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[Android, iOS] Free - Peppa Pig: Holiday @ Google Play & Apple App Store


I believe this app has only been free once and that was for the iOS version back in 2019.

Apple App store

Ranked in the top 10 family apps in 29 countries since launch.

Peppa is going on holiday and she wants you to join her travels in this official app.

Fans of the show will love this holiday inspired adventure, which encourages them to explore the wonderful world of Peppa through interactive games and activities, featuring much loved characters, music and sound effects.

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  • Thanks OP, grabbed it for my son.

  • +1

    Can you install and delete and still keep it free afterwards?

    • +3


    • Or just hit get then that saves to your account. Don’t even need to download/install for the first time

  • +10

    I'm in my 40's.

    Downloading as its the closest I'll come to travelling for a while.

  • -3

    Thanks OP bought 1000 copies!

  • +9

    For anyone not having kids yet, just download it now, and have kids later.

    • good point

  • +2

    Kids have so many choices these days, I am envious!

  • +1

    My kids have been asking about this, thanks OP.

  • +3

    I downloaded so many of these free kids app deals, but I don't even have kids yet…

  • +1

    Why did I instantly think of Aussie Pepper Pig when I read this deal?

    • +2

      It's f#$&ing Peppa Pig, c#$&s 🤣

      • It's comedy gold. 😂