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Eureka Mignon Specialita Coffee Grinder Black €305.41 (~A$494.09) + €40.88 (~A$66.08) Delivery @ Espresso Coffee Shop


Code 3337 (10% off)
Black €305.41 (~A$494.09) + €40.88 (~A$66.08) Delivery
Chrome €338.17 (~A$547.09) + €40.88 (~A$66.08) Delivery
thanks to @Malapinar for finding the code

Code 6786 (7% off)
Black €315.59 (~A$510.14) + €40.88 (~A$66.08) Delivery
Chrome €350 (~A$565.77) + €40.88 (~A$66.08) Delivery

Not a new deal but worth a post. If you're on the lookout for a good coffee grinder importing seems to be the cheapest way to go
Delivery cost is to Melbourne metro in 2-5 business days, not sure about cost to other states or regional towns.

Some important notes:

  • It's an EU model, it comes with an EU plug (ECS provide an AU adapter), specs (220V and 50-60Hz) are suitable in Australia
  • No Australian Warranty, but comes with a 1 year global manufacturer warranty. I'm not sure how easy it would be to get repairs done.
  • Customs Duty is not payable for imported goods under $1000
  • Your bank may charge international transaction fee (ING refund this immediately)
  • Code works for other coffee grinders too

I recently bought the Chrome colour, it cost me $643.12 and took about 5 days to deliver.

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  • +1

    Got mine from there a few years ago, I think it was under $500 delivered (in 3 days). Fantastic grinder. I asked for a discount coupon and they responded with a coupon that took a bit extra off the price, not sure if they still do that but worth a try.

    • That's brilliant! I saw a some posts on reddit suggesting they were slow to reply so I just jumped on, but it definitely could be worth seeing what discount they'd give. The one I used takes about 7% off.

  • This is cheap.

    I had one with a control board dead after 1 month but luckily it was repaired under warranty.

    Also look out for Mignon XL.

  • This is a great one, recommended and the price is good too.

  • I bought this locally and that is much cheaper than I paid. Fantastic grinder for those who can't be arsed trying to procure a niche.
    Also, be aware the new Eureka single dose grinder is starting to do the rounds, so be sure to add that to the candidate list before jumping on this.

    • +2

      I did the same. I preferred to pay the little bit more and get a local warranty.

    • +1

      I bought a Specialita earlier this year (from an Australian seller); I had an issue with getting the grinder but it managed to get sorted real quick. This price is fantastic on it though; including the shipping it was about $200 cheaper than I paid.

      Very happy with this grinder; it's quick and quiet

      • +2

        I love it, massive step up from the Breville SGP I had before.

  • -1

    I want a grinder. Help me out here… I don’t understand why I would pay $500 for one.

    Surely the fancy breville one is solid? What am I missing?

    • +9

      Better grinders give more consistent grounds with less clumping, less retention, etc.

      Honestly if you don't know why you should pay more for a better grinder, you shouldn't look into it, because if you like your coffee, you will end up buying a nice new grinder.

        • +20

          The only attitude is coming from you deliberately misquoting.

          Like I said. Less clumping, less retention, more consistency, etc.

          And like I said, if you like your coffee, you shouldn't look into it because you will end up spending money on a new grinder. You will keep chasing a better cup and spending more and more on slight differences. It'll start with a new grinder. Then a new machine. Then a new tamp. Then VST baskets. Then another grinder to match the better machine. Then a conical grinder because you changed roast style. Then a new single dose grinder comes out…and so on.

    • +1

      Life span.. Everything in these Italian grinders are built to be repaired. They'll easily last a lifetime. With the SGP it's good but you'll be looking to get it replaced after say 3 - 5 yrs.

