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Mens Original Zip-up Hoodie or Pullover (Black or Grey) $9 Delivered (Was $69.99, Requires New Account) @ Bonds Outlet


I'm in New Zealand so some of these details may be incorrect.

Mens Pullover
Grey: XS, L, XL, XXL
Black: XS, S

Mens Hoodie
Grey: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Black: XS, S

New accounts 10% off + free shipping. Tested with address in Grafton, NSW. Current members = $15 delivered (approx.).

Bonds AU $10 delivered for members.

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    Just realised that it's also available on the main Bonds site

    Is it free shipping for members anyway?

    • +1

      yes free shipping for members
      and don't forget 8% CR

      • +1

        It's 4%

        • Damit forgot 🤦

    • Thanks OP bought one of each in size S - the pull overs and the zip hoodies :)

      Seems like more stock being added, was OOS earlier and managed to get it after a few refresh.

  • Thanks OP

    • Try an incognito window (if using Chrome Ctrl+Shift+N)

  • +2

    anyone having problem signing in with capta error?

  • -2

    All these models look homeless. I think I'm old.

    • +4

      With COVID restrictions, there is no need to dress to impress when you're stuck at home. Or maybe you do if you're on OnlyFans….?

      • +10

        I dont think they needs dress to impress in OnlyFans ;)

      • -2

        Completely agree. Nice batch of assumptions in these replies, though.

    • -1

      I’m in my 30s and I agree with you. Fashion is sh|te these days! I wouldn’t leave the house wearing these.

      • +4

        at least they don't have huge logos plastered all over them (which seems to be the fashion). they're probably intended as loungewear anyway. my aldi merino hoodie looks about as plain as these ones; wear it nearly everywhere and i dgaf what people think of that.

      • +1

        Imagine living your life concerned about what others think of your clothing

          • +7

            @PleasureMe: Wearing a plain black/grey hoodie means I don't take pride in my appearance and have given up on life? lol

            • +3

              @Nillionaire: I’ve given up on life and I only wear Rhude and Stussy. Wouldn’t be seen dead in anything else.

          • +2

            @PleasureMe: The best of us prove their worth through action, whereas the insecure seek to prove it through clothing.

            • -1

              @GateauBoeuf: , while the most insecure virtue signal through the public criticism of others

      • Meh, I don't agree. I just don't understand the matching tracksuit with boots, with a lost , surly look on his /her face. There sure are some people that are keen to defend the trackie lifestyle here, though! Ugg's unite!

    • +1

      The white guy with the stubble definitely looks a bit ciggy butt brain

  • New accounts 10% off ? what is the code? thx

    • No code. It's free shipping for members with 10% off for new members (bringing price down to $9 from $10).

    • +1

      u don't need any code - just create a new account and discount will be added to your cart
      2 ITEMS $20.00
      DISCOUNT (MEMBER 10% OFF) -$2.00
      TAX $1.64
      TOTAL INC 1.64 GST $18.00

      • all good. I signed in the the main Bonds site which does not give 10% off. without issues to use 10% on Bonds Outlet. thx

  • Thanks OP, bought one of each in a large. Also bought some of those super softie tracksuit pants at $15 as well!

    • Did the same here! Wanted an oodie rip too but only small/medium size left

  • Thanks OP, I did purchase through the outlet store as I wanted to snag some XXL's as usually bigger sizes sell out quick. A little bummed that I realised later I could have done this through the Bonds site and saved $5 on postage. But still, $35 for 2 jumpers is pretty good.

  • only small and XS left.

    • wear the pants as shorts if youre a big dude

  • +1
  • Thanks OP, bought some new WFH get up

  • Snagged 2, thanks OP!

  • thanks op bought 2

  • Thanks Op!

  • +6

    I look at Bonds basically like Kmart, I literally see no difference.

    • +3

      Yep, the quality has gone to shit, so unless the prices are around Kmart prices, I don't go near Bonds.

      • Fashion noob here. What exactly has gone down in quality? How do I see this for myself? I am trying to improve my fashion sense

        • I don't know heaps about fabric / construction, but the hoodies I have tend to go out of shape and look old with a year. Previously, it might have been 3 to 4 years.

          • +1

            @a22andrew: Yep. thinner material, goes out of shape, not as warm, zip breaks sometimes etc.

