Looking for Real Weed Killer That Actually Works

My backyard is a mess with overgrown weeds, I have tried all brands from Woolworths ,Bunnings etc but nothing seems to work.

Is there some strong weed killer that actually shows results?

I want such an item that I can apply for my entire backyard and in 2 or 3 days my backyard should look like a desert sand

Is there any such weed killer ?


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    Kamba for selective

    Roundup for everything

    Bunnings links for info, products can be found cheaper elsewhere

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    Most weed killers won't kill grass species like paspalan because they assume people don't want to also kill their lawn so it depends on what kind of weed we're talking. I've had success with normal weed and feed for clover, bindii and other common weeds.

    • weed & feed products are being banned by many countries. better off using a separate weed killer if necessary

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      Glypho is non selective weed killer, will kill any plant if applied at the recommended amount for that particular species, whether considered weed or not.

      • doesn't kill everything has very little if any effect on mondo grass, agapanthus, wandering jew, clover and a fgew others works well on most grasses but you will need multiple applications for cooch

        • At dilution rates for general weeds … sure some things survive, apply it neat and often enough to those plants and they will die.

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    +1 for Roundup - Glyphosate. However, the best time to apply it is when the weeds are actively growing, Spring.

    This time of year results are slow and may be patchy, especially with heavy overnight dew and/or rain.

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      And they are unlikely to kill everything quickly enough for it to look like a desert in a couple days.
      But a good dose of glyphosate should knock them back in about a week or two.

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      +1 for Roundup - Glyphosate.

      if you don't care about your health, sure…

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        You're meant to spray it on the weeds, not yourself.

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          Yet it contaminates waterways, kills amphibious animals and creates a landscape where nothing will grow for many years once it builds up, I have personally had to deal with it's affects on my property caused by my neighbors indiscriminate use of it, even on my property till I moved in and stopped them! I was once a gardener who believed the lie "Low mammalian toxicity" and regret the use of it!

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    Weed killer won't work in a few days. Takes a week or two as it is the leaf photosynthesising that kills it.

      • Did you actually read some of the reviews???

        Here is one that might concern me:

        It kills only foliage. Instant results, then 3 days later everything I sprayed is growing back better than before. Sorry more research needs to be done to kill the roots to make this a better product.

        • Did you actually read some of the reviews???

          Don't need to. I've been using it for over a year now and it works great.

    • In summer when applied to plants growing vigorously Glyphosate Does work quickly, I have seen plants with good water applied wilting in the late afternoon that had it applied at midday, worked as a gardener for many years.

  • any glyphosate product should work. and by the sounds of things they will have seed heads so all the weeds will probably reseed after a while

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  • Hire a gardener? They're experienced and do the gruntwork

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    I want such an items that I can apply for my entire backyard and in 2 or 3 days my backyard should look like a desert sand

    That would be fire then…..

    No weed killer is going to kill and remove the weed in that time frame.

  • I’ve used this and it kills everything.

    • and it kills everything.

      including people…

      In July 2021, Monsanto owner Bayer AG said it would remove glyphosate-based herbicides from the U.S. consumer market by 2023 due to tens of thousands of lawsuits brought by people alleging they developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma from exposure to the company’s glyphosate herbicides, such as Roundup.


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    Charlie don't turf! Now get out there soldier!

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    Use salt

    • if you want to wreck your soil, sure

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        2 or 3 days my backyard should look like a desert sand

        Just giving Op what he wants.

  • Kero


    Get a goat

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      BBQ goat. Yuuuum.

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    As other have said, Glyphosate/Roundup/Zero, when you mix it up add a good squirt of dishwashing liquid to it, this acts as a wetting agent which helps the killer stick to the leaves and break through the waxy coating some weeds have… The dishwashing liquid makes the weed killer much more effective in my experience..

    • Dishwashing liquid is definately the easiest wetting agent most people have access to and these help, but its not working by helping it stick. They work by reducing the surface tension which allow the glyphosate droplets to spread across the leaf surface and so are absorbed more efficiently, and so kill the weed more effectively (which also means you can often reduce the dose and still get the same kill effect).
      In farming typically use around 100-200g of "BS wetter 1000" per 1000L of herbacide (glyphosate), which improves the kill amount greatly, doesnt take much of a wetting agent to have a very beneficial effect.

  • yates

    mix your own concentrate…

    this stuff on it's own unmixed is potent enough to kill large trees

  • hot water killed moss that was growing. maybe grab the kettle and keep boiling and pouring?

