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[Afterpay] Xiaomi Dreame V9 $169, V10 $199, V11 $319, G10 $269 | 34" Monitor $469 | Air Purifier 3 $179 Shipped @ Gearbite eBay


Greetings everyone, Gearbite are running some specials on these popular vacuums, been quite a while since they've been this low due to increased materials and shipping costs, great time to pick one up if you've been waiting.

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Model Dreame V9 Dreame V10 Dreame V11
Discounted Price $169 $199 $319
(Combo Version $229)
OLED Display No No Yes
Rated Power 400W 450W 450W
Battery Capacity Standard 60mins Standard 60mins Standard 90mins
Max mode 8Mins Max mode 10Mins Max mode 10Mins
Inhalation Power 120AW 140AW 150AW
Dust Cup Capacity 0.5L 0.5L 0.5L
Product Weight 1.5KG 1.5KG 1.6KG
Patented Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor Space 4.0 Brushless Motor
Finger free operation mode Need to press trigger Need to press trigger Lock Mode Available
Suction 20,000Pa 22,000Pa 25,000Pa
Filter 8 Cone Filtration 8 Cone Filtration 12 Cone Filtration
Simplified Trash One Button to release One Button to release One Button to release
Money Back 30 days 30 days 30 days
Plug AU AU Plug AU Plug

Xiaomi Mi G10 cordless Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner 150AW Suction Au Version for $269

  • 150 AW suction power | TFT HD colour display | Smart high-torque floor brush | All-in-one vacuum and mop
  • 8 technologies for a superb cleaning experience
  • 150 AW flagship-grade suction power
  • High definition TFT colour display Check cleaning status at a glance
  • Newly added one-tap self-locking Sets your fingers free with no need for pressing and holding
  • 12-cyclone separation system Greatly improves filter life
  • 99.97% filtration of 0.3 μm particles Filtration as efficient as a purifier
  • Popular accessories, suitable for your cleaning needs
  • Mini electric brush For cleaning dander, pet hair and more

All items are delivered free from their Australian warehouse for swift delivery and hold Gearbite warranties :)

As always, enjoy :)


This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • V10 is roughly equivalent to Dyson V8?

    Anyone know?

    • +11

      Taken from Vacuum Wars for reference:

      Brand Xiaomi Dyson
      Model Dreame V10 V8 Absolute
      Weight 3.3 lbs 5.75 lbs
      Air Watt # 140 AW 115 AW
      Suction # 22 kPa Unknown
      Motor Size # 450 Watts 350 Watts
      Bin Size 500 ml 540 ml
      Filter # HEPA HEPA
      • Hi do you have new brush

      • v shape brush

    • +1

      According to https://www.popularvacuums.com/reviews/dyson-cordless-vacuum…, Dyson V8 has 115 AW.
      Dreame V9 120 AW
      Dreame V10 140 AW
      Suction power is important, but the tools come with the box is as importance. Fluffy/solfroller head great for hard floor but not so good for carpet ect…

      • Fluffy/solfroller head doesn’t come with Xiaomi?

        • +1

          some of them come with fluffysolfroller, some come with carpet, some come with multifloor. Depends which model

    • +1

      Vastly better

    • +3

      I bought a V10 6 months ago, and to be perfectly frank, our 5 yr old Dyson v6 is so much better in every single way. These just don't do suction well, battery runs out quickly, it gets hot (when using the higher settings), and when you are all dusted and finished, ready to pack up the vacuum, it releases a clump of dirt and dust back onto the floor. I would say….this is not comparing apples with apples. There is a reason why its alot cheaper.

      • Would have to disagree with this. The v11 indiegogo deal one was way better then my dyson v8. And the batteries are interchangeable. If the bin is shut correctly it won't drop the dust out as you mentioned. These are cheaper and on par. Buy two of these if unsure.

  • I have a Dyson v6. Need to know if the suction power will be a downgrade or upgrade.

    • I have a dreame v11 and Dyson v6 . V11 on paper specs aside, the v11 feels on par/more suction when on medium suction and the battery is really impressive.

