Best Petrol/Diesel Cars to Own before The Full Shift to Electric

There is no right - there is no wrong.
This discussion is all based purely on your opinion.

We know that many manufacturers have already committed to a full EV lineup by xxx-year which means Petrol/Diesel cars will eventually be used-car markets only.

What car/cars do you think are "must own/drive" before you shift to an electric car?

For me, it was a Honda S2000 as I think it was one of the most fun/engaging cars and the gearbox/steering just felt amazing.
I've luckily had the opportunity to own one for about 6-9 months many years ago.

Another one on my list is a V8 of some sort - perhaps a C63/C63S AMG for some European Muscle!

Let me know your thoughts below!


  • Alfa Romeo Giulia.

    Great drivers car, if you can afford it, get the Quadrifoglio.

  • LC 500. Or some more affordable v8.

  • Bentley Continental GT or BMW 1M to add to the list of suggestions. Big fan of the older Jags too like the XJR X308 (less than 30K too - bargain!)

    If I pushed the car budget this is what I could go for today: Mustang, Stinger, Focus/Golf/308, BRZ/86, MX5, M3

    Reality? Probably a Cerato or Camry lol..

  • Rear wheel drive manual with 50-50 front to rear weight distribution.
    Ah I miss my MX5!

  • If we end up with everyone owning electric cars I wonder how scalable the number of charging stations will be.
    Sure, you can charge at home but what happens when everyone visits their favourite holiday destination during school holidays?
    I understand that charging stations are very expensive to install & most holiday places are installing one for convenience but they will never recover costs.
    Even if you get as many charging stations as petrol stations, the number of cars it can accommodate will be substantially less as it takes a lot longer than the 3 - 5 minutes needed to refuel a petrol car.
    It is inevitable & I'm sure they will find a solution, just curious how this will work.

    • But a big factor is, almost everyone leaves home with a full tank of power.

      Also ev chargers can be almost anywhere, whereas petrol stations sites are limited with environmental and planning issues.

  • Audi RS5 8T, screaming V8, brings much joy!

  • +1

    Anything Diesel, as Diesel will still be around for a long time.

    Even with the full electrification of cars, trucks will probably still continue to use Diesel.

    • Glow plug free diesel, mechanical injection. Make fuel in your backyard, literally.

      I agree, diesel will practically be around forever.

  • Used A45 AMG
    That car has got the best balance of speed, economy, sound, serviceability, looks, fun factor

    Currently planing to sell my Audi S5 to get a A45 before I go all in on EVs

  • +3

    Revs = enjoyment IMO. Honda's are generally great for that (not talking about their latest monstrosity Civic Type R, but their classic DC2/DC5 Integra or EP2/EP3 Civic Type R's, or Honda S2000, approaching 9000 RPM of goodness!).

    A V8 or V12 Ferrari is also a delight.

    Premium Euro sedans give a nice blend of performance, comfort and driving pleasure (AMG V8, M3 straight 6, Giulia QV F154 V6…. (but I'm biased with that last one!))

    Grumbly V8's with N/A engines are another experience some might love (Lexus RCF, HSV and FPV V8's, SRT300, etc.)

    Lots of variety out there, worth sampling as much as you can IMO!

    • If you like revs, better get on a motorcycle. MC22 with the 20k redline…

    • I've had my eye on Ferrari recently. They've gone up a fair bit. I suppose models like the 360 and F355 are becoming collectibles. I should've jumped when I could get a 360 for $100k!

      It seems the California GT is good value right now. They drive a lot better that I imagined.

      • +1

        I still remember a few years back when a 360 in manual was "expensive" at 120k!!!
        and also when F355's were abit cheaper than the 360's too!

        • Me too. I always knew in the back of my mind that they'd skyrocket in price. I should've bought one and stored it.

          I'll keep looking.

          There's a Lancia Delta HF Integrale for sale near me… man, if I just had somewhere to store these cars!!

    • Driven a lot of Ferrari V12s have you?

  • I can confirm the C63s is great fun.

    Make sure you have a clean driving history, no insurance claims in the past 5 years and you're over 30.

