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Assorted Canvas Camping Bags $19.99, Cast Iron Grill or Frypan $14.99 @ ALDI


We've used the canvas bags for about a year now, no problem at all, they appear to be good heavy duty quality (virtually the same as brand name ones we have from TentWorld), pole-bag can be used for fishing rods, others are good for 4WD with rear draw systems etc.

Canvas Bags $19.99
Heavy duty, ripstop canvas bags:
Pillow Bag – dimensions: 65/38cm x 30cm x 83cm
Steel Pole Bag – dimensions: 160cm x 15cm x 15cm
Clear Top Bag – dimensions: 40cm x 25cm x 15cm
Travel Bag – dimensions: 63cm x 40cm x 31cm
Recovery Bag – dimensions: 20cm x 38cm x 28cm
Recovery Tracks Bag – dimensions: 34cm x 120cm x 6cm
Compressor Bag – dimensions: 23cm x 40cm x 22cm

Very cheap cast iron cookware, good for cheap camping gear or kitchen usage for those starting out with cast iron.
Cast Iron Cookware $14.99
Raw cast iron with oil coating
Suitable for all heat sources

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  • Am I just creating more environmental waste if I buy the Cast Iron skillet? Should I just go with the Lodge straight up?

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      The quality/finish of the Aldi ones (that we had) were not as good as brand name products.
      It's totally OK for camping but you may want better quality in the kitchen at home.

      However, if you look after it, no need to throw it out, it's easy to sell (Gumtree/FB) cast iron stuff, regardless of where it was purchased.

      • Isn't cast iron cast iron? What differences are there ? Just curious. Is it just the quality of treatment it's been given ?

        • Based on those we've had:
          Quality of finish, the cooking surface not so smooth, finish around the edges and sometimes flatness of the base.

        • There are various types of cast iron. But for a frypan the quality of finish is more important than the metallurgy.

        • If you can look after these properly (not too hard), you’ll find seasoning lodge and other brand names a walk in the park.

    • Lodge are popular because they've been around for about a century - meaning you see their brand in antique stores - and they're dirt cheap in the US (a 12 inch Lodge is about AU $35 in Walmart). Neither of those things necessarily mean they're better, though.

      I'd give these a shot; they've seemed close enough to my Lodge when I've seen them in-store in the past.

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      I have one it is horrible everything sticks really bad at it I know they are not Teflon but the anti stick is pretty poor.

      • +3

        You need to look up how to season it

        • Well as mentioned below when seasoning it won’t go past 235 degrees at the oven. When I first bought that I cleaned and dry the pan and covered with a thin layer of canola oil took off the excess and left in the oven for about 45 minutes.

      • +1

        you have to season them properly. I sanded one of their frypans until it was smooth, then seasoned it at stupid high temperatures over a camp fire, and it's completely non-stick, and will be for the life of the pan.

        BUT - you have to do it properly - this thing was heated until you could see through the metal before getting oiled, then rinse/repeat twice….

  • Thanks; I recognise that Steel Pole Bag from the JFK movie.

    • +1

      Back, and to the left………..Back………….and to the left.

  • Why is Aldi cast iron cookware "Oven safe up to 230°C"?

    Is this true (is it going to catch fire, melt?) or is it just one those lines, just… in case?

    • more likely to warp than melt

      • So that 230-degree limit is true. That's crap.

        I'd check if those "Camping Bags" are suitable for dirty, dusty or wet environment.

    • Most likely the enamel/porcelain coating will degrade at sustained high temperatures

      • If it's a "cast iron" pan, should it have a coating?

        • +2

          You're right the description does say raw cast iron so no coating. NFI about a 230 C temp limit in that case.

  • Kmart cast iron griddle pan with coating, $15 https://www.kmart.com.au/product/26cm-cast-iron-griddle-pan/...

    • +1

      Why would anyone want it enamel-coated? For looks? It's not like it sticks less. And with coating, it becomes way more scratchable.

      Also, no mention of the top temperature - is probably on the tag, so you learn once you order it.

      • A few reasons they are made like that.

        1. It won't rust like regular cast iron
        2. It wont react with harsh soaps or acidic ingredients
        3. It doesn't need to be seasoned
        4. Its still heavy and dense so it will maintain its thermal conductivity for long periods of time, good to put in the oven

        Only downside is it's not non-stick. And high quality enameled pans can be expensive