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[KFC] 30% off via KFC App ($20 Min Spend)


EDIT 2: Seems not to be working for many, I'm setting it as expired.

EDIT: $20 min spend

In regards to the non-secure connection, I had the same thing, clicked to go through anyway, and the URL is HTTPS, so it's secure, not sure why the warning comes up. Changed URL to the correct KFC home page (Mod).

Was looking to order some KFC and couldn't find any good deals. I went on Picodi and saw a 30% off couponless deal, thought I'd give it a shot, redirected me to the website, selected my store and then selected delivery and it took me to the KFC app. I already had a family feast deal in there (before searching for discounts) and it went down to around $23 + $8.95 delivery. Didn't think this would work, but it's a nice surprise!

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    Did someone say KFC?

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      I don't care!

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    Shut up and take my money!

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      It's f'ing good.

      (I'm assuming that's an acceptable abbreviation of "finger licking")

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    Saying connection not secure in Safari

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      Yeah same on my side, this looks sketchy.

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        Speaking of sketchy… protect your PC with Nord VPN!

    • Not sure why, the URL is HTTPS, I double checked before continuing. My PayPal is still safe after ordering haha

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        They’re using an expired certificate. 99.99% of the time this is because someone forgot to renew/replace it. .01% of the time is the reason certificates expire, because someone dodgy has gotten a hold of it and is trying impersonating their server.

        HTTPS just means a private connection, a valid certificate means the other end is probably who you think it is.

        If you were on a public Wi-Fi etc then certificate errors are an extreme red flag.

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    Doesn't seem to change the price

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    Doent seem to work, ive got my order checked out but no change in price

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    Nice. I haven't had kfc since the buckets finished lol. No cravings anymore

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      Same. Ever since I discovered home airfryer + supermarket Southern Fried Chicken combo, I no longer crave for fry chicken from KFC. They come out way more crunchy too. Almost as good as the chicken pieces from McDonald Malaysia.

      • Are they the ones from coles in the clear meat plastic packaging (not frozen section)? Are they partially cooked? I was tempted to buy that this weekend but ended up buying raw chicken drumsticks and doing my own buttermilk marinade and coating. Thinking i could get that next time if it’s not too spicy as the little ones can’t eat spice.

  • anyone else actually managed to get this to work?

  • Not working for me.

  • It's for orders over $20.

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      Still didn't work

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    Not working for family feast for me, also was warned by my browser that the website isn't safe.

  • Not working for me as well. Got the browser warning to on Chrome and Firefox.

  • My KFC wont even accept app orders as they're going drive through only….

    • I noticed some stores around me don't offer any delivery, only drive-thru, had to select one a little further for me

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      You should be able to make an app order, then tell them the number in drive thru.

    • Dir show them your phone

  • Didn't work for me either. Wondered why so many upvotes for a deal which is not obtainable.

    • I literally just bought before posting this lol. Try adding things to your cart first and then visiting the link, that's how it worked for me, I think there's $20 min spend too

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        Did what you advised as well but checking out still display full price.

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      Many people just read the title, not the comments or the actual deal.

  • not working for me

  • not working here as well.

  • Doesn't work

  • it's doesn't work.. why so many upvotes

    • +3

      People upvote things that they think is a good deal. Taking advantage of the deal is not a prerequisite to voting.

  • not working for me too. despite over $20

  • does not work for me either.

  • Didn't Work

  • Not working

  • not working

  • +2

    Doesn’t work for me either.

    Is it really a deal or is the OP thinking this is actually a deal…

    Family feast = 31.95
    Deal = 23 + 8.95 = 31.95

    Are you sure you selected delivery?

    • 30% off 31.95 is not 23 either.

      • Was there really a deal then?

        • i guess not

  • Didn't work, and in general with kfc, they have the smartest dumb app in the world.

    And what's up with the picodi link?

  • What's the code?

  • How to do it trying but weird

  • +1

    Fake promotion. They will try to arrange a "technical issue" in the app. Only a percentage of people really have access to it. It's a new type of cheating promotion and is not new, happening with other big brands as well and needs to be banned.