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20% off @ Dell eBay (2721DGF $399 (OOS), S2722QC $369, AW5520QF $2399, AW3821DW $1499/ $1571 (5YR), S2721DS $289, S2722DGM $299)


Note - this promo starts at 10am 26/8.

I've had heaps of queries about when the next 20% sale is so I reached out to Dell to find out. Have spent a couple of days working on these deals to try and get the best prices in the current environment.

Some deals -

T&Cs -

Offer Period. This offer is available from 10:00 AEST on 26 August 2021 for a limited time only, for as long as it is advertised by eBay on the eBay.com.au website (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.
Conditions. The offer entitles 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items sold by the Official Dell Australia store (“Seller”) except for the Exclusions, with up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction during the Offer Period. Multiple items may be purchased in up to 5 transactions per person (with a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

As announced on Best Aussie Markdowns.

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      • I ordered the monitor from dell Australia website. Not ebay

      • I ordered the monitor for my son who needs to have an external monitor for online learning. I am unsure about if Dell ebay will deliver in a reasonable time frame or much slower than the order from the Dell official site. I am a bit of hesitate to cancel it.

        • I mean you can save 40 dollars and risk it arriving bit later or think of it as investment that it might or might not arrive earlier. But from the comments here itt seemed to arrive 14 days after rather than 2 to 3 weeks

  • Any review on S3222HG. Cant seem to find any previous deals on it. Going for 399 with the dell code.

  • Thanks OP. Nabbed the S2721HN. Very happy.

    • Same here, let's see when they deliver

    • Is that part of the deals listed? Or another link?

      • The code works on the products on the Dell ebay site. I don't think there is a link on OP's post :)

    • bought the same. good cheap price for work monitor

      but Delivery:
      Estimated between Tue. 28 Sep. and Wed. 6 Oct.

  • Is tehre any deal on S3422DW or S3422DWG. what is the best price for them?

  • Torn between S3221QS($449) , S3222DGM($449) and S2721HN9 ($399)

    Just realized the estimated delivery is from September 28. :-(

  • Thanks OP, I snagged a S2722QC, great timing!

    • Hi did you have any problems with the code ?

      • Nope, worked first go for me. Just added the item to cart, checkout, added the code and the price was as listed here.

  • Just got a S2721DS and est delivery is 6 Oct. Having said that, my last one arrived in about 1-2 weeks. Thanks again @Dealbot!

  • +1

    Hi does anyone have problems with the code???

    • Worked okay for me just after 10am.

    • I did as I was using account created in different country. Switched to an Aus created account which I used with no issue. Might help

  • I wish they had one of their USBC hub monitors on their eBay store. P2422HE / P2722HE / U2422HE / U2421E.

  • Is this a eBay plus deal?

    For S2721DS the price I can see is 361.25 and says this code can't be applied to you order.

    • Same for me

      • I found out that my ebay account initial registered on USA. That might be causing issue

        PS: I created a new eBay account, and now I can see the discounted price. So concluded that USA account registration caused this issue to me.

        • +1

          Exact same issue I had. Switched to my Aus created account and worked no issue.

  • any non curve 32" ? I am using to build an arcade cab

  • Any idea when this promotion ends?

    • September 4th. It lasts for ten days.

  • +2

    Dell XPS 13 9305 Laptop 11th Gen i5-1135G7 FHD 512GB SSD 16GB RAM for $1519.18

    Is this a decent price? CPU not as performant as some of the AMD Lenovo deals but the display is beautiful and bright

  • +1

    Just ordered 1! Thank you dealbot! Hopefully its delivered sooner than the estimated date of start of October..

  • Thanks for highlighting S2722DGM

  • Great timing! My 2719DC died just a few days ago, and Dell agreed to refund that ($699), so today I picked up a 2722QS for $369. A significantly better panel for almost half the cost. Love it.

  • Looks like there is a deal for S2721H/S2721HN with 20% off as well.

    • yes, bought 1.

    • whats the difference between S2721H and S2721HN?

      • H has built in speakers and HN doesn't.

  • Are there any reviews that are comparable for S2722QC - I've had a look around and it seems so new that I can't find much information on it.
    Thinking I'll get the DGF over it just cause there's an abundance of reviews supporting the DGF.

