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Cleaning Tablet (Makes 250ml/500ml Solution) $2.25 Each (10% off) Delivered @ Minq (New Customers Only)


Did you know that your cleaning solution contained 95% of water?!!! That's ridiculous!

Minq is an Australian startup that has developed a cleaning solution in a concentrated tablet form that provides effective cleaning, using eco-friendly ingredients, and sustainable packaging. They aim to eliminate the production of single-use plastic bottles and reduce carbon emissions as we are not transporting water!

Minq cleaning tablets guarantee -

Super effective and superior clean
No harsh scent and chemicals
Non-toxic, made without any triclosan, parabens, phosphates, ammonia, VOCs, chlorine bleach, phthalates
Reuse and Recycle what you already have at home
Money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with them!
One tablet makes 250ml of handwash solution or 500ml of cleaning solution


Find out more - www.minq.co

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  • The Berocca of the cleaning world? Love it!

    • +1

      Awwww <3 Best comment so far!! We love it too :)

  • Got a link to your SDS?

  • +1

    Australian startup using a .co domain? Come on!

    • +1

      We are an Australian startup with a global goal! Although just starting out here in Australia, we hope to use the momentum we gain locally to further expand our reach, will you partner with us today? ;)

  • Tried to order but can't seem to find how to get the 10% off?

    • Hi there, the code is MINQQ10 - should have been in the wethrift website. Hopefully that works for you :)

      • Yep, didn't show up in the original post. Cheers, will give them a go

        • Amazing!! Can't wait to see your order come through :)

      • reason is the link 'Go to Deal' (top right) takes you to your website not the wethrift site

        • I see, thanks for the clarification! Will take note of it in future post.

  • Just ordered, thank you!

  • looking forward to trying these just ordered cheers

    • Awesome!! Thank you so much :)

      • just a suggestion might be worth having an email address field for order confirmations rather than just doing by text

        • Oh that's odd. I'm pretty sure there is a email address option available. I can help you update it if you'd like.

  • Looks good

  • Giving it a try, the concept is great!

    • Awesome!! Thanks for your order :)

  • Great idea.

    • Thank you!! :)

  • Does the tablet run Android?

    • HAHAHHA, yes it runs on iphone and Android ;)

  • Interested to try this, but a bit confused by the site.

    The product pages show boxes, but the boxes look like they would hold dozens of tablets - how does it actually come?

    And do you sell reusable bottles?


    • Hi there,

      That's great ! and thanks for the feedback of the site.

      Each little box comes with 5 cleaning tablets, but you can also buy them in packs of 1 (without the box packaging) or 3. Unfortunately we don't sell any reusable bottles at this stage, however you can easily find some options in any $2 shop, daiso, or even local woolies / coles. They have a good range of options.

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