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Mens Original Zip-up Hoodie or Pullover (Black or Grey) $9 Delivered (Was $69.99, Requires New Account) @ Bonds Outlet


I'm in New Zealand so some of these details may be incorrect.

Mens Pullover
Grey: XS, L, XL, XXL
Black: XS, S

Mens Hoodie
Grey: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Black: XS, S

New accounts 10% off + free shipping. Tested with address in Grafton, NSW. Current members = $15 delivered (approx.).

Bonds AU $10 delivered for members.

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  • Thanks OP. IMO the polar fleece were better value. Got two for camping when things open back up!

  • +1

    Bought the jumpers and Bonds quality has really gone downhill. The jumpers I got from Best and Less for $12 or Big W for $5 are much softer.

    I returned them and it took my 6 weeks to get a refund.

  • +1

    how to get the right size when ordering online ?
    Bond's sizing guide only measures waist size

  • FWIW cotton farming is so bad…

  • I did guest check out, delivery was only $6

  • Thanks, bought six.

  • +2

    Note that if you're buying from Bonds, if you're an existing customer you need to have bought something within the last year to remain eligible for free shipping.

  • Side Q … have you guys got their birthday emails in last month or weeks? Seems they have stopped.

    • I got one in April, missus got one in May.

  • I'm guessing that the difference between a jogger and a trackie is that the former is baggier? Otherwise they look very similar

    Also $20 for these, good deal?

  • got a hoodie, thanks

  • Thanks OP, great find!

  • +3

    Anyone else got "Discount (Take a further 40% off Men's Clothing, Underwear and Socks, Member 10% off)"

    I don't know why I got it but I saved 40% more over the already applied sale and free shipping.

    Got 2 hoodies (Originals Zip Hoodie & Reversible Hoodie) - Spent $18.90 total

    • Was that @ Bonds Outlet or Bonds Au?

      • Outlet

        • Thanks so much mate, I was interested in a few items but got distracted, decided to give it a miss when the size and range selection was a bit lower, but just checked and got the extra deal

          4 items would have been $60 but was $37.80

    • Anyone else got "Discount (Take a further 40% off Men's Clothing, Underwear and Socks, Member 10% off)"


  • Anyone got the other shipped yet ?

    • Nope

    • +1

      Nope… Been a week now

    • grey zip hoodie arrived but polar fleeces havent even shipped yet

  • +1

    Hoodie bought and to be delivered for $8.60 (new account discount and eventual cashrewards discount). Bargain!

  • +1

    Stackable with 40% off site wide sales and if you sign up new member, it stackable with the 10% off and 4% CR. Bargain to the max

  • Just received my order today. Glad I downsized otherwise I would've been swimming in these. I'm usually an XL in other brands like Uniqlo but an L in Bonds fits me perfectly, if not slightly roomy so i wouldn't rely on their size chart. Their "Originals" line is very thin and more like a long sleeve t-shirt rather than a jumper. All the stuff I got from their 'Explorer' line are nice and thick and definitely feel better quality.

    • Thanks for the comments. I bought Originals stuff, doesn't sound promising.

      Was it delivered by post or courier?

      • Mine was delivered by courier

      • They've now dispatched by Australia Post eParcel, and for some reason it's only two out of the three items I ordered.

        • haha yep mine was just dispatched this morning but only 1 out of 4 items.

        • No they didn't dispatch it then, apparently they've just gotten around to it now. ETA next week.

    • +1

      Thanks for the update :).

      Mine is still processing :(

      • Same here, I was in pretty early too

      • Yup mine too…

      • One item shipped out on Thursday, remaining three still processing.

    • yeah bit shocked at how thin the originals hoodie is!

  • +1

    Ordered on the 31st. Being prepared since the 4th! A big prep!

  • +1

    lol I got refunded.

  • Same, just got refunded for 2 out of 3 items. Strange that one of the zippers came through 🤷‍♂️

    • Weird the zipper I received but the other 2 are processing and no refund here

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    Just refunded too… no notification other than "Your claim has been refunded into your credit card"

    OOS I'm guessing?

    EDIT: Mine was for Bonds.com.au, not the outlet.

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      got refunded as well, went thru Bonds too

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      me too - bonds not outlet.
      Received one item, but got refunded the hoodie

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    Same refund notification. Bought through normal Bonds not Outlet

  • My order was canceled today. Processing time 22 days!!!!

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    I received one of 4 items today, rest still processing since 2 September!

  • Ordered 31/08 from Outlet, 2 out of 7 items shipped. Order still showing as processing. Probably expecting partial refund soon. Need to start searching for deals on WFH clothes.

  • Just got my refund for hoodie just now….

    • Same here.

    • Same, no email with shipping details for almost 4 weeks so I reached out and contacted them. Within 24hrs I get an email saying that it's been refunded without any reason. Going to try contact them again but not dealing with Bonds ever again after this bullshit

  • It's been over a month since my order was placed. the last email was "the order is underway, will notify when order is shipped" then no communication what so ever.

    • ok, reading comments above i went to check my paypal, it's been refunded without any communication.

      I understand they would be making a loss sending this but at least an apology email would be nice..

      • Meanwhile I have an email from paypal saying my refund has been completed, yet no money was returned …

        • Refund has appeared now.

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