      • +3

        Not always as it depends on how much the replacement parts are. My last grinder (Lelit, about a similar price range) is repairable but the cost of the motor it was only marginally cheaper than getting a new one

    • +8

      Depends on what you're after. The Breville grinder uses conical burrs, this one uses larger flat burrs. Some people prefer one type over the other. Either way larger burrs tend to create more consistent grinds at a faster rate. The Breville produces more clumps in the grind too, and has more retention in the chamber. Retention matters if you 'single dose' or swap out between different beans regularly.

      • +4

        Thank you mate - this is exactly what I was chasing. Appreciate the answer and you taking the time to respond.

    • +3

      I just ordered a Lagom P100 so I think I'm perhaps too far at the other end of the scale.

    • +2

      As with anything with an enthusiast range of products, sometimes you just have to buy a cheaper entry level product to determine if it's something you care about. If you can't discern the difference and you're totally happy with the Breville grinder, that's great. If you dare lust over more premium options, gg your wallet and have a nice journey reading and exploring.

      • +1

        Exactly this. I was happy with a, Infuser and SGP until some mates started experimenting with different setups. One ended up with almost 15k in machine+grinder. He got way too into the journey

        Pretty sure he treats his machine better than his kids

        • +2

          This was me, I had a little sunbeam coffee machine originally. Now I have a LaMarzocco in my kitchen

    • +1

      Surely the fancy breville one is solid?

      The Breville grinder is neither fancy nor solid.

  • +1

    I am looking for a DF64. Hopefully we get a local Aus seller with local warranty.

  • Going to wait for the single dose, but I'm a bit sceptical that it's just a tilted XL with bellows.

  • Can't access site, anyone has this issue now?

  • Their website is offline for maintenance for me.

    But…. that is a good price. I bought one from theespressoshop.co.uk for about $630 delivered - about $660 now so this post is a good deal

  • +1

    Never realised how many other OzBargainers have this same machine.

    It's a great machine and great value even at full RRP.

  • Was looking at this grinder only yesterday.

    I don't single dose, so this is a better choice than Niche, and also much cheaper. But I hope Eureka can improve the hopper design, looks very cheap, at least make a rubberised cap.

    Niche was $1,200 last year, shot up to $1,700 due to demand. Feels like paying extra $500 for nothing.

    • +1

      I single dose with this. Retention is low and works well.

      Hopper is pretty mediocre but does the job

      • Do you 3D print the single-dose hopper?

        • You can, I bought one with a printed bellows as well. Improves it greatly

        • +1

          I don't have a single dose hopper. I weigh out each dose and pour in. Not the most ideal but it works

      • I like the overall design, lines and edges, not cheap but reasonable among prosumer grinders. Only complaint is the plastic lid.

    • +1

      Yeap I agree with you… the hopper is the cheapest part of the machine. Other than that all works great! I 3D printed the single dosing hopper,

      • That's cool.

        • Yea I totally agree with your comment above… I found that hopper is too cheap for my liking…
          The build of the machine is great.

      • Is the benefit of the single dose hopper all about retention? If so, how does the 3d printed hopper improve retention over the stock hopper? I did a quick search on youtube but couldn't find answer.

        • +2

          I don't think it changes retention. The baffles would help with retention by blowing out alot of the grinds.

          I think the single dose hopper helps with convenience with the Eureka especially, since theres a stupid cheap plastic tab that beans get stuck on. I'm tempted to shell out for the single dose hopper just to avoid this.

          Also a single dose hopper helps with the wank factor. Lets face it, there's plenty of wank factor with coffee equipment and we are damn proud of it.

          Also, a single dose hopper stops your mother in law from pouring a whole bag of nice coffee into the hopper and leaving it there for a few weeks while you are on holidays. I wish that was the worst thing my MiL did while we were away

        • +2

          Whatever @PCHammond said.
          Especially about mother in law.

          But I found that by using the 3D printed single dosing, I store my coffee in those air vacuum container instead of inside the hopper which will degrade the coffee a lot faster if you store it in the hopper.

          • @froddoog: Ok thanks. This is good news, it means I don't need the single dose mod.

