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ThinkMarkets: 10 Free ASX Trades within 30 Days (New Clients Only)


ThinkMarkets have a new promotion on their website for ASX share traders.

10 Free ASX Trades for new clients

You also get:

  • Access to over 3,100 ASX shares & ETFs
  • HIN ownership (CHESS sponsored)
  • Free price data plus market depth
  • Flat fee brokerage - only $8 per trade after your 10 free trades
  • Instant deposits via Poli
  • 24/7 customer support - live chat, email & phone trade support

Free Trade Window:
New clients are eligible to receive 10 free trades within thirty (30) days of opening a live share investing trading account with ThinkMarkets. After the free trade window, the standard $8 brokerage fee per trade applies.

I thought this would be of value to the community. šŸ‘

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  • what happens if you already have a HIN? Can I use 2 different brokerage platforms?

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      Yes, you can either set up a new HIN, or transfer your old one. Set up a new one if you want to use 2 brokers.

      • Thank you very much. Would I need to make a new link market service account too?

        • +2

          You can actually have all your HINs attached to one link account.

          But to answer your question:
          If you transfer your HIN, no you don't need a new account.

          If you set up a new HIN, you can link to an existing login (unsure for other registries) or set up a new account

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    Maybe add this to your title OP: (HIN Support, CHESS-Sponsored) otherwise JV will be in here asking

    • OP will be like "Who the flap is JV?!?" :)

  • Could I use these and then transfer my holdings to selfwealth? If that's even a valid question idk lmao

  • Is now a good time to start investing?
    I saw on the superhero app it's $5 per trade but you don't "own" the shares so didn't want to sign up to that
    This deal looks better since $8 per trade but you own the share, that's good right?

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      Speak to a financial advisor

      • +4

        No speak to the Ozbargain forums /s

        • Speak to WallStreeBets

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      Depends? Do you have endless hours to spend researching? Just hop on ASX_Bets and follow the rest of us crayon eaters and dump your cash into a random penny stock.
      TBH -> For simplicity/ease of use just setup a Raiz account. Tops up a portion of your purchases and invests it on your behalf. Had one for a few years and it's been pretty decent. You don't "think" about anything. It just does its thing and the returns are quite reasonable. (Not financial advice) :)

      • +3

        If they're worries about 'owning' the shares under their own HIN, Raiz won't do anything in that regard. FWIW unless you want the round ups, Raiz is crazy expensive for what it is.

        • It isn't really… Depends on the value of your portfolio. Starting it there's bugger all costs..

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            @Maz78: 3.50 a month is huge for a small portfolio , and that's excluding any underlying fees of the Etfs.

            • @blighst: Ok.. It's more than Spaceship and I was just reading an article about their fees in comparison.
              Ie: $42.50 a YEAR for $10k-$15k balance is hardly a big deal.
              -> If you're investing only $5 every other week, it's going to give you jack shit and it will be gobbled up in fees so you have to be realistic about fees v return.
              Heck you could claim the fees on tax.

      • Hey, thanks, this seems like a good idea! Would prefer to just top up and leave I think. I did crypto but endless hours of news, blogs and graphs etc on the next big thing, or the market is about to drop, whales selling etc got to much so I just cashed out. Now just looking for something more easy to set and forget and a bit more "stable"

      • +2

        Spaceship is also an awesome alternative to RAIZ. Works much the same, and the Spaceship Universe Portfolio has performed about the same or possibly better than my aggressive RAIZ custom portfolio.

        I'm using both Raiz & Spaceship, and they are well and truly performing better than my smooth-brained yolos into ASX_Bets pennys.

        • Yeah correct i like spaceship its pretty good.

          Raiz is too costly nit worth it for me

  • Free Trade Window: New Clients are eligible to receive a maximum of ten (10) Share Investing trades free of any brokerage fee (ā€œFree Tradesā€) within thirty (30) days of opening a live Share Investing Trading Account with ThinkMarkets. After the free trade window a standard $8 brokerage fee per trade applies.

    The Promotion Page can be found here: www.thinkmarkets.com/au/lp/10-asx-free-trades/

    ā€‹The Eligible Participants: This promotion is open to New Clients only. A ā€œNew Clientā€ means any person or entity that has not opened or maintained an account with ThinkMarkets or its affiliates in the past 10 years and opens a live trading account with ThinkMarkets between August 11th 2021 and October 1st 2021.

    • +1

      Shame its only 30 days to use it :///

  • +1

    Instant transfer is a huge plus. Is there a limit on POLI?

  • Whats their platform like? How do they compare with others?

  • How much extra is it to get live streaming data?

  • Where do you keep our funds, segregated trust? Or individual account?

    • Macquarie CMA in your own name from memory.

  • +2

    This mob are a nightmare to deal with when establishing an account under a company.

    Apart from their low fees, the option to link my Macquarie company account was very attractive and would saveĀ 
    much hassle in transferring funds to SelfWealth every time, so IĀ Ā responded to an earlier free trade offer here, which turned our to be a nightmare.

    After completing their application form and uploading all requested documentation they email back requesting I completeĀ 
    another application and once again asked for D/L and other details previously submitted.Ā 

    I gave them the benefit of the doubt andĀ uploaded all they asked only to be sent another request for aĀ Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) which was something I never came across before.
    Apparently, I had to register my company with some European organization and pay a yearly fee:Ā https://www.gleif.org/en?mc_cid=3837824de9&mc_eid=4157e33660
    The whole purpose of signing-up with ThinkMarkets was to save money and time, not spend even more and take on more paperwork than necessary, so I wrote back informing them that I no longer wanted to proceed with my application.

    Months later I received another email that was all in Thai and out of curiosity I check ThinkMarkets on-line and found that they had established a company account for me but were still waiting on documentation.

    In short, if you intend opening a company account with ThinkMarkets and don't like being stuffed around, forget about it.

  • Been using ThinkMarkets for about a year - have found their platform is easy enough to use.

    • I've been using them too, and find their mobile app platform quite difficult to use. Just checking, there's no web or PC app you can use to trade shares, yeah? Only mobile app? Haven't tried CFDs nor currency trades.

      • That's correct - I got over the issues with the Android App - it's easy enough to work it all out.

    • I currently trade shares/etfs only, confused signing up their account/products. Is the platform app only? Not via any PC web browsers?
      Is their platform called MT4/MT5 like an installer on the PC and is for CFD/forex, not Shares trading?

      • Yes- only via app.

  • -1

    Where do you keep our funds segregated trust? Or individual account?

  • In great time thanks OP need to fork out savings into ETFs, good that I hadn't invested in comsec yet.
    Saved my huge $$/trade

    Just a question before signing up.

    Is there a referral bonus as well ? For the new person ? And if so can it be stacked with the 10 free trades?

  • Signed up Selfwealth, Superhero and Think Markets on the same day… Selfwealth required more docs, Superhero was instant, and Think Markets was resolved by a human chat support and was ready the same day as well. They also provide you a real person account manager. Not to mention POLi was quick. So far so good.

    • +2

      Which of the 3 do you prefer?

    • I have totally.opposite feeling, feel like thinkmarkets are Just wasting my time they got everything bad.

      Should i try another provider? Superhero vs pearler

  • Just joined with them, human on phone, said account will take upto 48 hrs to be completed.
    Overall not really finding the platform that good, I find Commsec platform really good, probably one of the best in ASX market. But yeah not a single cent in Commsec, only using commsec for data, and information (way much better than thinkmarkets).

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