Removing Window Rollers - How

Hi guys

I’ve got this roller track on a window I want to remove and replace. But it can only slide back and forth but not pop out. It looks like something is holding it in place but I can’t figure out what. The only solution I can think of is removing the aluminium frame but surely it’s not that hard. Removing the screws won’t work since there is a notch at the end!

There must be a trick to it I’m missing!

Anyone knows how to do it?



  • Can you just prise out the wheel/axle & replace, rather than the whole carriage?

    • I was thinking this. But one of the older windows have a different version that pops out so I’m hell confused.

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    After removing the screw tag the end, is the notch detachable? Screw is there for a reason.

    • Nah, the screws hold the frame in place. Removing screws still means the carriage bumps against the end bit of the frame. Almost like you gotta remove the frame before you can remove the carriage.

      • How does the other end of the rail look like?

        • Here’s a different angle.

          The frame is flush with each other so carriage gets stuck at the end. Hammered it heaps of time. Used pliers to pull.

          I think there’s a groove in the carriage holding it in place so it can only slide out. And to slide out I gotta remove the frame… but no clue

          • @Ozbfy: Unscrew and remove the frame (non-rail side, the one with the handle). You probably need to also remove the screw on the other end of the frame (non-rail side) too. Once the whole frame (one with the handle) is out, you should be able to slide it out.

            • @trex: Yeah I think this is probably the only way. I’m now thinking of just getting a carriage that can sit in there - Super glue it in so it doesn’t move. Hahaha and leave the old one there but file it back so it’s lower than the new one.

  • Yeah I had a similar issue replacing the carriage on a roller door where the screws on the end were stripped, I just prised the track open on one side of the roller and popped that side out then prised it open from the other side and managed to get the thing out. Replaced it the same way.

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      This carriage seems to be held in place with some sort of tongue and groove system. It’s a sliding system without any screws. The screws you see hold the frame in place. Removing screws still means it’s stuck at end.

      • Yeah mine was pretty much the exact same thing (had a look at both your photos) after much messing around I just placed some pliers in the track and pushed down on the handle which pried the track open enough for me to get one end of the carriage out at a time.

        • Yeah it’s just so painful. What a stupid design - I looked a heaps of YT videos and all of them is just a simple screw in and screw out. Just my luck to have to remove the whole frame. I might get a new one that can just sit in there and file back the old one haha

  • Nice craftright hammer

    • I love Ozbargain. It’s alright, I nearly broke the carriage trying to smash it. Should see me go at it with my craftright pliers

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        i upgraded my pliers from craftright to Irwin pliers such a difference on your hands when pulling stuck nails etc out.

  • I would remove that screw in the end regardless.
    If there is no obvious places for it to catch in the track end put some oil or wd40 in the track and gently coax it out with a piece of wood and a hammer.
    There looks to be a bit of a lip on the end of the channel. File that off.
    Dont worry about destroying the roller… ;-)