    • +2

      It's their latest model, only just released, hence the lack of reviews. So it's a bit of a gamble, but Dell have a solid history with their monitors. I took the risk.

    • +1

      Make sure yo uhave the hardware to drive 4k.

    • +1

      I ordered one directly from Dell last week, it arrived with the bottom bezel loose and almost hanging off….returned for refund which I guess is what the outcome should be.
      I did fire it up though, colors were nice, USB-C had no issues pumping 65w into my RazerBook 13 and MBP 13.

  • Bought an Inspiron 15 7506 2-in-1 Laptop for $1,299. But the delivery is between 28th sept-6th oct. Thats a bummer.

  • -1

    Noob here.
    How does Acer EB321HQU C 31.5" WQHD Monitor $399 compare to S2721DGF?
    I am guessing 60Hz refresh rate is a big down side?

    • +1

      They're leagues apart.

  • Love this deal, just got 20% off one of their laptops that already was discounted by 20%, $550 saving…

  • U3821DW pleeeeeeeease

    • negotiated on Dell website's chat and got max 7% discount - is it possible to get a bigger discount ?

      • No unfortunately. I've been told this monitor won't be made available via ebay.

        • ah, well, thanks a lot anyway !

        • +1

          Are any of the Ultrasharps ever available via the Dell eBay store?

  • Does anyone use 2x S2721DS for WFH? How is it and how do you connect it to the lappy?
    Wondering if 1440p is suitable

    • I have a S2721D and and AOC 27" for my WFH setup which works well although one being 1080p and the other 1440p the extended display is a little off with zoom and fonts etc.Not major but having identical monitors is ideal.

      I bought a S2721DS today (thanks OP) which I'll pair with the S2721D I have. I'm sure they'll pair up really well. I use a USB HUB with HDMI out for one monitor and the other straight to my Lenovo laptop HDMI port. Overall work with 2x 27" along with the laptop screen too.

      • Thanks. Do you get 75hz or 60hz on both? Thanks

        • 60Hz on both.

  • 55 inch with more than 50% off RRP! That's more than my boyfriend exaggerates… well, if I had one.
    (I'm a 39yo married dude with kids)

  • +1

    My love affair so far with S2722QC…
    Ordered via Dell for $582 (down from $999 or thereabouts) on Aug 20 arrived Aug 24 - bezel with logo extremely loose and visible gap. Requested replacement.
    Next day RRP price drops to $649 so I call up and see if can credit difference as I obtained a Dell Advantage code from ozb - no go, so requested refund.
    Reorder on 24th for $519 - shipped today, arriving tomorrow.
    Now - notice deal for $369…ordered again and will return the one due to arrive tomorrow.

    • Interestingly, you’re not the only person here to say the lower bezel was loose. I ended up buying two today (the price was just that good) so I’ll be checking carefully when they arrive.

      • Oh, it turns out the other person commenting about this was also you. So likely you just got an unusual bad model.

    • I ordered the S2721Q in the last deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/640968 for $279. The monitor arrived on tuesday but was S2722QC. The bezel has been good. Very easy to setup. Plus happy with the Height adjustment which was not in S2721Q

  • How does this 30 days return work on ebay? becuase i am not sure if i want 32 inch 34 inch(as it is not availble now). I want to order 32 inch use it with in 30 days and if not liked it return it is it possible?

  • +2

    The DGF seems to be out of stock already, but there is another listing for it with 5 year warranty for $439?

    • Is this the price increase dealbot warned about?

  • Tossing between

    G15 5515 Gaming Laptop AMD Ryzen 5 5600H 8GB 256GB RTX 3050 - $1039

    Dell G15 5515 Gaming Laptop AMD Ryzen 7 5800H 16GB 512GB RTX 3060 6GB - $1784

    Does the spec increase justifies the $745 price difference?

    • +1

      The 3050 is a great value.

      The 3060 performs a LOT better. Especially with games that use a lot of VRAM. But there have been 3060 for a lot cheaper on OZB. But the G15 is a also 100 watt 3060. It’s also got a mux switch unlike it’s competitors.

  • Does anyone have experience or know if the AW3821DW is good for productivity when connected to an M1 mac?

    Been trying to find reviews but obviously not many have gone down this route.

    Presumably if connecting via DP 1.4 and perhaps a thunderbolt dock, it should work pretty well?

