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Premium Leather Orbitkey 2.0 (Stone/Grey with Rose Gold Mechanism) $34.90 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39+) @ Orbitkey Amazon AU


Silent Keys - No more noisy keys. A perfect companion for your next run, hike or commute.
Pocket Friendly - Protect your precious belongings from key scratches
Special Rose Gold Locking Mechanism - Flexible, yet secure mechanism to carry 2 to 7 keys and will not loosen unintentionally.
Carry Your Car Keys - Every Orbitkey comes with a D-Ring attachment for your car key, or large key-fobs.
Your Keys, Sorted - Have your keys arranged in your order of preference. No more fumbling for the right key in the dark.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Is that the normal pricing?

    • +8

      Nope. Damn things are expensive.

      • +4

        Is it just this brand name that is expensive?
        I'm seeing others that look very similar from $15, $22, $34, etc.

        • Engineering I'd say. I have three of these and love them.

          • +21

            @vincesuarez: Engineering? It's just a piece of leather attached to a piece of metal….

            • +1

              @WowBargain: So the locking mechanism is just an accident?

              • +5

                @vincesuarez: It just looks like a screw to me? What's special about the mechanism?

                • -2

                  @WowBargain: Will not loosen overtime, as it has a locking mechanism that can only be undone with a 10 cent coin.

                  • +12

                    @silverrat23: Spring/star/rubber washer, nyloc nut, Loctite.


                    • +1

                      @Yummy: Yep used loctite on my $10 eBay knock off. Working well for the past 3 months.

                • -4

                  @WowBargain: Its screw with a locking mechanism- pretty sure I made that clear already.

              • +4

                @vincesuarez: This comment makes me imagine someone walking around with bunch of leather pieces and some screws, falling over and coming up with the key ring design.

            • -3

              @WowBargain: I'm sure everyone looks at Picasso's art and says it's just paint and a canvas… worthless…

              • +3

                @FullM3tal: did you just compare picasso's body of artwork to a key ring??

                people, this is a work of art……the guernica of keyrings if you will!!

        • +8

          I have one of the $15 ones off of ebay, I've had it for about 3 years and its still fine, the screw itself (the bar that holds the keys) comes loose after a couple of days so every now and then I have to give it a quick tighten by hand, I assume the Orbitkey is better quality and doesn't have this issue.

      • +6

        I got a few at 33-50% off direct at https://www.orbitkey.com.au/collections/last-chance

        Free shipping over $55. Wasted a lot of time looking for a non-existent discount code though!

        Hope this helps!

  • +19

    To save everyone else time, all the other options are $44.90, except the black one at $49.90

  • +9

    First world problems…

    • +10

      Agree. Just another recent invention that is poor in price/function ratio.

      • -2

        don't let fanboys andresampras hear you talking

        • +5

          don't let my comments get to you.

          • -3

            @andresampras: you clearly don't know me, why are you commenting on my comment :P

            • +5

              @optusprime: Nice attempt at diversion. Seriously though, it's in your interest to not let online comments get under your skin. I'm not trying to ridicule.

  • +8

    Perfect for a quiet place

    • Great movies!

  • +11

    I've mentioned before but I have had the leather orbitkey but then switched over to the silicone one. The leather wears out, it wrinkles and folds and gets dirty, whereas the silicone one looks brand new after years of use - and its cheaper! The wrinkles formed to the shape of the keys over time.

    I recommend the silicone one anyday.

    Also not recommended if you have a big chunky set of keys. Great for 5 or under.

    • -2

      Leather is supposed to patina anyway…

      • +3

        There’s a difference between a nice patina and a piece of crap leather. I think lawyerz was suggesting the latter.

        Are you an Orbitkey rep? You seem to be very staunchly defending anyone who has a differing opinion to yours.

        • -8

          No, I'm not. I just like the product and the company. Don't jump to conclusions.

        • I dont even know what patina is.. haha.. googling was not much help..

    • guessing silicone is the wrong term. polymer tpu https://www.orbitkey.com.au/products/orbitkey-2-0-active?var...

      As a product overall these are great.