            To be clear, I've had this grinder for awhile, and I single dose with the stock hopper and find almost no retention (like 0.1 grams) and everything works fine. I store beans separately and weigh before adding to hopper. The plastic hopper is flimsy, but does job.

            • @cerealJay: I do the same. I'm contemplating the single dose mod to add to the wank factor and to avoid 1 bean getting stuck on the stupid plastic tab because you know, thats a huge inconvenience thats worth $100 to fix

            • @cerealJay: Yea you don't have to spend another $$ on those single dose mods.

              I do find that, it is much quieter compared to having the big hopper and the plastic cover. Not sure whether you realise it or not, once you have taken out the big hopper there are a lot of coffee grounds on the side of the hopper?

      • Did you print it at home or is there a place that can do it for you if you rock up with a template? I've been interested in doing this mod too. Thanks

        • You can print it from the library, but you would need to go for their induction, been meaning to go for one… but… lockdown.


          Then after that, you can search for whatever you want to print from here

          It will take few rounds to get the right sizing etc.

          Thingiverse is where all 3D printable you can download and experiment printing.

          Easiest sent to your mates that have a 3D printer and know their way around and ask them whether they would help you print :)
          that was what I did.

          • @froddoog: Thanks for that. I'm in Brisbane so I'm not sure if there's anything similar here. Don't know anyone with a 3D printer unfortunately. I guess I may just have to order one from etsy

            • +1

              @dji1111111: I'm pretty sure if you look up your local library they sure will have Makerspace.
              But I'm sure that you have to go through an induction first before playing with their machines haha

              • @froddoog: You are right. I searched and found that State Library of Queensland has the fabrication facility but does require you to be inducted before you can make bookings.
                Looks like inductions are only held once or twice a month and completely booked out well in advance.
                Don't think I can be bothered to wait that long. $100 well spent from etsy :-)

                • +1

                  @dji1111111: I see I see. Yea now when you want to print something I guess you could use the library service :)

                  haha nice.

    • +1

      The niche at closer to a grand was pretty good, at $1,700 I'm really not a fan.

  • +1

    Surprised they haven't got into trouble with Tiffany by calling one of their colours Tiffany Blue.


    • They’re so aggressive Tiffany. My wife runs an invitation business as a sole trader (just her) and even got one of those cease and desist letters from Tiffany. Overly aggressive doesn’t even begin to describe it - talk about self sabotaging your own brand!

      • Sorry for the thread drift…my father has this grinder and bought it locally for about $800 so this price is great. It’s a very quiet grinder and performs very well. It would be a tough proposition to buy something better at this price. Be aware that local resellers probably won’t fall over themselves to assist if you have any issues with it (unlikely as grinders of this quality just grind and grind).

        Personally, I prefer the single dosing of my niche grinder as I like to swap beans but weighing out beans for each dose isn’t for everyone. So if that ain’t you - this grinder is exceptional value if you make an informed decision

        • Aside from workflow, how do you find the results in the cup between the two?

          I got a Niche only because my wife didn't like the aesthetic of the Eureka (otherwise I probably would have gone with the Eureka!), lol. :)

          • @caprimulgus: Sorry can’t comment on that as I’ve never had them side by side to make a valid comparison using the same bean and same machine.

  • +1

    Bit the bullet and bought this in addition to a La Pavoni Professional back in (Vic) lockdown April 2020.

    It certainly took a lot of time (and some wasted coffee grind) to learn how to dial in the grind settings for the Eureka, but for me personally, it was something I had always been interested in and I found it was worth all the effort to learn how minor variable changes can affect extraction / taste.

    Now I have a fun routine every 8am & 1pm + I get to enjoy really delicious beverage 5 steps away from my WFH setup.

    Bonus: I get to have a laugh whenever the missus stuffs up the milk frothing by making a giant dong instead of a rosetta leaf latte art.

