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Sofirn Flashlight New BLF LT1 $91.99, SP36 Pro $71.99, SC31 Pro $39.99, SD05 $43.99 Delivered @ sofirn-au via Amazon AU


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New BLF LT1 kit: $91.99
$35 off with promo code T7IIELBO
Newer model with Anduril 2 and power bank feature.

SP36 Pro kit 6500K: $71.99
20% off with promo code VN2S4WII

SC31 Pro kit 6500K: $39.99
20% off with promo code QJNR8VLU

SD05 kit : $43.99
20% off with promo code KQ6A8ESR
SD05 code is valid from 3pm 26/08/2021 AEST.

P.S. There's a Sofirn Flashlight AU group for community discussions.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    finally a good price on a fle… nevermind

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      yep, thought the same

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        Clicked just to see if there was a comment like this. Did not disappoint!

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          Lockdown hits people differently. Some buy flashlights, others buy fl…

    • the truth is, if you are brave enough you can use it as you see fit..

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    Fiy for those who haven't entered the realm of high power torches '(flashlights)'.

    Unlike the 5 dollar 10000 lumen zooms you get, the manufactured rating is close to their true output. Meaning they suck a crapton of juice on high and can get very hot very quickly. Just a word of caution regarding the potential burn/fire hazard when on their max output, you wouldn't want to hand them to your 5 year old.

    The biggest danger is to your wallet unfortunately. Once you buy one you suddenly have 50 of them…

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    Finally a good price for the new LT1!

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      It's the BLF-LT1-A2 with green indicator LED, Anduril 2 and power bank capability.

      • Please confirm itโ€™s the latest model v5?

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          I asked Vivi (rep for Japan/Australia) and she confirmed that BLF-LT1-A2 is in the Amazon Australia warehouse.

          Here are some photos and comparisons with other versions:

          BLF-LT1-A2 is newer than the original rev 5.0.

          The versioning is a bit of a mess at the moment. Sofirn released Sofirn 1.0 and BLF-LT1-A2 with power bank capability and Anduril 2.

          Sofirn 1.0 has an amber indicator light like the rev 5.0. BLF-LT1-A2 has a green indicator light like other Sofirn flashlights. This could be a deal breaker if you are expecting the indicator light to be amber.

          There are some other differences. E.g. 7135 regulators are all hardwired now without pads to enable/disable some. I'd recommend reading some of the most recent posts on the BLF LT1 thread on budgetlightforum. I'm a fan of Sofirn, rather than a store rep. :-)

  • I love camping and have always had cheaper lanterns and torches - do i bite the bullet and buy some these?

    • +6

      yes. You won't regret it and get sucked in to buying dozens of flashlights.

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      Yes! I have one of these. It's an excellent lantern.

      And, yes, torches are addictive…

  • Wanted go get a SC31 but price went up again :(

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    Might be worth looking at aliexpress or the sofirn web store https://www.sofirnlight.com/ there is a 10% code and free shipping at a $29. Prices are in USD

    • +1

      Yeah, this. Sometimes AliExpress has promos and codes are often posted over on budgetlightforum.com

      I picked up an SP40 without a battery for about AU$20 on AliExpress last year around 11.11 (singles day) with an AliExpress coupon.

  • Hi. Anyone know where to find decent 18650 & 21700 (flatop?) batteries for sofirn torches pls?

    • Flat top might not be suitable for the LT1 and SP36 Pro due to the ring that the tops slide across when screwing the torches together.

      Sanyo NCR18650GA flat top might be suitable for LT1. Button top would be better.

      Try Samsung 30Q or Sony VTC6 for SP36 Pro.

      techaroundyou and supersports600 on ebay might have some stock. techaroundyou is in Melbourne and also has a website with different prices to ebay. supersports600 is in NSW. ebay can be dodgy but these two stores seem reputable over on r/flashlight and budgetlightforum.com. I've ordered from both.

      I like the Vapcell S30 18650 and Vapcell T50 21700 (Samsung 50S) but they've raised the price too much. AliExpress.

      • supersporst600 has very little left - 18350 BT and CR123

    • +1

      I get most of mine from Vapcell on Ali Express https://vapcell.aliexpress.com/store/1084158?spm=a2g0s.90423...

      Most recent 21700 were Molicel P42A from a vape shop.

      • vapoureyes.com.au have Molicel โ˜บ๏ธ

        • That's the one. I took their last 21700 a few weeks ago but they have both P26A 18650 & P42A 21700 in stock now - both flat top.

          wickandwireco.com.au website says they have stock in all branches - P26, 30Q, 30T and 40T. The hoarder in me wants to order a few, have a store within 5km, but I really don't need more. Really! Don't need! More!

          • @Sillen: I bought some from them from a local store during a power outage last year. Double the price of techaroundyou at the time. Might be normal now with 18650 shortages. ๐Ÿ˜‚

            • @Tim Mc: Thank you both! Is it worthwhile buying sofirn torches with the sofirn battery or buying them separately? Not sure of quality of sofirn branded batteries but they are relatively cheap when buying with the torch.

              Vapstore on AE seems pricey like Tim mentioned! Cheerios!

              • @Savvy: The included Sofirn batteries are ok for LT1, SC31 Pro, SP36 etc in terms of capacity.

                For flashlights that are like hot rods, you might want to use 30Q or VTC6 in SP36 Pro, Q8 Pro, or Vapcell T50 in IF25A. You get slightly longer turbo out of them with batteries that support a high current.

                The 21700 is pretty cheap when bought in a kit. It's hard to notice the difference in output but you'll get more out of your Sofirn flashlights if you shop around for better cells.