  • thanks OP, what made you test in Grafton? haha

    • +9

      😄 partners family. Only Aussie address I know.

      I typed it in wrong once when I made an order on Aliexpress. So some lucky paddock down the road got a couple of phone cases and a Xiaomi screwdriver set for free.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed a couple of hoodies and a pair of trackpants. Not a new member but I got the 10% off AND my free shipping.

  • +2

    Don't forget your $10 birthday codes for those August babies out there 👍

    • I didn't get one, how did you?

      • +1

        Subject of email was "Hey, don't forget your $10 birthday gift!" and "Happy Birthday - here's $10 on us!"

        • No code?

        • +1

          Ouch, that's what I get for not giving them my DOB, missed out this year… Just added the detail. And will add it for the GF, she's due in October :-)

      • When i didnt get one, i just went on live chat and they generated one for me :)

    • Haven't received any code

  • +1

    Can a normal bonds gift card be used at the outlet store?

  • -2

    Don't forget cashrewards, up to 12% cashback

    • +2

      Only 4%

    • Where are you seeing 12%

      • 12% is for Cashback Max, but only on the normal Bonds site, not the outlet. But then you don't get the 10% outlet discount, so not really worth it.

        • Yes, up to 12% cashback which isn't wrong.

          Overall slightly better off using the regular bonds site as 1st comment mentioned and getting 12% cashrewards max.

          Obviously take on a bit of extra risk with not tracking so personal choice :)

          • +1

            @champlooo: Cashrewards also has 4% cashback at the Bonds outlet, so you would be a little better off getting the 10% discount and then 4% cashback on that.

        • If you sign up for the bonds VIP list or something, you also get 10% off . 1 of my new accounts had it, but the old didnt, i went on live chat and she updated it for me .

  • +4

    For those who are not sure about the size, here is the description from the Bond website: MODEL WEARS SIZE MEDIUM, IS 175CM TALL WITH 83CM BUST AND 65CM WAIST

  • Out of XXL

    • +12

      That is bad, after being locked down for so long, this size has become the new 'regular' size.

      • Haha tell me about it lol.

  • +5

    Thanks OP.

    I'm in New Zealand so some of these details may be incorrect

    Bit harsh

  • +1

    if you want free delivery for just 1 or 2 hoodies, buy it on bonds website. no minimum spending required for members.

  • +1

    Better to buy from bonds website.. bonds outlet don't allow returns

    • +8

      Is that you SkyNews? They seem to be the only people that go on about this woke business. They are as obsessed about woke as the Catholic church is about sex.

  • Link doesn’t work anymore! Ozbargained?

  • Thanks OP!

  • Explorer socks are on sale too. Any thoughts on their quality nowadays?

  • +3

    Bonds gives 60 days free returns for change of mind/size.
    Bonds Outlet gives you no choice to cancel and no refunds for change of mind/size.

    Now I wish I hadn't ordered via outlet..

    • +1

      If it doesn't fit just slash it and return as faulty. Sorted.

  • Thanks OP!

    I noticed that seems to be more size availability on the Bonds site, as opposed to Bonds Outlet

  • Worth noting Bonds Outlet don't accept returns whereas Bonds do - so maybe if insure forego the 10% and order from Bonds

  • Thanks OP, got a S and L as I normally wear a medium… Someone will take the other one off my hands

    • +2

      Or you could cut some material off the large and sew it onto the small to make two mediums?

      • That would be the ideal scenario. Might just work given that the only reason I usually need a medium is for sleeve length.

  • Thanks OP cant go wrong with 10 buck sweats

  • Thanks OP. I was gifted these a couple months back and am impressed with the quality of the explorer slim trackies and joggers. I snagged another couple in a different colour

    • +6

      sus af

    • +2

      You sound an awful lot like a generic paid-for comment, Britney-with-brand-new-account.

      • +1

        Errr thank you??

      • +3

        Quick delivery nice product highly recommend A+++

    • +1

      Created an account just to say this?

  • +1

    thanks gave it a go

  • Thanks for posting. Got a sweater and two face masks while I was at it.

    • +1

      Their masks are terrible. I had to return them.
      Cotton on masks are way better

      • Ah, that's a shame. Thanks for letting me know about the Cotton On masks though.

      • I find the mask fine. Having said that, have never tried a Cotton On one.

  • Thanks, got a grey Medium hoodie (wanted Small but OOS).