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MONO Electric Bike Mountain Plus (48V 15AH, 720WH) $1499 + $95 Shipping @ Move Bikes

  • FRAME: Super Light Aluminium-Alloy Frame

  • FRONT FORK: Lockable 130mm Suspension

  • GEARS: Shimano Altus 9-Speed Cassette with Shifter

  • Wheel & Tyre Size 27.5” x 2.10 KENDA TYRE

*Free Thumb Accelerator Control Throttle OFF-ROAD use only.

  • Speed: Max. Speed Up to 25 Km/h (Australia Legal Speed); Can unlock speed limit to 32Km/ h, for OFF-ROAD use only.

  • Multi Function LCD Display Panel With 5 Level Pedal Assist. (IPX67)

  • Motor: High torque 250w Brushless Rear Drive Motor

  • Battery: 48V / 15Ah Li-on Lithium Battery With USB output Charge Port, Half frame Build-in Design. With Smart Eco-Mode (Battery protection will be automatic active when Battery level down to 20% , It will make longer lifetime for Lithium Battery )

  • Duration: Electric Mode Up to 45km ; PAS Mode Up to 80Km

  • Charge Time : 4-6 Hrs.

  • Load Capacity: Up to 120 Kg

  • N.W/G.W: 18 Kg (Without Battery) / 21 Kg (Battery Installed)

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    Add $95 shipping to title please.

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      Screw these guys.
      I did an autofill of my info to view the shipping and just got a text advertising $40 off their crap. They didn't even get my name right.

      I didn't sign up for your advertising guys, the tick box was clearly unticked when I continued to shipping.

      • That's quite typical of these Shopify stores that force you to put in your details to get the shipping price, I've started using fake details for them..

  • These any good?

    • MONO refers to the number of *upvotes.

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        That's enough for you now

  • +1

    Looks like a little less for the stepthrough?

    • Yes, but having your penis remove adds considerably to the total cost of ownership…

      • +1

        Wouldn't the presence of the royal jewels mean it's even more protective to have a step-through…? :P

        • Ha! Only if they were older royal jewels or jewels which had a undergone a Prince Edward-esque emasculating procedure…

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    Mechanical brakes aren't as good as hydraulic, but overall seems a bit better value than recent offerings.

    **Mountain Plus does come with Hydraulic disc brakes

  • Moscow Plus 500W looks so inviting. But that price tag..

    • +1

      If you're looking at that sort of money you would be better off looking around the chinese mid-drive bikes that start around that amount, or look around for a second hand name-brand bike…

      (I'm a bit cautious of the name brand bikes though, most seem to be very proprietary and spares are damn expensive and hard to get.. I believe the Bosch batteries cant be repacked, they're potted, and their electronics wont accept after market batteries, so the companies can basically kill off the older bikes any time they like by not supplying spares)

      • +1

        Looking at The Cullen V3 for around this price. Good specs on paper and some decent reviews

        • +3

          Don't be in a rush, especially if you're in lockdown and you wont be using it much in the near future.. If you can wait till lockdown ends go to some shops and do some test-rides, a lot of sellers with real shops rent them out also..

          Do a heap of research, watch heaps of videos, Google "e-bike Australia" and browse every shop that comes up, be cautious of reviews as a lot are sponsored reviews, e-bike companies often give away bikes in exchange for favorable reviews… E-bikes are hot items at the moment and there seems to be some real crap out there, just be cautious and don't rush in…

          • @FLICKIT: Thanks for the tip! Will look around..

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    Hi Rep,

    Have been watching your posts for a while and searching without success to find some online reviews.

    Can you - or anyone else - offer any insight into how your model might compare with something such as the Leitner CrossX?



    And can you explain the difference between the Mono Mountain and the Mono Mountain plus? All specs appear identical - is the battery the only difference?

    • Leitner - Removable 36V 10Ah, mechanical brakes, also the frame pictured appears to be heavy Steel but it's probably Alloy on recent models

      Mountain Plus - Hydraulic brakes, 48V 15ah, alloy frame

      For the same money, I would not buy the Leitner.

    • +3

      Hmmm. Rep has been disappointingly unresponsive, which doesn't bode well for support and caused me to look for more information about this bike elsewhere.

      These guys www.sunmono.com.au/product/e-mono-27-5-electric-mountain-bik... seem to have the exact same bike, including the 48v 15Ah option for $1685 delivered. Whilst that is $91 more expensive than this deal, it does include a second 36v 10ah battery and charger for free. Since these usually go for well over $300, it appears a considerably better deal.

      That said, I'm still umming and ahhing between this and the Leitner which receives almost unanimously rave reviews unlike this bike which appears to have no online presence or history. Whilst some of the specs of this bike appear superior, the inclusions, overall build quality and responsiveness of the reps at Leitner - is making this a tough call. To be honest, the modest amounts of votes and lackluster contributions of the reps on the many Movebikes deals in here makes me very reluctant - both about purchasing the bike and about their marketing strategy of using Ozbargain to dubiously promote their business.

      The hunt continues…

      • Have you considered buying an electric bike kit and modifying an existing bicycle yourself?
        I have done this a few times and always end up with more range, acceleration, and brakes.
        With that said, I was still considering one of these and would definitely take my chances with one over any Leitner