    For those who perhaps a little time poor or don't really want to be hassled with investing a bit of time of tweaking, you are probably better off with a Breville in all honesty.

    • Breville Smart grinder Pro is Conical, not comparable.

      • Conical burr is not necessarily a bad thing, Niche uses conical burr, albeit a large one.

    • +1

      Took me forever to dial it in too. My wife would keep on asking my why I am wasting the coffee and not drinking the under extracted puddle water.

      • Same here and I bought beans in 1kg bags to practice. I think it might be different on every machine but now at ~0.4-0.5 on the grind setting I can get 1:2 in ~30s consistently. The one lesson I learnt was to go fine and chook the espresso machine then dial coarser.

        • +1

          I roast my own coffee with a Behmor. I was fortunate where I roasted a heap of beans just to tune it in.

          Right now I'm playing around with single origins instead of my usual blend. It's definitely not as convenient as the Breville grinder when changing beans. Playing around with beans and blends requires so much tuning, but it's lockdown.

  • +4

    Just a bit of research a did and comparison between models:
    The Eureka Mignon Silenzio (model down from this) has [50mm burrs] ~$492 AUD delivered with OP's code
    The Eureka Mignon Specialita has [55mm burrs] ~$577 AUD delivered with OP's code
    The Eureka Mignon XL has [65mm burrs] ~$945 AUD with OP's code

    The new (yet to be released) Eureka Mignon Single Dose has [65mm burrs] is on pre-order for ~$1450, this also features a new 15 degree incline.

    Now this is where it gets interesting. You can get a Single Dose hopper + Bellows + a 15 degree incline kit from here for $102.
    Combining it with the XL it kind of seems like you end up with the same thing as the yet to be released Single Dose for $1047, but forfiet Aus warranty as maybe any new technologies in the new XL. I would think with the bellows attachment on the XL, you would probably have closer to zero rentention vs the Single Dose

    • +1

      Doesn't make sense single dose version costs so much more, it's mechanically simpler, no timers/controls/user interface, just on/off grinding.

      • Exactly what I thought! The only real feature is less retention, which seems like it can be fixed with a bellows attachment

      • Less is more.
        That's how marketing department thinks.

      • I’ve been keen on the Single Dose version and also thinking price is only in this range as the marketing team is obviously competing with the Niche. Another thought is that this potentially has a more complex/recalibrated grind adjustment knob which allows it to switch between different brew styles easier. At $1450, may as well stretch the budget to a Lagon P64 or go buy both a Specialita and a Fellow Ode with change to spare.

    • Specialita is known for low retention.
      I wonder how that compares to XL?

    • +1

      I'm seriously tempted to order that single dose hopper+bellows+incline kit

    • Despite the price, the new Single Dose is a good looking machine. But the Specialita is more of a likely upgrade, due to the price difference.

  • Damnit, this is about the price I paid for my Silenzio last year :’(

    EDIT: actually even cheaper :,(

    • I wouldn't be sad. The Silenzio is still a brilliant grinder and you got a years worth of grinding

      • Haha yeah more so wish I just got the Specialita and at this price.

        Love the grinder though and i reckon it’ll last me a long time.

    • Last year?
      Time to upgrade! ;)

      • I wish haha ;)

  • Damn just ordered the DF64 on the weekend after tossing up between that and the specialita

  • +4

    Code 3337 makes it 10 Euros cheaper. Paid $563.22 including shipping.

    • Great find! I'll update the post

  • Thanks OP, ordered one.

  • +1

    Got mine from this shop a month ago as well.
    Didn't have to pay gst or customs duty and arrived at my doorstep almost as quick as the coffee machine I ordered from a shop 5 minutes away from my house.

    Arrived with a microcrack in the corner of the flimsy plastic hopper lid. Contacted the shop via email and they responded within 24 hours and told me they will send through a replacement no questions asked. The replacement lid arrived in about 2 weeks. I was rather impressed with the service.