    • +1

      I asked my mate who has all the best gear and he said:

      Have mine hooked up to a Mac Pro and it works a treat over DP. Also have new M1 connected to Dell 4K U4320Q over TB to DP with exceptional results.
      Can't imagine any issues doing the same with the AW38 over TB-DP cable, or HDMI (noting that the MacMini M1 does not have native DP)

      • +1

        Thanks mate. Yeah good points.

        Just realised that this monitor was cheapest at $1299, might wait a bit and see if a better deal pops up in the near future.

  • Thanks OP. Bought the S2722DGM for my new gaming PC.

  • Thanks OP!

    I have ordered the OLED 55" monitor. SAVING myself big bucks.

  • Anyone know if the S3222DGM can downscale a 4K signal to 1440p like the S3222DGF could?

    Important for anyone wanting to use one with a Ps5.

    Dell support haven’t been overly helpful continually suggesting that you can change resolution via the signal device to supported nodes up to 1440p rather than actually answering my question.

  • hey ozbargainers,
    does anyone have any experience on how good are these stores with their delivery.

    Sold my monitor thinking of purchasing straight away delivery date was few days around 5 i dont exactly remember
    now after placing the order, the delivery shows end of september however got a email saying monitor may take 5-7 business day for delivery. dont know what to follow.

    If someone could put some light to it. \


    • call them Mate. Their website is stupid.

      • Thanks mate will do

  • Anyone comment on the AW3821DW ? I have a 2721DGF and another 24" screen and am tempted to pull the trigger for the larger screen size. Never used a screen bigger than 27" before though and play the odd battlefield game.

  • When I bought, the product page indicates that it will be shipped in 0 to 1 days. Then I got a 3 days estimate on the order page. But after waiting for almost a week, I called customer support and said it gonna be shipped next month god knows when. Considering they offer software solutions, its funny that they screwed up their inventory system. Good luck waiting! and [email protected] you Dell!

  • great

  • Hi dealbot, would it be possible to include in the main listing what panel type each one is- IPS, VA etc.

    • Pretty quick to find out on the Dell site.
      Usually ultrasharps are IPS, U series.
      You'll notice everyone bagging VAs haha ( but then still want an awesome gaming monitor)

      • -1

        Yes that's what I almost did until read through the specs, and why I thought it would save some time for the punters if it was included in the descriptions

  • Anyone knows which monitors from above doesn't flicker for MBA M1 when using a DP?

    • It is a matter of finding the right adapter, some chips aren't compatible.

  • Heard the S2721DGF is wide gamut, would it look too saturated on pc? Or mac?
    Also i think only the version with premium support is left in stock, will there be another deal later? Or should i buy it now?

  • Is it just me or is the S2722QC showing up as 461 not 369..

    • +1

      You have to add the code DELLSAVE at checkout, and the discount will be applied. By default it shows up without the discount.

  • which would be the bang for the buck monitor amongst these 27inch? I was leaning towards S2722QC but there arent enough reviews.

    • +2

      It's an interesting model, but there are a few things to note and one big question mark:

      • No physical DisplayPort as it is replaced by USB-C/Alt-mode DP 1.4/1.2.
      • The USB-C/Alt-mode supports both DP 1.4 and 1.2. However, if you have an intel Macbook Pro 13 inch that's between 2017-2019, it will only operate in DP 1.2 mode, meaning USB ports will be USB 2.0 (if you want 4K/60). PC laptops with Intel based integrated GPU would be in a similar situation. Intel addressed this issue (in the GPU) in 2020, but still need to double check your model. Unclear about M1 Macbooks. There are 2 modes for USB-C on this monitor (prioritize for data or prioritize for resolution).

      The question mark is:

      • Has Dell fixed FreeSync not working properly in HDMI (an issue with S2721QS)? Probably not really a big deal with 60Hz display (not really a gaming monitor). Series X won't allow VRR to operate when using S2721QS. Is this fixed for S2722QC?

      If you intend to use it for a desktop PC, then without a physical DisplayPort, it is not ideal. HDMI 2.0a is only able to do 4K/60Hz with HDR at 4:2:2 (bandwidth limitation). DisplayPort 1.2 with hbr2 can do 4K/60Hz with HDR at 4:4:4, not to mention FreeSync/VRR generally works.

