Screw on New Laptop Faulty? Warranty Options?

Ok so I have a lenovo gaming 3i laptop, it's about a month old.

I bought extra ram and an extra hard drive to put in it.

There are 10 screws on the bottom that need to be undone, all the same head size..

9 out of the 10 needed came out fine, the middle one would not. It spins and then makes a clicking sound. I put some pressure but not too much I don't want to break anything. Tried for a while no luck, started to worry about stripping the Phillips head of the screw so stopped.

I assume this is a manufacturing flaw?

I'm not sure why the screw won't come out, perhaps I could do something else with it?

Is it covered by warranty? Would they (jb-hi-fi) just replace the unit or would I have to wait for lenovo to test it? My issue is I need it for work can't be without it for more than a week without pain.

It's so ridiculous, a screw problem….


I called jb hi fi and they said as it is under 3 months old it can be returned and swapped over for another. Seems silly over such a small thing but a fault is a fault I guess…


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    What a screw up

    • Yeah.. screw it

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    It is probably clicking because it is catching and falling back into place as you are pushing down with the screwdriver. Get a fingernail, some dental floss, or some fine thread under the screw and lift/pull upwards as you're unscrewing with the screwdriver.

    • Good idea, though it's a very small screw in a deeply recessed hole, might not be possible due to the depth….

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        unscrew it to before it clicks. Then open the cover gently.

        • Pulling the plastic cover out will bring the screw with it?

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            @Misha Bakunin: Yes. The clicking sound you hear is the screw falling back into place as mentioned by highon2str. Double confirm this by turning the screw. The clicking sound should occur at the same spot.

            Again, please be gentle opening the cover. It would help if someone could help continuously unscrew it while you gently open the cover. Screw should come out together with the cover.

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        Flip it over and give it some light taps. Do it over a tea towel or something so the screw doesn't go bouncing into another dimension. If it doesn't fall out give it a few more turns with the screwdriver while inverted and repeat.

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          "so the screw doesn't go bouncing into another dimension"

          Accurate as f*** with those small screws.

        • Tried that already, good idea but did not work. And yes you have to be careful they are so tiny.!

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    are you sure that is not a captive screw

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      Yes pretty sure I watched two tutorial videos about this laptop and both removed that screw…

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    If you've got a screwdriver with a magnetic tip it might be enough to 'pull' the screw out as you gently unscrew it. Turning the laptop upside down as you attempt to remove the screw may also help.

    You've possibly stripped the thread that the screw goes into.

    You MAY have voided your warranty, depending on what JB decides as they could say that you've stripped it when tampering with the laptop.

    • Well it was the first time I have tried to open it and that particular screw spun and made the clicking right away (the other 9 didn't) so it seems like it was already an issue from purchase…

      I don't have a small magnetic tipped Philips head screwdriver, I could perhaps get one of course.

      May have? Well upgrading it does not void it, I suppose it depends on jbhifi's attitude. It's a very new laptop though…

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    Assume it's undone. Try and remove the cover. If it's not undone, undo it whilst trying the take off the cover (pressure from cover on underside of screw may help).

    • This should 100% work the way the screws go into the chassis/frame.

  • Never heard of a screw on laptop?


    I called jb hi fi and they said as it is under 3 months old it can be returned and swapped over for another. Seems silly over such a small thing but a fault is a fault I guess…

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    Try very carefully lifting the cover off partially to apply a little upward pressure to the screw. You are right, silly thing to have to swap the Laptop over for. Professional Laptop repairers don't exchange the whole thing every time they encounter one little screw problem.

    • Yep will work on it instead of returning it I think, thanks for you post :)

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    No… it's your fault. Read your warranty.

    • How? If a screw won't come out on a new laptop it's a manufacturing mistake. I've been using screwdrivers for some 30 years I made no mistake. At any rate I'll try the solutions offered instead of returning it i think

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