      • +2

        Cheers for the suggestion mate - ordered a silicone (or whatever it is) one! :)

    • +3

      Just a note - they sell extension bits to fit more keys on. Works well for me

    • Not sure whether this would help or not, but apparently vaseline works really well on leather.
      If you have some on your hand, I think it's worth trying?

      • Thanks but I don't have the leather one anymore. I suppose if I were to get a leather one I would need to apply leather cream or vaseline to take care of it (which I certainly did not do previously on my old orbitkey leather).

        • I think leather are finnicky things to begin with tbh. Unless it is taken care of, they just become tattered instead of looking nice and used.

          i.e. I have something made out of leather that I managed to stain in less than 2 weeks because an ink splatter :P

      • +4

        If you have some (Vaseline) on your hand…

        Not at the moment. Try me tonight.

    • what is this silicone one you speak of? link?

      • +1
        • oh it's still orbitkey brand, thought it might have been another brand. Thanks!

          • @nrfy: funny how its no longer on the main site, cant find a link to it from the main site anywhere. had to google search that up.

            Edit, oh nope i found it as an option among leather. im blind.

        • At least I know my key fob will fit. The one in the video is identical to mine!

          • @strangeloops66: the car key fob? thats just stuck on to the end so anything should fit because its just a loop you can hook anything on it. I have a S carabiner with a tile tracker on it.. use it to switch between bike lock keys/car keys/garage door keys when needed..

            it definitely wont fit inside of the orbitkey.

            unless im mistaken and you're talking about an apartment fob

    • Agreed, the leather on these are garbage and fall apart extremely easily.

      I replaced it with a cheap <$10 on eBay and surprisingly the cheap one on eBay have lasted far longer and is in far better shape - the only disadvantage is the tightening mechanism on the orbitkey is slightly better designed.

  • +6

    Wow, our company got sent a few hundred of a silicon/metal version as a promotional product. We literally could not give them away. They sat in our lunchroom on the free table for weeks before they were eventually chucked. Anything that goes on that table is normally hoovered up within hours. Should have put a $30 price tag on them.

    • +2

      chucked!! gasp

    • yeah this product is a bit of a novelty if you ask me

    • i mean, you could send me one :P
      been thinking about getting one for a while, but can never justify the price

    • +1

      Just clarifying, are you sure they were Orbitkey or some other?

      • They weren't branded Orbitkey but they were identical in every way to their rubber version listed on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com.au/Orbitkey-Active-Organiser-Midnight...

        As a buyer for an international brand, I get sent a lot of free products for consideration.These are all over Aliexpress etc for a few bucks with whatever customizations you want if you buy bulk.

  • +3

    These are really good. Highly recommended.
    I have used a leather version for more than 5 years, and it still looks great.
    Quality is great, and they have some handy accessories like multi tool and Bluetooth tracker.

    • +1

      Second this - great product and wouldn't hesitate to buy another one in the future

  • +3

    I prefer my Keysmarts. In case you loose it I have an inbuilt tile tracker and a small torch. You get what you pay for. This offer is also expired. Crazy who would pay over 60$ for that?

    • +1

      I disagree completely.

      I've had a keysmart since the Kickstarter.

      Damn thing would constantly undo itself and loosen over time, aluminium got scratched up like crazy from keys rubbing against each other (keys alternate), and eventually I gave the whole thing up.

      Never had an issue with my orbit coming undone and it's the exact same keys.

      • Sure you had never an issue with the orbit, because it has no functions.

        Did you had the latest Keysmart Max? No issues there like on their first models.

        My missus still has the first Keysmart and is quite happy with it.

  • +6

    whenever I see this product, it feels like real life plumbus.

  • +1

    I got one of these earlier this year and have been pretty happy with it. It's a clean way to keep your keys organised and it's nice to not have them jingling on a keychain all the time when they are in your pocket or driving etc. Perhaps not for everyone but I like it.

  • +5

    I bought one of the Chinese imitations of these on eBay for a few dollars and it has been excellent for a number of years now.

    EDIT - e.g. these ones https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000204272290.html?spm=a2g0o...

  • +8

    These products every time it gets posted on ozb has a disturbing cult like following and you will get shouted down if you say otherwise (see previous posts). Despite this I am interested but it does make me wonder and I think it’s a bit expensive for a nice to have product.