  • Are you spraying 24 hours prior to rain or water, are you cutting the grass after its sprayed or spraying after it been cut, are you using the correct spray for the weed you're trying to get rid of?

    Weeds take a long time to disappear. It will start to yellow within a week.

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  • Glyphosate, you need to make sure you are mixing it in the correct ratio for your area. If you add too much, it won't work as good. It also takes longer than 2-3 days.

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    This bad boy
    & Elbow grease

    Won't kill everything around the weed as well unlike roundup

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    Brunnings has something in a brown bottle called "Path Weeder". $12 for a concentrated bottle that can be diluted to cover a huge area.

    Nothing grows for 6mths to a year when I used it on pavers and planters.

    Be VERY careful as the runoffs will kill off even trees nearby. Learnt that lesson the hard way

    • Please, please don’t use this. This contains Simazine. It is once a year because it remains active out of the bottle for months and months. Any water that passes your poisoned path picks it up and moves it along into stormwater, then rivers, sea - killing plants as it goes.

      Banning has been actively considered for years but it stays available as for some primary producers there is sometimes no alternative. Domestic users don’t have the skills to apply it safely, and overapply or use it on sloping surfaces etc.

      Water samples from our waterways, estuaries and even some open waters show residuals of this.

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    If its weeds in your lawn then look at getting Bow and Arrow (sold online). Works a treat.

  • Thank you everyone
    Will try and update which one worked

    • Round up will definitely work, but in winter it will take at least 2 weeks as opposed to 3 days in summer to see the impact so don't overdose otherwise you will see some collateral damage.

  • Can I ask what works to remove weed/grass that grow between pavement gaps?

    I tried hot water and vinegar but doesnt seem to work.

    • Roundup

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    Enjoy cancer

  • If you want your lawn to look like "desert sand" then roundup will do it. You'll end up with a yard of dead lawn that you're going to have to remove if you want to returf though.

  • I use this on our property and it kills everything. Usually spray with bit of dishwasher soap to act as a wetting agent. https://fernland.com.au/adama-wipe-out-pro-540-glyphosate-he...

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    If you want a non toxic fast acting option, grab a bunch of double strength vinegar and spray it thoroughly over everything you want to die. Results in a day or two.

    If you want it dead forever, a bag or two of pool salt spread around will make it as barren as the Sahara.

  • It will depend on your future plan for the area. Do not use Vinegar/salt as it will render the area toxic for your lifetime. Persevere with a no grow 450 strength & follow directions If you need a followup do so after most weeds are drying to prevent a second shoot coming Spray when dry weather for 1 week

  • Brunnings One Hour Weed Kill is great for most weeds….definitely better than standard weed killer….often on half price special at Woolies or Foodland.

  • Think of your environment, and family.

    A neighbour uses a particular weed killer, and each time he does, I will have dizzy spells, head ache, and literally, my nose will start to bleed.

    But of course, you ring the poison's help line, and receive some blasé response, as too when you contact the product manufacturer, and the Australian Regulators. All deny any responsibility.

    So how come the USA has banned the usage? They are a known carcinogenic product, so take Kare, think about your environment, and more importantly, your family.

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    Apparently pissing into the weed plant will kill it within your time frame of 2 to 3 days. Just make sure it doesn't rain after (and during) you piss on it for two or three days straight and the weed should go all soggy brown and tan like colour and die or else the rain will wash away your piss and you have to start again.

  • Cut down then mulch … then as the weeds start to grow through the mulch spray a mixture of salt and white vinegar on them, in 2 weeks they will be dead, so long as it does not rain, Glyphosate (Zero etc) is cancerous to humans, builds up in soils and causes the death of frogs and waterways are affected.
    The idea that the small amounts of salt sprayed directly on the unwanted growing plants is bogus, it would take a lot of salt to render soil toxic, salt also leaches away well.


  • 'Tree and Blackberry killer' concentrate. But I think that it is very toxic!

  • Plain cheap vinegar. 2litres $1.20 does the job

    • does the vinegar needs to add to water or just mix some salt and dishliquid and spray?

      • just pour vinegar on weed, make sure that the plants you want to keep are not near the weed

  • Oh. And “slasher” is awesome. Works in hours not days/weeks. Might need a touch up in a week or 3, but extremely effective. And organic certified!

  • Bikies.

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