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Moro Primero Extra Virgin & Tradicional Olive Oil, 4L $26 Each + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Moro Primero Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 4 L $26

Moro Tradicional Olive Oil, 4 L $26

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    • how much are they usually?

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        just checked

        $29 at woolies (Range was $31.50 16/08/2016)

        $26 at coles

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          so not really special price from coles?

          I'm a fan of olive oils, not the extra virgin one but the normal ones

          Which one is better between Tradicional Pure Olive Oil and Delicado Light Taste Olive Oil?

          Do people usually take some amount out from this container to small container???

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            @Homr: Yeah, I do. I out them in a smaller one like the OXO drip free bottle.

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            @Homr: Why not a fan of extra virigin ones? Not a sarcam, really interested to know

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              @Mr Frodo: Extra virgin has a stronger taste associated and typically shouldn't be used with cooking.

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                @tritorius: what do you mean i heard extra virgin olive oil is healthier and better to use for cooking than other oils

                • @michael9865: You are correct. Extra virgin is the best type. "Extra-virgin olive oil is made from pure, cold-pressed olives, whereas regular olive oil is a blend, including both cold-pressed and processed oils."

              • @tritorius: How do you delete someone else’s comment

            • @Mr Frodo: I think he means you are either virgin or you are not, there is nothing really like extra virgin! 😇

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              @Mr Frodo: Low smoke point

              • @Homr: EVOO is still more thermally stable than other oils due to the higher antioxidant content, smoke point doesn't seem to matter. EVOO healthier both cold and for cooking, might as well just buy in bulk and use it for everything :)

                • @thtol: doesn't seem like it. Whenever I use EVOO for stir fry, the oil just burns straight away and smokes up the whole apartment

        • It's currently on special at Coles, regular price is $29

  • Thx

  • Anyone got advice on how long you should keep this for once open? I assume it degrades somewhat over time so worth knowing how much you use.

    • Oil lasts for very very long before going bad, probably around a couple of years after opening it. These tins can be closed with the lid, so it should last well.

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        But thats not how you should use olive oil
        It loses its flavor over time so definitely shouldnt be using it over years

        • Yep that's what I was more keen on info wise. Buying extra virgin to use over years seems a bit counterintuitive.

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            @drprox: Buying "Moro" to get a good tasting extra virgin olive oil is also a bit counterintuitive

    • If you are a family that cooks with olive oil then that question does not even come up.

      If you are single or only use olive oil for salads and such then just buy a half litre or litre bottle.

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    Does anyone know if there’s a way to get less cardboard or packaging from Amazon… it gets really annoying after a while

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      Totally agree. Sometimes it's ridiculous.

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      This is genuinely why I won't buy some stuff. If I buy too many things off Amazon my bin will be full in a couple of days.

      I bought a keyboard last week, they sent it in a box that could fit a bloody microwave. 90% air.

      I wish they were more efficient

      • Agreed. Especially the padded satchels with glued in bubble wrap. Means I can't recycle it.

        • You can drop them off at soft plastic recyling bins at Coles (and possibly woolies). For the cardboard I just stack them up until I can fill up the boot then drop them off at the tip for free.

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            @pooran: thanks genius, but the point is we don't want it in the first place. Rather than coming up with a system to combat their ridiculous packaging, maybe they should be more efficient to begin with?

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    Why would anyone buy non extra virgin olive oil, it tastes worse, it's less healthy, it's more processed, costs the same.

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      Like people who buy margarine over butter. Horrible stuff.

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        Or people buying sausage instead of tomatoes. Omg.

    • Is it recommended to cook/fry with extra virgin olive oil then? Genuinely curious.

  • I see the Australian made extra virgin olive oils, especially Cobram is usually about $45. Are those worth the price premium?

    • Moro extra virgin olive oil is pretty good quality. On par with most Aussie made e.v. olive oils. A very good quality/price ratio.

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      You don't want to have oxidised EVOO that's stored and transported from half way around the world.

  • Amazon - usually dispatched 2-4 weeks

    If in a hurry, go local.

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