added bonus, as it means you don’t need to grind for 200+ hours to unlock all the weapons and vehicle upgrades.

      The gold battlepacks are nothing very exciting tbh.

      • Minor correction: premium does not give you shortcut kits. See here (https://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield_4/comments/owrlwo/are_s...) and other sites for confirmation if you want to check.

        Premium does give you many battlepacks, but unfortunately there still is a fairly significant grind involved, as the battlepacks are often only weapon add-ons. I only bought BF4 recently, and I've been disappointed with the amount of grinding required, however the gameplay is fun. But I often play BF1 or BFV instead, since you can select any weapon you like to try.

        • how u get the battlepacks? its not appearing on my game ?

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          premium does not give you shortcut kits

          Crap, you’re right. When I saw the Content For This Game section on the Steam page, I thought it was saying that it was the list of content that comes with the Premium Edition.

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      all the expansions and priority in the queues to get in game. For $6 i thought it was worth it.

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        The Premium pack is/was a bit of a joke. It's a significant portion of the game, disregarding the campaign single player bit. It's essential to own the lot especially at this price IMO. I don't know why it hasn't just been repacked as a final definitive edition now for simplicities sake EA shouldn't be selling the base game at this point.

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          EA probably haven’t done that, because:

          A) EA occasionally individually gave away each of the DLC over the last few years, so if you were shrewd enough to claim a copy of each of the five DLC when it was free, you won’t necessarily need the Premium Edition and could save some money by only opting for the Standard Edition. That’s what I did with the PS3 version of BF4 (before the servers died lol), or

          B) They can give away the base game to people through various giveaways (e.g. through Prime Gaming), but then eek out some extra money from these people by making them pay money for the DLC packs, or

          C) Sheer laziness.

  • Do you know if we need to install EA Software?

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      I think it does need Origin to load, but it runs in a lite version when launched from steam

  • for some reason $6.24 when you pay by paypal. but still great price.

    • That shouldn't be a thing. Steam uses A$ so PayPal has a locked in price and doesn't use its scammy currency converter. Are you sure your PayPal isn't in a different region or something that would affect the price?

      • just $0.25 no big deal.
        i know what went wrong now,
        if u buy it from their website then its $5.99, with origin's launcher its $6.24.

        • You must have missed the deal where it was free for origin if you signed up to prime gaming

          Worth paying for the steam version anyway

          • @HeyPapito: oh wait, the one i just bought ar form origin and OP is steam !

            origin better or steam?

            • @samelight: Prefer steam cause of achievements, trading cards and friends

            • @samelight: It's a personal preference but the majority of people prefer Steam over other launches due to the feature set it has and any friends you've already made.

              Regardless, some EA games that are purchased through Steam run a 'lite' version of Origin so regardless you'd still be using Origin.

              • @Kozhutki: hi, how u add expansion packs and battlepacks??

                • @samelight: If you purchased the premium edition all the DLC should be there. On steam right click the game > properties > DLC > select what DLC to download. Battlepacks will be in game.

  • Does this work on Origin?

    • Yes, you have to have the client installed as well

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I've always curious about the BF franchise. $6 is a good price to check it out.

  • Can anyone confirm if this removes the need for origin.

    As an example i think Apex legends doesn't need origin installed to play but still needs an ea login to play but otherwise it is completely loaded from steam.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Edit: ended up buying it out of curiosity will try report back when I am able to try it but no promises because pretty busy with work.

    • +2

      No pretty sure you need the origin client as well, just like Ubisoft games on steam still open the game through the uplay launcher

    • i got troubles with the origin client, i may have to switch to steam, plz tell me how u go with it.

    • Still needs Origin acc and logged in, but it launches from steam fine.
      All friends in game overlay are through origin.

      • u need origin account but do u nedd the origin launcher/software to play?

        • This is what I want to know but can't try it because i have origin open usually all the time I guess I could close it down to test when I have free time still busy atm.

          • @AlienC: i just tried, u still need the origin software,it verifies the game license be4 you could start the game.
            the good thing is it only do the verifications, steam is doing the launching.
            so many bugs with origin's software, steam is way better.

  • Almost worth buying just to start from scratch again

    • i wish that you could reset your unlocks just to do them again

      • Reset progress button would be nice.

        I'm guessing they didn't add that in because then it would be too close to cod and their prestige system even if you didn't get anything for it.

  • Im stuck in "You need to start and log in to Origin" any one have the same problem?

    • Try starting and logging in to Origin.

      • i started origin, loged in and click play with the launcher.
        then it pops out the battle log website which allow me to choose servers,
        but when i click join server it tells me to star origin?
        it alread started, thats how i got to thar web pagevij the first place.

  • Does anyone know what happens if you already have it on Origin? I already have a lot of unlocks there but want the DLC maps and priority queue, would buying this and linking with Origin just give me the benefit of both?

    Anyone tried it?

    • Should work. Game launches through your origin account anyway. Can refund on steam and continue to play origin version if it doesn’t.

    • It should work. Here's what I found on the EA community help page:

      "You will have two copies of BF4 in your Origin Library if you Purchase the Premium Edition. You will not need to do anything with the regular version, just download the Premium Edition with all the DLC and you will be good to go. Nothing will interfere, as I have friends that have multiple copies as well, and they have no issues. They usually just "Hide" the ones that they dont need."

      If it doesn't end up working you can still refund it on Steam.

  • +2

    is it good just for the campaign?

    • -1

      The campaign is nothing special. Conquest large is where it's at.

    • The campaign is kind of boring and forgettable tbh. I only completed it to unlock a handful of multiplayer weapons.

      I think the only reason to get this game is to play multiplayer (even if Australian servers pretty much only run Conquest Large these days…). I have clocked up nearly 1000 hours in multiplayer over the years and it has been pretty fun.

      • +1

        that is exactly why I don't want to buy games with multiplier, I have no self control

        • Haha in all fairness, the nearly 1000 hours has been since January 2014…

          Then there’s the 700 hours I have ploughed into BF3 since January 2012…

          Then there’s the 350 hours I have ploughed into BF1 since late 2017…

  • Would also like to know

  • Such a good game (for multiplayer)

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