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Dreame T30 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner $719.20 Delivered @ Dreame


I have been keeping my eye out on another sale for the T20 but this one came up. Very tempting to get the latest model T30. The cheapest price for the T30 so far. Should I wait for more Father's Day specials? Wish they threw in a free battery too.

Update: Ebay Plus deal for $663.17 delivered by Gearbite - Thanks to janoski for pointing this out.

The Dreame T30 is in a class of its own. We’ve taken the T20 and beefed it up even more. The T30 boasts a massive detachable battery that lasts up to 90 minutes in Eco mode, as well as the most powerful motor we could possibly fit. This impressive machine delivers 27,000 Pa of vacuum suction, as well as 190 AW in suction power, meaning no dirt, debris, and dander is safe.

The T30 is an all-in-one premium streamlined appliance with an HD full-colour screen that tells you the level of dust underneath, battery life, cleanup reports and anything else you need to know. Auto-Lock also allows you to enable the continuous working mode. 8-stage noise reduction, cyclone filtration system and smart surface scanning and adjusting are just icing on the cake.  

Orders are shipped via Australia Post within 24 hours from our Sydney Fulfilment Centre. Once dispatched, customers will receive an email notification of their Australia Post tracking number. All Dreame products come with a one year local manufacturers warranty with lifetime customer support.

Packaging and content includes:

Dreame T30 main body
2-in-1 charging & storage mount
Mini electric brushExtension hose
Smart multi-brush bar
LED crevice nozzle2-in-1 brush nozzle
Carbon fibre rod
Flexible adapter
Soft dusting brush
AU power adapter
User manual

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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    Any reason to get this over a Dyson? It's the same price.

    • +1

      Probably not

    • +2

      I think this one sits in between the Dyson V11 and V15 but is under the thousand dollar mark.

    • +1

      Would never buy a Dyson again - Have the T20 and light years ahead of all of my Dysons - much easier to maintain, user replaceable everything.

      • did you ever manage to get replacement battery for T20? There's absolutely nobody selling those

  • +4

    $550 I'll pull the trigger

    • True, the T20 is hovering around $400-500, if this drops down to around or under $600 it would be even better.

  • How much better is this than the t20 in real world?

  • -1

    Looks like a v6… And the v6 is crap.

    • +1

      As a v6 owner I can vouch for this. Trying to find a suitable replacement that has a battery that can last longer than a few minutes

  • +3

    Bloody hell these stick vacuums just keep getting more and more expensive!

    • Everything in general seems to be getting expensive

      • Nope. Its just money got cheaper, govs printed a ton of it for covid

    • Could have to do with global shortage of chips, but most likely because of demand. The Chinese have usually undercut the western brands like Dyson but now their performance is almost the same for the good models, they can start matching the price.

      Similar happened for OnePlus. Started out cheap as hell for a great phone, then after a while crept up, still a flagship killer but now the same price as the flagships almost. I guess they were loss leading for a while.

  • +3

    It has been lower price before, Check the comments below, I asked if the code works for T30 and the answer is yes, which make it below $680.

  • Gee~ they certainly bring new models out faster than iPhone. I still recall they were doing crowdfunding for T20 last year!

  • +2

    I'm a pretty happy T20 customer but at this price, I'd probably jump at the Miele deal @ Amazon for $680 instead, mainly because of the brand/warranty/after-service. I've had Miele/Siemens appliances over the years and they're all working 10-15+ years on without a single problem to boot.

    • throw away price items i don’t need a brand and long term support, but at these prices you’d still want parts in 10 years time and i’m not sure xiaomi would do that as they charge models so often.

      lots of my tefal appliances come with 10 years parts supply guarantee, some brands due back their products.

  • I have the T20 - the T30 doesn't look that much different - but the T20 was 300 AUD less on release.


    I would get dyson V8 absolute instead, at least it has a Dedicate hard floor head which I know is awesome

  • +3

    EBay have this with their 17% off with ebay plus for $663.17 delivered.

    • Nice find! I might consider it.

  • Great one thanks for sharing, love it!

  • I'd rather get a Dyson for this price.

  • +2

    Dreame sent me one of these to review for my website, and It is actually pretty good. It's more like the Dyson V15 than the lower models.
    To me, the value for money for this vac is worth it.

    • can see why your review game is strong

    • What's the website? 😊

      • Also like to know!

  • +1

    Hey guys,

    We are the official retailer of Dreame in Australia, and we currently have the official AU version Dreame T30 on 30% off sale for $699 today. Please note, the eBay link above is for the EU version of the Dreame T30 with an aftermarket AU adapter.

    • +1

      Thanks, it's good to hear that Numi is the offical retailer for Dreame in Aus. I'll wait for the next sale for the Dreame T30 and L10 Pro, I want them both but the prices are still a little high compared to the RRP of the EU and US markets. I will keep my eyes out for future sales from Numi. Cheers.

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