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[Prime] Yamaha TT-N503 $499.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Best Seller on Amazing, seems like a great price!

Wirelessly connect to any MusicCast device for seamless listening; Music streaming services built-in
Static balance straight tonearm contributes to sound transparency and openness
Belt drive turntable with 33-1 3 rpm, 45 rpm DC motor
Wi-Fi built-in including support for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands
MM type Attached Cartridge with 2.5 mV Output Voltage; Dimensions: 450 x 136 x 368 mm

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  • +1

    Highly recommend.

    Have had this for a year and it’s awesome for playing my records in 8 different zones around the house.

    • May I ask what speakers you are using ? Just wondering if this can stream directly to Sonos speaker via airplay

  • It looks gorgeous!

    • +1

      Totally agree!

  • This or the Sony? Both are good, this one is more expensive

    • +1

      I own a Sony LX310BT (I assume you're referring to that model).

      It was the Sony for me as I was on a budget (which I obtained secondhand) and needed a TT to play vinyls. The wi-fi feature on the Yamaha (which is intriguing) but I had no need for it. The Sony lacks the anti-skate feature – that would be useful.

  • +3

    If you treat this as music player it's a waste of money. If you treat it like furniture to complement your hi fi setup, this is worth every penny!

    • +6

      This is perfect for coming home after a long day, putting on some Chet Baker and jump straight into a dry martini.

      • +1

        Some other artists that sound awesome on vinyl - The Teskey Brothers (Half Mile Harvest) and Ta-Ku (Songs To Make Up To)

        • Hey thanks for the reco on teskey bros. Listening via Apple Music lossless master quality.

    • With music cast this makes a lot of sense. This comes with WiFi / dlna. To get these capabilities to connect to an amplifier would cost 200-800 dollars.

  • I've changed my delivery address and Amazon doesn't like it and wont apply the discount. tried several times now but it wont budge.

  • Does anyone know if this can stream to Sonos network using Airplay ?

    • In addition, the user can also use the built-in Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay, which will make streaming music even faster, easier and more intuitive, while not depriving the possibility of alternative choices.

      • +1

        Yeah , just wondering if anyone tried this with Sonos , Sonos supports Airplay 2 only . So not sure if this will work …
        Anyways , will get mine on Saturday and give it a try .

  • +2

    Something a little perverse about making the effort to play a beautifully analog vinyl LP, then digitise it wirelessly to an amplifier. What's the point? Just stream Spotify from your phone. If you want to play vinyl, get a minimal player, a short cable and a basic quality amp.

    • There’s something rad about that spinning vinyl as the music plays but you make a good point, look out for my newest product out soon, the fake record player!

      • +2

        I just spin a blank record on a plank of wood while I stream Spotify. Gives me that vinyl feel and saves me money.

    • Once you get over the perverseness of analogue to digital it's very cool.

      Our vinyl listening has dwindled lately largely because it can't play in multiple rooms like digital streaming. Sound quality isn't the only reason I like playing vinyl so I'd be happy taking a hit on quality to add that multi room functionality. This Yamaha still outputs analogue phono I believe so if you want to stay pure the option is there.

  • I don't think that's the point. The value proposition is that this record player offers more than just the ability to play vynil.

    Depending on your setup, it offers musiccast which can be used to play music over WiFi from your Nas. This is better than blue tooth! It's this problem I was trying to solve with a Denon DNP-800NE Network Audio Player. This is expensive.

    It just happens that this also can vynil and looks gorgeous at the same time.

  • It's VINYL…and the whole idea of using a turntable to play a record is to enjoy analogue sound.
    Otherwise just use Spotify.

    • +1

      I've got quite a few albums and 45's you'll never ever find on a streaming service.

  • Gosh you really don't get it do you?

  • And now I will reveal the terrible truth: in fact, the MusicCast VINYL 500 is a network player, a streamer installed in the body of a vinyl turntable. Naturally, inside there is a built-in MM-phono stage and ADC, which converts the analog signal to digital for further transmission over the network. Although no one forbids connecting a device by analogy to an amplifier and just listening to records. Or stream Bluetooth music or streaming services from your smartphone to it, all with the free Yamaha MusicCast Controller app. It is the main thing here, it is the same “soft” power that turns a classic electro-mechanical analog device into a modern network component. However, in order to fully realize the capabilities of proprietary technology, you need at least one more device with its support. And we found it.

  • I am seriously considering it. The Sony LX310BT is the alternative but the reviews for it suggest that the sound quality is not optimal. Can anyone comment on this?