      • Similar experience. But carpet Dyson V6 is so much better

        • Yeah, Ive mainly been using both as a dust buster, the dreame v11 hasn’t released a carpet head attachment as far as I’m aware?

      • how is the Xiaomi in terms of cleaning the parts? That's one thing I really like about the Dyson compared to my Roomba. On the Roomba hair etc. wraps around things and it's really hard to clean out, the Dyson is built really well where this doesn't really happen.

        • +1

          Funny you say that because I just cleaned it today.

          I watched this tutorial first. link below

          So basically the same as a Dyson, and it was just as easy!


    • -2

      No comparison.

      Like me you were sucked into the Dyson fan club.

      These Dreame items just work. Empty easily, your exposure to dust and filth will end with these properly designed machines.

    • Vast improvement

    • I have a V6. The dreame V9 that I have is a lot better.

    • stick with you dyson. I just left a comment above as we thought we upgraded from a Dyson v6 but it was a step back in ux.

  • right on time! grabbed a xiaomi G10 to replace Dyson DC59

  • +3

    Carpet brush for v11 when?? Rep

    • Please contact our team at [email protected], we only have limit stock at this moment.

      • +1

        So there is one available? That’s the only thing holding me back from getting a v11 right now

      • we've contacted you before at [email protected] for carpet head new pin model for v11 but have not had a reply. Messaged three times.

      • I have emailed earlier also, awaiting reply Thankyou (:

        • Sure, our team will reply within 24 hours, please let me know by PS if you did not receive any response.

          • @Gearbite: I haven’t received any response either

            • @pramki: Please check your message.

          • @Gearbite: Can you please let me know how to purchase new carpet head? I have sent email too but got no response.

            • -2

              @yamahamoto: Please allow 24 hours for our team to response.

              • @Gearbite: Email sent regarding V10 Carpet Head.

              • +2

                @Gearbite: Why are people needing to PM you for the attachment? Is it freely available? Can I purchase a carpet head if I order a V10/11?

                • @chriise: Only very limit stock at this moment.

  • +4

    Which vacuum is best for carpet and floorboards? Coming from a dying V6.

    • yeah, the description is confusing, can the rep comment on this? or any chance to restock that "upgraded" head version of the V10?

      • +2

        Very confusing. Be nice if Gearbite responded as seems a common question (and from previous posts, reliant on the upgraded carpet head arriving into stock).

        Wondering whether I just bite the bullet on the newer T30 for $679 in todays sale…

        • Gearbest did not make it, nor have they tested them. Just a seller. I don't think they would know which is best for a particular purpose.

    • +2

      The standard soft roller heads that these come with are ineffective on carpets. You'll need to get the roller brush head combo version if you have carpets.

  • +2

    Can someone tell me whats the difference between a G10 and a V10? or a G9 and a V9?

    • +2

      seems like G10 has same spec as V11. I also wonder what's the difference between G and V range.

      • Right?! At this point, theres A, G, V and theyre all similar looking… like why?!

  • What's the purpose of the soft roller head that comes with the V9 combo? I'm trying to work out which vacuum to get for my house which is tiles + floorboards with a few rugs.

    • I'm guessing it's the same as what's included in the regular V10, which is recommended for Hard Floors and loop pile carpets according to the item description.

    • +2

      To my understanding - soft roller heads are ideal for hard floors - they can pick up the larger debris items like cereal, rice grains, etc. but they don't perform as well on thicker pile carpets .. they perform ok/good on low pile carpets, but not ideal/designed for that.
      Brush roller heads are the best for carpets/rugs - they result in higher suction - but they aren't as good on hard floors as the gap at the font of the roller oftentimes are too small/narrow (hence higher suction pressure), and so you'll have to do multiple rollovers to get the larger pieces (usually), on a hard floor.

    • +1

      Soft roller heads are crap on anything other than hard floors/surfaces.

  • +4

    Will get the V11 if there is combo which also come with carpet head.

  • +1

    Similar pricing to previous deal:
    But the previous one had "upgraded" head for the V10. Sigh, I guess that was a mistake as they never restock that one

    • What is the purpose of the upgraded head used for?

      • +1

        Last time, ppl said better for carpet, no need to buy combo

        • Huh, when you said the upgraded head, isn’t that just the combo? Or are they different things?