    • All boxes ticked except the decision of doing that VS jumping in a Tesla Model 3 Performance

  • +1

    I'm pretty biased but I have a Merc C-Class Diesel 250d Estate (Wagon) RWD 607Nm (Renntech tuned) and I love it, yeah it can sound like a tractor but the pull/torque is amazing and makes it so much fun! It scares me sometimes

    • +1

      Oh I just love the estate look too!

      If I could find it with the TTV8 I'd have it!

      • Same.. just out of my reach

        • Meh, you have a nice machine. I have a C63s and truth be told, it is far too much power.
          Then again, I've been looking at Porsche and Ferrari lately but I really just love the marques and have always wanted one.

  • G80/82 M3/M4

    • +2

      Horrible looking things. No sane person would parr with their hard earned cash on those monstrosities

      • +1

        Subjective. I would if I had the cash

  • +4

    In Australia we won't see full electric line ups for another 80 years or so. Apparently they ruin your weekend or something. I wouldn't worry about it

    • Doing a burnout in front of the local maccas in a silent telsa just isnt the same…

  • G63 or any previous G wagen

  • Diesel will still be around for many hundreds of years. It's too useful and can be made from so many things, including dead people.

  • 80k BMW, should also help with job promotion.

  • 200 series landcruiser at hyper-inflated 2nd hand prices /s

  • +1

    The new Nissan Z, new BRZ/86, RS3, A45S etc

  • Depends on what you want.

    Our 2016 Petrol Golf DSG Comfortline (1.4TSI) does 800+km to a tank of petrol and we've had it up to 950km on a long trip of mainly highway driving. Dare I say, we could have hit 1000km on pure Highway driving.

    It's very quiet, very comfortable has one of the biggest boots in the hatchback class.

    Maintenance wise, it's not skipped a beat.

    • A basic golf as best car to own before the end of the world ?
      Its like saying the best looking man in the world is your husband !

      • +1

        hahahaha! True…. Mate- it depends if they want an economical car value for money proposition or something or special. For someone with 25k and wanting a new car, a Golf is a good proposition.

        If it was no holds barred, money no object, then I have a long list:
        96 Porsche 911 Turbo, a Mercedes AMG SLS, Aventador, Lexus LFA, 575 Maranello or the original 5 Cyl Turbo Audi Quattro.

  • +1

    Anything that gets you off, nice noise, fun to rip around. Doesn't need to be expensive.

    EVs are kinda appliances, so get the opposite, chews gas, loud, manual transmission, light, devoid of bullshit modern infotainment / electronic gimmicks, smokes tyres.

    On my list Holden CV8/6 Monaro, Id get the CV6 and swap put for a 7L or LSA motor for lolz or turbo it

  • +2

    The current 2.0 turbos offered by the Germans are peak internal combustion - they are basically the swansong of the ICE generation, and have had every last ounce of efficiency squeezed out of them. There will never be a 'better' ICE. My pick would be a BMW 330i, although I the tight-arse in me couldn't own it long after warranty, once the the very expensive plastic parts start destroying themselves and each service costs in excess of $2k.

    • Have you driven a BMW 330i? The turbo lag on those motors is terrible. The only way to dial most of it out is to dial everything all the way up in Sports + mode, and even then there is lag, but you look like an absolute (profanity) driving around everywhere at 3000rpm so the engine stays on boost. Definitely not peak internal combustion engine. Not even that powerful.

      • Not sure you really understood my comment. Efficiency is not about power. But that said, 190kw and 400nm of torque from a 2 litre engine, that can propel a 1450kg car to 100 in 5.8 seconds and return 6.5l per 100km. Show me a better engine?

        • Well thermal efficiency is the key measurement of an ICE engine, and the BMW 2.0T isn't near the peak of that. A Golf R EA888 puts out more power, is more efficient, and in the Golf R gets considerably better fuel economy, just off the top of my head. But you can't overlook the terrible turbo lag in the BMW engine. It makes driving it a pain in the ass. It's the complete opposite to their inline 6.

          • @DisabledUser100949: The Golf R Engine is a 2.0 turbo offered by one of the 3 Germans. I think we are agreeing. My pick would be the 330i but that's because I like the handling characteristics of the (rear drive) 3 series platform, but that's not to say the B48 is a 'better' engine than the EA888.

            One thing we will disagree on is efficiency - internal combustion is now at peak efficiency. There is nothing more that auto makers can do with ICE alone to make it more efficient, hence the move to hybrid and EV technologies.

