Please Critique My New PC Build

Ryzen 5 5600X $399.00 Amazon
ML240 V2 liquid CPU cooler $69.00 Scorptec
COOLER MASTER HYPER 212X $59.00 Scorptec
MSI B550-A PRO ATX AM4 Motherboard $159.00 Amazon
Corsair LPX 16GB 3200 C16 $129.00 Amazon
Western Digital Blue 1TB (NVME) $131.27 Amazon UK
Samsung Evo 980 1 TB $174.00 Amazon
XFX RX 6600 XT MERC $750.00 PLE
Corsair 4000D Airflow $129.00 Scorptec
EVGA GA 650W $99.00 Scorptec
TP-Link: AC1200 Wi-Fi Network Card $49.00 Amazon
TOTAL $1888

I have QHD monitor and peripherals.

Not a heavy gamer but want to build something to replace my current desktop.
Also my kid might be using for it for gaming currently only Minecraft but might get more demanding as she gets older.

Looking for suggestions recommendations and links. What would you add, ditch, replace?



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    Replace the fans if you get that cooler, besides that the build is fine

    And by storage you mean NVMe and not a HDD right, price points to NVMe but just checking.

    • What is the issue with the fans? is there another cpu cooler you recommend?

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        The stock fans don't cool as well. Also be aware that CM's AIO don't really have a good rep - leaks galore.

        I generally stick wth fan cooling - if you're not overclocking the CPU than the stock cooler is fine. Noctua is a good brand.

        Artic's Liquid Freezer 2 is very good for a 240mm AIO, quite expensive but good value for money.

    • yes. nvme Western Blue SN550 1TB NVMe SSD M.2 2280

  • Have MSI ditched Killer NIC?

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    Prob needs a screen, keyboard, mouse and some form or power source… :)


    Have you considered chassis too?

  • Yeah, a case of some kind and a monitor with peripherals can tack on at least a few hundred more. Keep those in mind too.

    • ive got those.. corsair 4000d is the case.

  • You would be better off with a Cooler Master Hyper 212X CPU Cooler for $49 for Amazon. No need for water cooling.

    If all your kid wants to play is esports, a 5600G would save you $700 on the GPU and $70/50 on the cooler (it comes with one). Yes it is significantly slower, but if you find that integrated gpu is a problem you can always buy a discrete gpu later.

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      Thanks for the advice. I will replace the cooler was an impulse item anyways due to a $69 deal.. I am going to keep the 5600x and dedicated graphics though. I did consider 5600G but im going to take the leap for a dedicated gpu.

      • I get it. I am only suggesting as a 5600G can even do 4k gaming at low settings or older games at medium.

        $700 is a lot of 1080p 'eye candy'.

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    Be aware that by the time your daughter grows up, just a few years, whatever you buy will be hopelessly outdated and barely able to run modern games. Get a PC for what you need now, upgrade in a few years if you need to.

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      yeah good suggestion .. i need a decent pc as ive not upgraded since ive been using a 2008 mac pro..

      i think only item bothers me in this build is the cost is gpu..but theres no running away from it due to heated market.. might think of using my old school gpu for a while and wait for market to cool.. it is pathetic as it struggles with minecraft too so not sure how long ill be able to resist..

      i can get lower end gpu and save about $200 but since im spending a decent change here.. i thought i might as well get a decent mid tier gpu instead of buying a potato..

      • Yea, I just brought a 3060, but I don't think things will get a whole lot better, the 6600xt's look good right now, some of the lower end ones for around 700 are quite attractive if you can find one. The true winners are the people who brought a 1080ti back in 2016, still a competent card and will see out another year or two!

  • I would get a 5700xt instead of the 6600xt if prices remain high.

    This link has the 5700XT for $600. The 6600XT is $729 cheapest that I can find.
    Both cards won't really run 1440p well (you can still turn settings down if you have a high refresh rate monitor).

    The 5700XT is generally within 5% performance of the 6600XT. Will your daughter notice that? No.
    Will you notice $129? Yes.

    You will need to upgrade in a few years anyway regardless of which one you get so you may as well save some money now and put more into it when she's older and wants more performance/will care more.

    5600X is a great choice for CPU.

    • good suggestion .. but its sold out.. i wanted 5700xt but cant get it..

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      Terrible advice, 5700xt will always be around the $900 mark in the near future

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    I know that you can get the 5600x from that website.

    • didnt hear any good about that site.. havent seen any deals on ozb.. ill stay away and pay $10 more to amazon for the excellent service.

  • Are AMD graphics cards any good these days? I"m willing to give their CPUs a crack but I am always weary of their GPUs because of a history of issues i have had. Their software is also so annoying to use compared to NVIDIA

    • the reason is cost.. cannot justify paying over 50% on the graphics card.. maybe in the future based on my requirement ill scale up.. for now 6600 xt should do the job..

      • I am currently in the same predicament. I have drafted up a PC build with similar components to yours but cannot make a decision on a GPU. I actually don’t mind paying for the likes of a RTX 3060ti but am very concerned at what its value will be in 1-2 years time.
        Apex Legends is the main game played in my household and I'm wanting my system to comfortably run at 120+fps at 1080p.

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    Following this thread with interest.

    Would a Ryzen 7 3700X be better than the Ryzen 5 5600X (or G) at $80 more? It is $479 at amazon.

    Am planning for a Ryzen build myself….

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