    • +5

      At risk of sounding (to some people on here) like I have wet dreams about these things, let me give my 2c:

      • Orbitkey are an Aussie company based in Melbourne
      • The key organiser was their first product, which made their name in the EDC space
      • They are not cheap by any means, but the value equation depends on what's important to people. To me paying $60 or whatever for many many MANY years of not having keys jangling, spreading out and scratching things in my pocket is more than worth it.
      • Yes there are copies that I haven't tried, but instead of getting a 'close-enough' product with drawbacks that likely affect the value equation, I'm glad I got this brand.
      • The disturbing cult-like following is probably people like me who hear comments like "so this does the same job as a cable tie, big deal" and are frustrated from trying to correct the record again and again.
      • Yes it's a simple idea, but it's fairly well executed (definitely not perfect) and that's the reason they are popular.
      • Exactly right.
        Everyone (including me) complains that we don't make anything in Australia anymore…..well…..here's your chance to support someone who does!
        Yes, it's probably manufactured in China (happy to be corrected) - but at least the company originates from Aust. which is better than nothing.

        NB. I have no affiliation with Orbitkey, nor have I ever even seen their products before this one, so no cult following here.

    • +3

      Unfortunately not unique though.

      Same as people posting "ozbargain's favourite xxx" just because it got some votes, or a bunch of other products that are usually highly priced, so people are automatically on the defensive to justify their purchase of their obviously overpriced item.

      • People have preferences. I'm sure you have stuff that you have bought that other people would consider overpriced, and yet you'd buy it again just because.

        I'm not trying to 'justify my purchase' - I've already had many years of good use out of mine.

        Having said all that, if there was a specific cheaper one that I was convinced was just as good functionally, I'd consider it. But at this point I know what to expect from this brand, and I don't know of any better well-known versions.

        Honestly the product can be improved, I'm surprised people haven't taken the details of this and made overall improvements.

        • Of course people have preferences. And nowhere did I say they shouldn't buy something they choose to and can afford.

          I'm glad you found something that suits you, and are satisfied with the value you get from it. However, that wasn't what I was referring to. Perhaps I should have inserted "some" in front of people to make it clear I didn't mean all buyers?

  • +3

    I have a cheap one from aliexpress and it's been perfect. Anyone know where is a good place to buy extensions? something like a bottle opener that fits the hole.

      • +1

        Would a non-branded one be cheaper? haha

    • Could you share a link? I wouldn't mind trying out a cheaper alternative to see how they compare.

      • +1

        This is the one I got. It was the cheapest at the time but you should shop around and check out the others.


        I've been watching this for a while and trying to justify upgrading haha I probably will when/if my current one breaks.


        EDIT: I'll also chuck in a link for my minimalistic wallet haha


        • Cheers for that.

          On your version, the plastic/rubber washers between each key is a nice touch. Have you had any issues with the main screw loosening?

          Re. the metal version - each to his own but I avoided them because I didn't want to replace the scratch-creating keys with a scratch-creating metal key holder. Also I assume they will have a more bulky feel to them. Just my opinion.

          • @andresampras: it does come loose once in a while, but I can easily screw it back in with my nails. It has never come undone.

            • @CodeXD: Just saw your wallet link. Getting myself one thanks hehe. For the odd occasion I need to carry cards+cash. Can finally ditch my folding wallet.

              Would be nice to have a small pocket for stray coins, but that's hen's-teeth rarity these days I guess.

        • Thanks my guy, I ordered both of these and a little flat key-sized multitool for $25 on aliexpress. I'm excited for my new EDC life.

  • +1

    Has anyone seen a keychain like this that can fit an airtag? or maybe an airtag extension for it?

    • +1

      I looked for the same thing. Looks like you'd have to hang an airtag off the d-ring part that is meant for car key fobs.

  • How do you fit the bulky car keys and/or garage door openers onto these?

    • +1

      On the D-ring on the outside of the loop opposite the key end.

  • +1

    yeh nah….i prefer my keys jangly

  • Would we need this when we moved into the metaverse? Lol

  • +1

    If they made it in Australia I'd happily pay that price, but it's not made here

    Seems like the price is just to justify their team of 18 people…. I cannot understand how they need 18 employees to do what they do when they don't even make what they sell