            • @WhatWouldBiggieDo: The BMW 2.0 is not a prime example of maximum thermal efficiency. This isn't argument that you can agree of disagree with, it's science.

              It sounds very much to me like you've never driven this engine. I have, extensively. And while it's fine, it's not a great engine. It's an average (at best, because as stated, the lag is unexpectedly bad), turbo 4.

              Apparently Toyota has the most thermally efficient ICE engine right now.


              • @DisabledUser100949: It is a prime example - and I can disagree. the B48 is at 38% thermal efficiency, almost as high as is scientifically possible. See link

                The study you linked is 50% fuel efficiency for an engine that isnt intended to drive the wheels (i.e. is to be used in a hybrid set-up). My point still stands.

                It's also bold to assume i've never driven the 330i. I drive more cars in a month than some people drive in their entire life, and i'm taking my wife to drive a 330i G21 Msport Touring on the weekend, and if she likes it' I will buy it. Most of the world's automotive journalists disagree with you.

                • @WhatWouldBiggieDo: Most of the world's automotive journalists also take kickbacks. Are you denying that the car has turbo lag?

                  • @DisabledUser100949: I've just realised you actually enjoy arguing. Every time evidence is presented that proves you wrong, you move on to another point to argue about. A quick check of your comment history shows you to be an argumentative person who constantly provides negative commentary. I'm done wasting my time

                    • @WhatWouldBiggieDo: Nothing you've said has proved me wrong in the slightest. You claimed 38% thermal efficiency without providing a link, thinking this somehow wins the argument, when the Toyota 2.0 is 41% thermally efficient (link provided). Last time I checked 38% is less than 41%. But this is a ridiculous argument, because this thread isn't about efficiency, it's about what car to buy before you go EV. You claimed the BMW 2.0T was a great engine, and it just isn't. It's not great to drive, it's not powerful, and it's not even the best run of the mill German 2.0T. You're also completely ignoring the issue of its horrendous turbo lag, which in this day and age is borderline unacceptable. I'd say for the ~180kw it puts out, it is unacceptable.

                      We haven't even mentioned that sweet 2.0T in the A45. Better in everyway.

                      It seems like you have your heart set on a 330i, but the fact is that it's just not a great car or a great engine. No sensible logic or arguments will convince you otherwise, because a) you haven't driven it, and b) it doesn't matter, you just want that 330i. But everytime you drive it, and you feel that lag, in the back of your mind there will always be that little voice saying '(profanity), Burnertoasty was right, I should have been more open to other information'.

  • Audi RS6 Avant, the 5.0l Turbo V10 version.

  • 6 litre V12 TT diesel Audi Q7

  • Don't worry about it. It will be 2050 before electric cars are common in Australia and 2100 before vintage cars are phased out.

  • Money no object: GMA T50. Lighter, more powerful and quicker engine response than the McF1.
    Reality: spend several thou to get the old girl (89 CRX) back on the road.

  • bugatti veryon..

  • Toyota Landcruiser V8, guzzle that Petrol over speed humps because you can.

  • Holden Commodore with a Chevy badge

  • I wouldn't worry about it too much as yet. We don't live in a tiny European nation and EV's really don't make much sense here/yet.

    Environmental concerns (batteries, lithium mining, state of our energy grid and the throwaway nature of brands like Tesla)
    Energy density/weight and time to recharge
    Longevity of batteries and cost (throwing away a car every 8-12 years because a $30K battery needs replacing)
    Apart from subsidies for carbon offsets many EV's still don't add up (e.g. Tesla essentially taking a loss on cars) especially with a dirty grid where those offsets aren't necessarily real either

  • Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series V8
    Porsche 911 GT3

    First one would be my bug out apocalypse vehicle. xD

  • They can pry my V8 manual coupe and my turbo auto sedan from my cold dead hands. If I come across a supercharged manual ute, then that too.

  • Do you guys reckon that second hand 4x4 diesels will become almost 'collectors items' for the long ranges they can achieve? For mostly bush touring and camping etc.

    Or will demand for diesel drop, prices go up, and they become almost too expensive to drive? And therefore not valued?

  • What's the budget

  • GTR R34

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