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½ Price: MOKATE Instant Cappuccinos & Lattes Carton $34.80 (12 Pack, 11 Flavours, $2.90ea) @ Arthur Brunt


Was $5.80 now $2.90 per pack. 114 delicious, smooth Cappuccinos, Lattes and Iced Coffees. Not just GOLD, but GOLD PREMIUM quality and flavour. Including my favourite Irish Cream Latte, yummmmmm😋😋

Carton price was $69.60 now $34.80
(shipping for 1 carton is $12.50, free shipping for orders of 2 or more cartons)

12 Coffee mix packs, 11 great flavours

1 x MOKATE Latte Classic - with Micro Ground Coffee 10's
1 x MOKATE Latte Caramel - with Micro Ground Coffee 10's
1 x MOKATE Latte Vanilla - with Micro Ground Coffee 10's

1 x MOKATE Latte Irish Cream 10's
1 x MOKATE Latte Macchiato 10's

2 x MOKATE Cappuccino Classic 10's
1 x MOKATE Cappuccino Unsweetened Taste 10's
1 x MOKATE Cappuccino Chocolate 10's

1 x MOKATE ICED Coffee - Caramel 8's
1 x MOKATE ICED Coffee - Mocha 8's
1 x MOKATE ICED Coffee - White Chocolate 8's

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  • Anybody tried these??

    • I have 😁. They a softer and other than some. We've only just brought them to Australia from this month, not a lot of Australians have tried them yet. I hope you get an opportunity to try and enjoy.

  • +1

    Not tried it but from a Google search it seems like it's usually sold for 1 pound a box in the UK at discount stores….

    Amazon UK Reviews here

    • At the Pound Shop, everything is a pound. 😁 That "English" version is sold here at Cheap as Chips for ~$4

      • Just FYI not everything is a pound at the pound shop…. Crazy I know right?! They changed their business model so now they sell products that do not exceed £5 (maybe after brexit the UK economy is in tatters and items cost more due to devalued currency or maybe its because the local workforce demand far more to do the same job the foreigners would likely do cheaper or maybe just brexit and E.U. Countries charging more… Who knows!)

        Also typically they sell off brand items etc.

        I haven't tried this so am not knocking it but the reviews don't seem great on amazon as linked above

        • It's been a good outlet for Mokate to gain brand recognition outside "The continent"

  • Polish coffee

    • +1

      All the best beverages in Europe come out of Poland. Mokate is the market leader there with 70% of the Latte, Cappuccino business, Nescafé or Douwe Egberts don't get much of a look in. Mokate are the distributor of fine Italian coffees (Lavazza for example). And a lot of our tea here is Polish, Twinings a prime example.

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