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Monopoly Jurassic Park Edition $27.29 Transformers $20.99 Star Wars The Child $14.44 + Delivery (Free With Prime/$39) @ Amazon


Monopoly - Star Wars - The Child Edition $14.44 70% off

Monopoly - Jurassic Park Edition $27.29 57% off

Monopoly - Transformers Edition Board Game $20.99 51% off

Monopoly Go Green is $16.79 61% off

MONOPOLY - Junior - My First MONOPOLY Game $16.19 44% off

Monopoly Christmas Board Game $39.80 43% off

Top Gun Monopoly $37.80 46% off

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    With all these versions of monopoly on sale lately, maybe I should start collecting them :)

    The Child should be $15 normal. The pieces are cardboard.. how cheap.

    • For child, in case they eat it.

      • No, its the Mandalorian "child" (Grogu). It's 8+ years as the box says. It is just a cheap version with cardboard pieces.

    • How Fuc*ing cheap is that

      Honestly how much are the saving by doing that?

    • Max all available ac's at it as some people know the Power Of The Force .

  • im still waiting for the ghostbusters monopoly set to be sent…
    anyone else waiting???

    • +1

      I got mine a short time after the (24th July) deal, I did not realise there was any delays?

      • mine still says

        Order received

        We will email you when we have an estimated delivery date.

        should i call amazon?

        so i called and had problems understanding the person on the other end lol…

        • +1

          The "Try Me" ghostbuster sound button on the front of the box will be flat if you don't get it soon!

  • Monopoly aus post is 19.95 in Aus post stores also

  • Any feedback on the Jurassic Park set?

    • +2

      Sure its a buy 70% off .

      • +1

        Haha, thanks. Grabbed one before anyone commented just in case they sold out.

  • +2

    Got the green one for something different.

    • If I needed a new standard edition that's the one I'd go with. I like the vibe.

      • I have the original plastic versions at my parents house. This one will be for my son and I (hes only 4 months old but still lol)

  • +2

    Still waiting for the COVID 19 Pandemic edition where you can pick up a chance card to waive any payments if you land on opponents property.

    Also each round there's a street that's a hotspot, if you land on it in that round you go to jail immediately.

    If you pick up a vaccine card from the chance pile you'll automatically get an extra $200 if you pass go, doesn't stack with multiple vaccine cards.

    If you pick up the COVID card the count down begins, If you don't pick up a vaccine card by the third turn you automatically lose the game and all your assets are given to the bank. Also you move slower if you're infected. I.e. if you roll a 6 it's actually a 3. However if you have an existing Vaccine card it negates the COVID card. You can also trade Vaccine cards with others (there's no limit on how many vaccine cards you can hold).

    Also if you hold a vaccine card you'll automatically be exempt from jail if you land on a hotspot and only pay 50% of the rental fee to opponents property. The 50% doesn't stack with multiple vaccine cards.

    Vaccine cards lose their potency every one turn you take. (So you have to remember which square you picked up the vaccine card).

  • +1

    Jurassic Park showing as $53 for me (unless I'm doing something stupid here)?

    Edit: Oh, if you select other sellers, you can see some new ones for $27, my bad.
    The direct link in the OP is for one for $53 though.

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