    The grinder is very good especially at this price.
    The Plastic hopper is rubbish, the annoying plastic tab that always stops one bean from dropping, portafiler holder is a bit ordinary and the Specialita sticker is ridiculously cheap and nasty. All minor niggles really.

    • They might as well leave the sticker out, keep it blank or engrave/etch something more generic such as "Eureka" or "Mignon".

  • 6786 doesn't work anymore :( Is there another code with 3337? My Breville grinder started making some noise while grinding, it's working though. 1 year with Breville grinder and I am already on the finest setting to pull a decent shot, anything coarser my shots come fast.

    • What other grinder would you suggest in this category and price range?

      • For ~$550 AUD it is hard to recommend anything other than Specialita.

        • :D I saw a review, someone said for a lighter roast he is already at zero settings and it feels like the burrs are touching, this is exactly what I have been doing and scared of…

          I have no idea if this would happen to me on this grinder again. This is going to be my 2nd standalone burr grinder.

          • +1

            @sqheaven: This grinder is a completely different beast to Breville.

            It's like trying to compare a rolls royce to Toyota Corolla.

          • @sqheaven: There are more settings on the upper burr you can adjust.


            • @browser: I have already done that. Just one notch and the burrs started touching, I could hear the difference in sound, later a fine line was discovered on the upper burr.

              I reverted the change.

              I am still not sure if I should spend 580$ on this grinder :s

              • +1

                @sqheaven: You are asking wrong audience - a lot of people here believe you should. :)

              • @sqheaven: doooooooooooooo it!!! :)

              • @sqheaven: If you have a need for it and you are thinking about it, under $600 is a good price for this grinder.

                It would still worth $400 to $500 after a couple of years.

                • @browser: Damn you guys.. Breaking my bank LOL I have a mediocre machine, Barista Pro BES878. I hate its grinder, I had a better flat burr grinder KG79 by Delonghi. Looks like you guys convinced me enough :D Let me see if the deal is still there.

                  • +1

                    @sqheaven: Bit the bullet. I used Up account to save the international transactions fee and 3337 code. Thanks op and everyone who gave feedback out here.

                    • @sqheaven: Welcome to the club.
                      Tell us your impression of Breville Smart Grinder vs Specialita

                      • +2

                        @SickDmith: The Specialita is here, it's super silent, it choked the machine at 2.5 settings. I am doing 3 and shots are chocolaty and have no bitterness. I honestly feel it's like buying a new (high-end) pair of speakers and the familiar songs start to sound different. I am having a similar experience, I think the consistency is great on this grinder.

                        It is definitely messy, I need a funnel. A dosing station mat or something. Also, need to buy the 3D printed single doser and bellows.

                        I saw the review of single-dose Mignon which is coming soon, it looks like they are improving on top of Niche. I don't think I'd go that high to buy Niche or Mignon single dose, the Specialita can be tweaked.

                        The thing is built like a tank, solid construction. Feels like a cafe-grade grinder. Now I need to upgrade my machine :D

                        • +1

                          @sqheaven: Nice.
                          Thank you for the feedback.

                          For the machine BES920 might be all you need. :)

  • This is a great grinder - highly recommend. Watch out for mismatched burr sets though - apparently there was a batch that had mismatched burrs causing slower grind time.

  • I ordered on early Tuesday morning, got a notification, and already scheduled to be delivered by Friday!

  • As an alternative to the Eureka I can recommend the Macap M2M which can be had for similar (slightly lower) price from local retailers.
    eg here for $439 ATM which is a good price:

    I got mine last year and it's +1

    • The Macap grinders are 50mm burrs and Eureka Mignon has 55mm burrs.
      Technically the Eureka should be producing quicker grinds albeit probably a few seconds quicker than Macap.

      Also - it seems as though the Macap doesnt have a digital display for timed dosage?

      • True - if you want digital display then I believe the Macap you'd look at is the M4D, which is a big jump in price.