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[Switch] Boomerang Fu $3.00 (Was $22.50) @ Nintendo eShop


Lowest price ever for this fun multiplayer couch game.

Try the demo if you like but for $3 it's a steal.


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  • Beat me to it. Was about to post.

    • Thanks OP bought, used GOLD points which were about to expire so got it for free.

  • This looks great, thanks!!

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    thanks to wfh - $3.50 i'd normally spend on coffee - i can take the punt with stuff like this…

    will give it a go
    thanks op.

    does it have online/mode - since we cant have friends over now lol

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      No online mode. You might have to battle yourself in the saddest form of multiplayer ever

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        will lay the smackdown on the missues then…
        she's already chucking the hissy fits on overcooked lol

  • got it, thanks OP!

  • Super Fun game well worth $3… Also available on Xbox but not $3

  • really fun game, played it once during the last time we could visit people. very simple and easy to pick up too

  • Looks fun, bought, thanks ;)

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    Bought! I’ll skip the coffee today.

    Narrator: He did not skip the coffee.

    • Did anyone else's do the Narrator bit in David Attenborough's voice?

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        Ron Howard for me

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        Morgan freeman for me

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        Daniel Stern for me

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        I must be broken.. I read it in my own inner voice with a deeper sarcastic/condescending tone

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    Got to play this game on PC and it was really fun! Only downside is the lack of online multiplayer :/

  • With local multiplayer, can you have bots in so it's not just 1 on 1?

    Looks fun!

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      Yes you can.

  • This is legit one of the most fun games on switch with a few mates. It's simple, adorable and the right level of competitive-fun!

  • The demo was so fun! Def getting this one.

  • This game is so worth it. My switch is primarily a local multiplayer machine, and this is one of my high recommendations

    • Any other high recommendations?

      • 51 worldwide games is my highest recommendation (would not recommend beyond two players though, very limited 3-4 player library). Overcooked 2 is a family favourite, I enjoy killer queen black if someone is willing to learn a game and come back to it as it's a bit more involved. Stikbold can also be great fun. People seem to also love Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, but I think it's one to avoid.

  • Thanks OP I went to buy it and found I have a heap of coins so used them instead.

  • We've had hours of fun with this at games nights, great being able to have 6 players too.

  • Such a fun little game. Highly recommend it

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    A game you would always come back to

  • Can we use Joycon to play?

    • yes you can!

      • Great. Thanks.

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    Looks great, thanks op

  • Thanks Op. Bought. Looks like a good game to play with the kids.

  • Did anyone else read the title as Boomerang "Flu"? :)

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    I may be a little biased as I worked on this game, but honestly, it's so good!!

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      A hidden gem from Aussie devs. Thanks for your contribution.

  • Bought - at $3 bucks it's cheaper than a few litres of milk!

  • It's really fun!

    Ever play overcooked, snipperclips, etc where you end up wailing on your friends for shits and giggles?

    This is that, but a fully fleshed out game.

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    Bought it coz of all the comments.

  • Thank you, I think my wife and I are going to have some fun.

    She's been bit down recently, so hopefully this will cheer her up a little :)

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    I already own this game but wanted to chime in and say this is a fantastic game and a steal at this price.
    Made by an Australian developer Cranky Watermelon, its a small but very polished and fast paced local-multiplayer brawler.
    One of my favourite things about it is that it's one of the few games that allows up to 6-players simultaneously.
    I really do wish it had online multiplayer (especially the Steam version), but, for $3, this is a must buy.

    • I was caught off-guard by the 6-players - why do so many Switch game stop at 4?

      • I guess 4 players is conventional for console games. Many games are developed for more than 1 console, so 4 players is the limit, or at least it had been historically.

  • Never heard or played it before but seeing the trailer it totally brings me back to Poy Poy days in PSX… will definitely buy when I get home today! Thanks OP 👍

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    I'm always happy to support a local Aussie Dev. This looks like a fun game that's perfect for the switch and is a no brainer at $3. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP. Tried the demo and surely is a fun game.

  • Thank you. This game is absolutely fun.