          • @ilovefullprice: Ha ha. Similar convo below. My latest understanding is that the heads look the same to me, they just have different rollers in them. I bought the previous deal. It Had a carpet roller. This one definitely has the soft roller but to me it looks like they are interchangeable and you could change the rollers without changing the motorised head. I could be mistake though.

          • @ilovefullprice: It was different head that comes with the package if u click the link of the V10 on the old thread and compare with the link here, it looked different in the photo.

  • +3

    Need the carpet combo for the V10

    • I think it comes with the carpet head. Or at least I think that's what I got when I bought it. Its a hard plastic, head with a powered roller thingo in it. It does seem kinda confusing though.

      • I think it’s only the soft roller, ideally for hard floors?

      • No it doesn't. It comes with a soft roller for hard floors. The carpet head is different.

        • -1

          Not when I bought it a few months back. Head was as I described. Nothing soft about it.

          • +1

            @Fredorishi: If you follow the link in the OP it shows the attachments it comes with - carpet head isn't included and comes with a soft roller only.

            You probably bought the combo with the carpet head.

            • @Harold Halfprice: Yeah, sorry. My bad. I now see that it says "soft cashmere turbo brush" - Sorry for creating more confusion!

        • Although, now I look at it, mine was listed as the "upgrade" version, so maybe that was the difference? Like I say. Seems a bit confusing.

  • Will the code worth with the Dreame T30? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/174863206556?chn=ps&norover=1&mk…

    • +2


    • +3

      I saw a review recently that this unit wasn't 100% sealed (as in a sealed system) - when doing the 'fog machine test' - it leaked some fog from the sides … so I am wary of it … don't want all the dust that's meant to be sucked up, to be inadvertently blowing back out inside the house … I hope it's a pre-release issue, which has been fixed since.

  • No robot vacuum deals?

  • which ones the best bang for buck for cleaning a 4 bedroom house no carpet?

    • +4

      hands down, the V10 - soft roller head is the best option for hard floor - from personal experience.

      • +2

        got one, thanks mate, hyped now

  • -3

    do these suck well? which one sucks the best?

  • G10 doesn't seem like it comes with a soft roller head right? Given that it comes with a mop attachment it must still be good for hard floors I suppose?

    • +2

      Come with Carpet head as standard for G10.

    • I bought the g10 about a month ago and it works fine on hard floors. I have only had a brief play with my brothers vacuum that came with a hard floor head however so I wouldn't say I am an expert or anything.

  • +1

    Hi @Gearbrite - do the V10 or V11 work on carpet (is that why there is no combo version?) Or is it because there is no combo version with the carpet roller for sale?

    Also is it possible to buy the V9 carpet head separately (and for how much?)

    Lastly, would any of the carpet heads (V10, V11, G10) work on the V9 vacuum?

  • +1

    That's a very hefty premium moving from a t20 to t30

    • +1

      i thought that too! diminishing returns.

  • I assume you need an Afterpay account for this. Blah whatever.

  • +6

    @Gearbite - any chance you can do these prices without Afterpay via a separate DM order? Save you some eBay fees too 😉

    • PM me too if it's available without Afterpay :)

    • Happy to be contacted about direct pay too. Don't want afterpay

    • +2

      Bad news everybody. Afterpay part funds this deal, so Mr Gearbite has politely informed me we can’t get the price without using Afterpay 🥲

  • +2

    Been considering air purifier. Anyone got the Xiaomi H3 and any feedback on the unit?

  • Any carpet heads available?

    Edit: Looks like the G10 comes with a carpet head.

    • G10 come with Carpet head.

  • Battery is not removable?

  • +1

    What is the difference between these models and the 1C?

  • +2

    What's the deal with Afterpay? I went all through the checkout process, Afterpay confirmed all details but when I hit pay I got a "Sorry, we're unable to approve your order".

    I signed up a while ago but this is the first time I'm trying to use it as payment.

    • did you verify your payment method?

      • My Afterpay account says I can spend $600.

        But this $319 item was rejected…

  • +3

    Does the G10 come with the head for carpet? Can it be used on floorboards as well?

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