    • for 18650 can't go wrong with Samsung 30Q and for 21700 Samsung 50E. You might be able to use a sleeve to use a 18650 as a 21700 ymmv. Be mindful of capacity and required discharge.

      Can try ebay, aliexpress and techaroundyou (I haven't used these guys but saw them on r/flashlights)

  • +1

    I bought the BLF LT1 lantern for camping and it is fantastic. I bought one of those cheapy $4 foldable 15cm tripods to attach the lantern to.
    The lantern has way too many modes, candle mode, lightning mode, strobe and the list goes on. I set it to "muggles" mode, which means it's locked to one mode, so on or off, then long press for brightness, that's it, but that's all I need. The batteries lasts for days and it can be USB charged.
    I also bought the SP36 Pro kit 6500K, while it does everything it says and it's fantastically bright, it does not stay that way for long, dropping down from turbo mode within a minute to a torch brightness similar to my ALDI Lightway 1,500 lumen torch, so I wouldn't recommend the SP36, but I definitely would recommend the ALDI torch if they resell it again.

  • +1

    I just realised I know absolutely nothing about flashlights, I had no idea they have firmware. Are Sofirn's a good place to start?

    • +2

      I think they are. The SP36 was my first flashlight and i bought it due to the easy to use firmware but most importantly usb charging. I didn't want to be paying extra for battery charges when i can use the same charger as my mobile phone and plug it straight in.

    • +1

      Sofirn are a great place to start. I've got over 30 of them. The SC31 Pro is a good one to play around with. Shouldn't start any fires but comes with Anduril user interface that a lot of other good torches use so a good way to learn the ins and outs.

    • SC31 Pro and IF25A are a nice place to start with Anduril but they don't have flashing pads to make it easier to update the firmware.

      Someone made their own adapter and poked it through the switch hole to clamp around the chip to update it over on budgetlightforum.com

      Emisar D4V2 with a flashing kit is a nice way to start with firmware too but it's a bit more expensive and a little more dangerous. They can get extremely hot and burn/melt things.

      • Mate does IF25A use a 21700 flatop battery?

        • Yeah. Here's a photo album of the one I bought:

          • @Tim Mc: Cheers bud. That super! In case you missed my comment above:

            Is it worthwhile buying sofirn torches with the sofirn battery or buying them separately? Not sure of quality of sofirn branded batteries but they are relatively cheap when buying with the torch.

            Vapstore on AE seems pricey like you have mentioned! Cheerios!

            • @Savvy: I swapped the LEDs in mine and the current dropped from 20A to 15A on Turbo:

              IF25A is a compact flooder. If you want more throw, then IF22 or IF22A might be worth looking into.

              Convoy flashlight Store (Simon) also make heaps of customisable and affordable flashlights.

              • @Tim Mc: Thanks for the info. Your pics looks very pro!
                I was after a flooder in this instance. Will use it for night bike rides :) so will hopefully be perfect.

                • @Savvy: It'll probably blind people on a high mode ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

                  I've tried using a LED lenser bike mount and a Olight bike mount with the IF25A and it's a bit heavy. You might need a different mount or to DIY to stop it tipping over.

  • It's sad I already own all of these.

  • This is getting ridiculous. Less than 6 months into the โ€˜newโ€™ flashlight journey and another one added to the kit.

    Iโ€™m sure Iโ€™ll love the lantern whilst camping.

    • budgetlightforum.com is a lie. 50x bargains is ridiculous. ๐Ÿ˜‚

      Zebralight SC64w HI. No other flashlight needed. ๐Ÿ˜

  • @OP: May I ask which of these should be okay to replace a Thorfire C8?

    • +1

      Probably none of the four listed would replace the Thorfire C8 as a thrower.

      SP36 Pro would give you a lot of flood.

      Sofirn IF22 or IF22A might be a good replacement for the Thorfire C8. Sofirn are producing IF22/IF22A now.

      What are you looking for? A small but powerful thrower?

      ThruNite Catapult Mini, Manker MC13,
      and Acebeam E10 are nice small throwers with TIR optics rather than a reflector. They're a bit pricey. I can't find new ThruNite stuff in Australia and can't be bothered paying for ShopMate for it. Noctigon KR1 is another good pocket thrower.

      Convoy C8+ or Convoy L21B are more affordable throwers. L21B was made for hunters (lightweight version of the L21A). 15% discount for BLF members if you check budgetlightforum.com and ask Convoy flashlight Store on AliExpress while checking out. I'm loving the Convoy S2+ 219B sw30 that I bought recently.

      There's an excellent thread on r/flashlight with some top picks for various flashlight categories.

      • Thanks for the info. I'm pretty much looking for something that can be easily fit in the pocket, preferably using 18650 cell. The C8 seem cheap and good enough for my need. I really like the Thorfire version but unfortunately they are not around anymore.
        P.S: My Thorfire C8 died recently after a very minor drop and in a very head scratching way. Really appreciate if someone could shed a light on the problem. It pretty much can't reach high mode any more. Switching between modes is still alright but medium / high / turbo mode would produce almost the same amount of light.

        • +1

          I'd start by taking the battery out and cleaning the contacts. I.e. Use a dry cloth and maybe a bit of isopropyl alcohol (Diggers or similar) to wipe: spring in the tailcap, ends of the tube, spring in the head (if any).

          I'm not familiar with how the Thorfire C8 is constructed. Sometimes flashlights have a brass retaining ring in the tailcap to hold the switch assembly together. And usually there's a "pill" in the head that houses the driver board/LED etc. The pill might have come loose. You could try to tighten it slightly. Tweezers might work if there are some notches.

        • +1

          Found a Thorfire user manual:

          They also recommend replacing the battery if cleaning the contacts doesn't work.

          It is possible that a small component may have fallen off the driver board…

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