      • I've also heard that Type C is only good if T3

        • Problem is most PC dedicated GPUs (nVidia, AMD) doesn't and most likely won't support TB3. This whole USB-C / TB3 is a mess. If all you care about is Macbooks, and money is no object, you can go with a TB3 monitor. Honestly, USB-C/TB3/USB 4, the whole thing is a mess.

          While the single cable idea is appealing to customers, there is no free lunch. Bandwidth is finite, so every time you carries graphics through a port, if you want to carry other data as well, the data portion has reduced speed. We'll see if Apple will put more USB-C/USB 4 ports in next iteration of M1(X)/M2 Macbooks or cost cutting is still there.

          Obviously, at this price point, it cannot compare to LG 27UP850-W (which has 2xHDMI, DisplayPort and USB-C with PD up to 96W). Once again, Dell S series monitors continue to be cost effective, but some corners were cut.

          • @netsurfer: Yeah mate I meant to say the main benefit is if you were using a macbook pro and wanted to daisy chain devices etc. Even then the monitors are a lot more expensive and prob still troublesome as you pointed out. I foroget the setup, but my mate had to end up using the port on his external HDD (Lacie or something) just to get his solution to work as the monitor still couldn't do it.

            It's easier with a windows desktop with DP out and get a 1.4 cable and ya done. Would still like an inexpensive dock but wouldn't worry about it till / if i added a notebook to the setup as well.

            • +1

              @G-rig: It's generally a pain because USB-C, TB standards are evolving so the accessories are also changing (to adapt to new standards and changes to devices). For example, latest round of cables and adapters now support DP 1.4 / 8K, whereas previous ones only support 4K/60Hz, with most of them cannot do HDR at all (so I still have some dongles and cables which are 4K/60 non-HDR). Then, you have latest Thunderbolt 3 docks now including DisplayLink to deal with M1 Macbooks' inability to support more than 1 external display via USB 4.0 (and the DisplayLink approach is kinda hacky).

              All these dongles and docks cost money. Not to mention good cables also cost money. When you really think about it, this USB-C/Alt-mode DP 1.4 is a technical workaround on the limitation of the bus bandwidth, lanes. So, upgrade the alt-mode DP path to 1.4 (since it is 8K capable, then half that for 4K/60Hz, allowing the remaining half to be opened up for USB 3.0/3.1 gen 1 - and even so, it is still USB 3.0, not USB 3.1 gen 2). Even Apple had 2 revisions of the digital AV dongles and if you have the old version, you are stuck with DP 1.2.

  • Delivery is listed as a month for the S2722QC, will it really be that long?

    • +2

      Usually much less, they overestimate shipping time intentionally so people won't be disappointed when it does take a whole month

  • I wonder what the brightness level is on the S2722QC.

    The eBay listing says 300 cd/m², but on the Dell site it says 350 cd/m².


    • 300 for SDR, 350 for HDR - that would be my guess, same as S2721QS. Don't expect too much from monitors at this price range. Most of the time, you will be using SDR, especially for work.

      • Either is perfectly acceptable. Was just curious at the discrepancy.

  • Damn I just purchased the dell s2721ds for $336 of the dell site last week, great monitor and was delivered in two days

    • I ordered this monitor on 25th August from Dell site and but the order status is still in "Dell Received Order". Not sure what's going on. How long take your order went through? I paid by Paypal. Thanks

      • +1

        Dell will place orders internally to have these delivered in batches. It will take some time due to Covid (lockdowns). The status you will see is indicative only. With Dell Web site purchases, they did a pre-auth on PayPal payment first and will actually charge it a few days later (for items Dell Australia currently does not have in stock).

        You could contact Dell support, but some of the support staff do not actually know the actual situation. Furthermore, most of them simply won't contact fulfilment team for you. Without doing that, the information the rep provides is sometimes incorrect. With these, you will get an indicative date of delivery, but that date is often incorrect.

        • Yes. That was my experience about ordering something from Dell. Previously I ordered a laptop bag and waited for few weeks but Dell cancelled my order eventually due to no stock. I will need to call Dell tomorrow.

      • I payed with paypal too and yea was really quick delivery . I got the order confirmation back in about 20 minutes and the paypal went thru a few hours later for some reason

        • I often feel that Dell has very poor stock control during the sales period. Sometimes the stock could be out stock for a while but Dell still takes order until the purchaser cannot wait.

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