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Great little machine for spot-cleaning carpet or upholstery, especially if you have puppies Definitley NOT for cleaning a whole room, it…
18/04/2024 - 17:17
for this Bose model, I found the mic to be exceptional
17/04/2024 - 19:14
Best headphones for office, calls are perfect and cancels every background noise so the person speaking to you hears only your voice. Music…
17/04/2024 - 07:54
No Apple car coming, it was shelved LOL. Epic fail
15/04/2024 - 01:04
Thanks I was about to go with Terri Scheer, but PIP looks even better, higher amount insured, longer periods for loss of rent or rent…
15/04/2024 - 00:53
Apollo City Single Motor - currently 50% discount (not clear when the discount is ending)…
14/04/2024 - 00:34
yeah true iOS is not fully supported by Stremio, doesnt affect me but I see how many could be affected
22/03/2024 - 16:26
Stremio+Real Debrid makes Plex redundant. No need to store anything, stream at the max possible speed at any time at the highest quality,…
22/03/2024 - 02:09
Im not assuming anything, I just said how this device is called. Not having a dig or anything, peace
21/03/2024 - 10:27
even just 16 GB would be amazing compared to 8, which is indeed pathetic considering how much space the OS already takes
21/03/2024 - 10:19
yep that's why it's called "Chromecast with Google TV"
21/03/2024 - 10:17
I use VPN for other things, I don't use it with RD becasue, as per above, it's pointless.
20/03/2024 - 10:06
It's such a great movie, probably my favourite ever from Nolan (maybe with the Dark Knight, which is a vastly different kind of film).…
17/03/2024 - 13:58
yes, idiocy at its clearest display lol
17/03/2024 - 13:54
it is if you have a real good connection and dont care for older and/or foreign movies Personally I have a pretty basic 25 mbps connection,…
17/03/2024 - 10:14
Im starting to get nervous , this password sharing and overseas sub crackdown from netflix is pushing more and more people to RD, I feel…
17/03/2024 - 10:11
you understood absolutely nothing about the movie didn't you
17/03/2024 - 10:03
VPN will hide your IP if you use a normal torrent service, so it may be recommended depending on the circumstances But you won't need it at…
17/03/2024 - 10:00
No reason whatsoever to use VPN with RD
17/03/2024 - 09:57
Get an LTE Smatwatch, leave the phone home
11/03/2024 - 10:39
I don't know, I stopped testing after a few days and never looked back
10/03/2024 - 12:24
Id just like to hear an unforgettable song from here. I know nothing of her and want to understand whats all the hype about...
09/03/2024 - 03:57
I remember in the 90's when Paranoid Android, or Smells like a teen Spirit, or Don't Look back in Anger came out, they were instant…
08/03/2024 - 10:40
OMG you have so much to discover, Im actually jealous.
08/03/2024 - 10:20
Can anyone point out a song she wrote who made history and will be listened to in 50+ years from now, something that defines a generation,…
07/03/2024 - 00:32
it would be good if what these guys sold was actual pizza, not an overpriced Domino's
06/03/2024 - 17:33
As an Italian born and raised, I find Aussie EVOO very high quality. Cobram is really good, better than the average imported Italian oil to…
06/03/2024 - 04:22
You seem one of the very few to spend positive words on OC , yet you are the only one who have neggd the deal. Why?
03/03/2024 - 12:07