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We just put a deposit on a block of land. We are looking at several builders for their stock floor plans but haven't found the one we like. Are there any free online design tools that I can use to draw basic sketches to scale? We have found a builder who is happy to work with us to implement any customizations inside the main walls. We can build a house with an 11m wide front which includes a 2 car garage. The rear of the house can be up to 9.5m wide to meet the estate covenant guidelines. Block details: Width: 12.5m and Length: 32m.


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    The Sims

  • Any touch device and a stylus?

    When was pen and paper not enough?

    Google - free CAD software… try something from there… Make sure you virus scan it before u install it, and if you can, install it on an old system, unless its from a rep source. Dont want malware or the likes.

    Otherwise, you should be fine.

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      Been there, done that. There are very few usable free 3D cad tools that non cad users can use.

      Sketchup (free trial) is IMO the only managable tool for doing a decent design ready to give to an architect/draftsman.

      Pen and paper? Yeah it'll do the lines, but it's an amazing benefit to do it in 3d, put furniture in, walk around, etc.

      I used sketchup and imported into google earth, put my house in place on my property, can look out the windows and see my views - seriously useful in the design phase.

      Pen and paper? Naaa.

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    I did my new house design in sketchup (free trial). For some things like electrical layout I found to be really useful.

  • On the iPad with Pencil get Morpholio Trace. There‚Äôs a premium version with a trial. Highly recommended.

    It can take an image/photo and you can set the scale to that image.

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    Graph paper and a pencil

  • Magic plan and home design 3d are very good and easy to use. They are not completely free unfortunately. Magic plan is about $4.50 per plan and home design has different prices depending on what you need. I think I paid $16 for the full version about 5 years ago and still use it today. Both have apps in the play store so are mobile friendly.

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