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20% off @ Dell eBay (2721DGF $399 (OOS), S2722QC $369, AW5520QF $2399, AW3821DW $1499/ $1571 (5YR), S2721DS $289, S2722DGM $299)


Note - this promo starts at 10am 26/8.

I've had heaps of queries about when the next 20% sale is so I reached out to Dell to find out. Have spent a couple of days working on these deals to try and get the best prices in the current environment.

Some deals -

T&Cs -

Offer Period. This offer is available from 10:00 AEST on 26 August 2021 for a limited time only, for as long as it is advertised by eBay on the eBay.com.au website (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.
Conditions. The offer entitles 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items sold by the Official Dell Australia store (“Seller”) except for the Exclusions, with up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction during the Offer Period. Multiple items may be purchased in up to 5 transactions per person (with a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

As announced on Best Aussie Markdowns.

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            @HappyBargainer: It's more to do with Covid, where global transportation cost and courier flight cost has gone up. Coupled that with way more demand due to working from home, we are no longer able to get one week turnaround time we used to be able to get from Dell pre-Covid.

            Dell isn't going to get the monitors in advance and store them in the warehouse then start a sale. They will do the sale first, then place orders, especially for S series monitors (at this price, low margin).

  • Deliveries through Dell takes I long time I am aware. I'm wondering if we could pick up at their distribution centre if we live close?

    • The main issue is Dell doesn't have these in stock, rather than the last mile carrier (StarTrack) taking time to deliver the monitor(s) to you.

  • Does anyone know if dell will ship to a parcel locker or parcel collection at a post office?

    • They wouldn't do this for me. Ask a neighbour who will be home, if you can't. It can be in anyone's name.

  • Hi all, I ordered a monitor from Dell but the order is on hold as Dell is asking me to verify the birthday day and full name. Is there any reason for doing that? I have never had an issue with the online ordering. Thanks

    • Call them directly. What you're looking at maybe a phishing attack, based on pure coincidence.

      • I called them at least 5 times and the customer care said that the verification team requires my name and date of birth so it sound like that it's a request from Dell instead of a scammer. I have asked the verification team to call me back again in order to explain the reason before giving my date of birth. I am just waiting for their call back. However I failed to understand why ordering a monitor requires the date of birth. I don't know if someone was asked the date of birth if you buy Dell monitors from Dell ebay. I just never heard that ordering something requires your date of birth. Maybe Dell got a lot of scams from some fake purchasers but the verification team needs to do the job correctly as this team doesn't have the direct number nor allowing a transfer from customer care. Very poor experience from Dell.

        • Indeed, that is very bizzare. What are they trying to verify exactly? Your identity? Why do they care? That should be an issue for your credit card. As long as they have your name and address, that should suffice.

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            @lordra: I always use Paypal and have never had a single issue of online shopping for so many years. If they want to verify my information, I can verify with them by transferring to their verification team. However you can only reach customer care team and the agent said that there is no way to transfer to the verification team.

            • @HappyBargainer: If you called Dell, then it is probably okay to let the customer rep to verify / validate your DOB. It's something you previously provided to Dell via the Web right? If the issue is with payment, it is understandable they want to ask for more information. Or, this is the first time Dell wants your DOB information?

              Dell does a PayPal pre-auth normally and then do the actual charge a couple of days later (sometimes more), especially for items they don't have in stock. It's simple, if you still want the item(s), then try to find out why it is on hold. If not, and you are unwilling to provide DOB, then get the order cancelled.

              • @netsurfer: I register an account on Dell for purchasing a monitor purpose but never supplied date of birth. Finally I have reached a more senior customer care who said that Dell sometimes request purchasers to provide the date of birth in order to check if the purchaser is associated with other entities such as competitors. She said that she usually obtains the date of birth from the customers who have been asked for previously in the first phone call. So I provided my name and date of birth to her who sent through to the verification team.

                If you notice that your order status hasn't been changed for several days, you are better to call Dell. If they ask you to provide the date of birth, ask them to send your information internally instead of replying their emails. In my case, some customer care are really unhelpful and no idea of this process.

  • I ordered the monitor from official Dell Australia. It's very strange that Dell Customer Care ask for date of birth in order to process an order.

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    Seems the code expired

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    Any word on when more S3422DWG are going to be in stock?

  • Is S2722QC good for Ps5 gaming?

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      If you prioritize 4k resolution over refresh rate it's a decent monitor. It's a little small for 4k, unless you are sitting kind of close (and I guess you might be)

      The PS5 can also do 120hz, but only at 1080p. This monitor is limited to 60hz at any resolution though. A monitor that had 4k and 120hz would let you do both, but is going to be a fair bit pricier.

      • Thanks so what would you pick 4K 60 vs 1080p 120?

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          I would go for 1440p 120hz, the ps5 currently doesn't support this, but it will be coming in the future as the Xbox series currently does.

          • @xaces: Yeah but now 1080 120 or 4K 60 (cause we are not sure if that’s the case and for how long to wait)? I’m leaning towards 4K 60 cause I also want to use this for work and to watch Netflix and YouTube. The only benefit for 1080 60 would be shooter and even then I’m not a “professional gamer”. Even then most people playing on console would be using TVs and at 60hz. Most Ps5 games are going to be 60fps anyways at 4K other than shooters… I also play fifa too and 120 is overkill. Should I enjoy my gaming and next gen in 4K or get a slight competitive advantage but low quality visuals everywhere? I think I’m going 4k

            • @v7dal: If your not too worried about getting 120 in shooters etc, then yeah 4k 60 would be good, especially for videos i.e Netflix, YouTube.

  • Just bought the 2722QC

    But am using an old laptop (Surface Pro 3); I assume I'm not going to be able to utilise the 4K from that machine? Other than that will it cause an issue?

    • I don't believe so. The monitor is just an external equipment which can be connected. Nothing special. Enjoy your new monitor.

  • Im looking to purchase a xps 13/15. Are these units alright to run 24/7?

    • I've got XPS 9310 from the last deal (i7 1185G7, 32ram, OLED) and all I can say that the build is absolutely amazing along with the screen. I could easily say it is the most beautiful laptop currently on the market. But! but thermals are horrid. It cannot handle this processor at all. Fans spinning all the time, it gets hot like crazy. Not too mention the modern sleep mode is a joke - it drains battery like crazy, I'd say that battery is almost non existent in this laptop. the money you spend you get absolutely a joke machine in return. My old Thinkpad with i5 8265U undervolted and under high performance settings is actually faster than this and super cool and quiet. Honestly, think twice before you spend your money on current XPS line.

  • Anyone's 2722QC shipped yet?

  • Nope, my eta is end of sep/early oct (not that surprised given its a new model)

  • When ordering direct or was only 3 business days… Must have a large backlog to clear from the sale haha

  • Any chance of any 24" deals before the end of the deal?

  • Deal has ended.

  • Has anyone gotten shipment notifications for their AW3821DW? I got a message from Dell telling me it was being processed but moving since.

    • Mine took 12 days from previous sale before this. Only gave me shipping confirmation on the day and turned up in the afternoon lol………..shipping said towards end of September which obviously wasn't correct. Invoice is emailed to you after delivery, can be a few days they said.

      • Ah okay, that's good to hear. I'll wait for shipping confirmation then.

  • Any idea if will come up again only grabbed one monitor want to second one now lol

    • End of the month.

  • Received my 2721DGF today.

    • Guy, did you get a good package? I received my 2721DGF but it's package is too bad, i'm not sure whether it is a monitor someone retures in the past

  • I ordered two S2722QC's a couple of hours apart. One has just been delivered, the other hasn't been shipped yet.

    The one that was delivered was shipped yesterday from NSW and arrived the next day.

    • The other one has shipped today now. Excited to set it all up tomorrow!

  • Did anyone buy an XPS by any chance?

    Ive been spoilt by next day shipping and am losing my mind waiting with no update from Dell.

    I'm gonna put this in the same boat as a GMK group buy.

    • 13 full days - 9 business days to turn around.

      Got the tracking this morning and arrived today

      • Honestly, that's pretty good with the Covid lockdown. The monitor I bought from Dell directly last year, it took nearly 2 months.

  • I received my 2721DGF but it's package is too bad, i'm not sure whether it is a monitor someone retures in the past. Did anyone have the same issues? Look for advice

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      Open it, use it. If there are issues, return it.

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    Received my S2721DS yesterday. Pretty quick… the email I got was estimating early October!

  • Monitor surprisingly arrived yesterday!

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    Tracking number notification received yesterday, arrived today! CBR. Well ahead of schedule. 2721DS.

  • Man this 4K monitor is crisp. Wild upgrade from my 1080p.

  • Received on Wednesday about 2 weeks from order date. 2722QC. Overall pretty good for my use, can power with usbc to my laptop and now i can run on dual monitors and lesser cable on my desk. One thing is the speaker is rather weak. Have not been buying monitor for years and i thought it should have improvement on monitor's speaker.

  • Received my S2722QC yesterday! Just set it up and looks good so far. I remember people mentioning the colours aren't super accurate. RTings says the post-calibrated colours of the (potentially) equivalent S2721QS are excellent. Just wondering if anyone has tips on how to calibrate colours with a Mac?

    • To calibrate the monitor, you need a hardware device. The hardware device comes with an app to help you calibrate and there is a free app available. Problem is, one of those hardware calibration device is expensive (close to the cost of this monitor). The rated contrast ratio for S2722QC is lower than S2721QS, which is a bit disappointing.

      Just out of interest, which Mac laptop(s) do you have? How are you finding the USB-C? I didn't realise Macbook Pro 13 inch 2018 only supports DisplayPort 1.2 via USB-C/Alt-Mode (it's due to the embedded Intel GPU). I know Macbook Pro 13 inch 2020 model or the M1 model both support DisplayPort 1.4. In that mode, the USB-C can still have enough bandwidth to do USB 3.0 ports on the monitor. For MBP 13 inch pre-2020 models, if you want 4K/60Hz, need to choose High Resolution mode, which drops the USB ports to USB 2.0.

      • Thanks. Yeah wasn't sure if the devices were necessary. Probably not worth it.
        I'm running it on a 2020 MacBook Pro Intel at the moment. Seems to be working fine for me. Not sure which DisplayPort it's using but haven't had any issues so far!

  • Another quick note, the monitor is delivered in the actual Dell monitor box (completely visible) and no signature on delivery is required. Be careful because it could be an easy thing for someone to steal if they leave it at your doorstep…

    • Didn't the delivery person ring your door bell and ask for your name? Mine did.

  • received my S2721DS today which pairs up well with my previously bought S2721D. Thanks again OP

  • My S2722QC arrived last week and after a few days started displaying a 1px horizontal line across the lower third of the display. Have contacted Dell to get it replaced and they're telling me because it's not compatible with a Macbook Pro (wtf) they want to give me a refund instead of a replacement. Pushing hard to get the replacement because the refund on the discounted price isn't going to get me another monitor.

    • Took a few back and forths but eventually Dell sent out a replacement, all good.

  • Mine arrived today with the box open…

  • AW3821DW arrived in Canberra this morning. According to tracking, they only packed it yesterday afternoon in Sydney, so the delivery was very fast.

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