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Bonus Woolworths Brick Pack with Every $30 Spent (WA/TAS/VIC/QLD/SA/NT 8/9/21, NSW/ACT 22/9/21) @ Woolworths


Woolies Launches New Lego-Style Collectables With 80% Recycled Materials

Woolworths is set to launch new ‘sustainable’ Lego-style collectables − Woolworths Bricks − which will allow customers to build their own mini version of the supermarket.

Shoppers will be able to collect a Woolworths Bricks pack with every $30 spent in-store or online. A total of 40 Woolworths Bricks are available in the promo. Although, customers will need to purchase starter kits, including a baseboard and front doors, with the choice of a Basic Kit for $6, or a Deluxe Kit for $10, to begin building their replica of a Woolies supermarket.

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    From Woolworth's News Page

    More pictures here & here

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      OMG. Time for panic buy!!!

  • Lego-style collectables

    Only canstarblue could say that! but not in RichardL's WW link.

    The minifigs looks nothing like LEGO and not quite Playmobil. 😒 .

    • Minifigs are where you do have to make your product legally distinct.

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      I think that they look quite similar to the 1986 Duplo figures… just half the size.

      • +1

        Ah they do! Thanks for looking it up.

  • -2

    Well I guess giving them away for free is the only way they would get rid off them…

    • +4

      Bunnings sets seemed to sell well.

      • They were awful. Got given one. Urgh.

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    Just waiting for this to get posted to Ozbargain.. it's been over a week since initially announced, amazed it took so long.

    Customers will first need to purchase starter kits, including a baseboard and front doors, with the choice of a Basic Kit for $6, or a Deluxe Kit for $10, to begin building their replica of a Woolies supermarket.

    So not only do you have to spend money to make things you get from spending more money, you also have to hunt down availability! Can't wait for the swap days!

    • Ok the baseboard I can understand but why aren't the doors a pack?

    • +1

      Also, $15 for the big truck, $10 for the small truck, and $3 for the figures.

      Even so, I predict that these will be even more popular than the Bunnings ones.

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    build their own realistic version of a Woolworths Supermarket store

    I've heard on the grapevine that the hardest two sets to collect will be the "fully stocked toilet paper aisle" and "checkout operator who hasn't been spat at today".

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    How come NSW have to wait after everyone else for it? Victoria are in lockdown too with (unfortunately) no end in sight …

    • What does this have to do with lockdown?

      Also NSW isnt waiting for everyone else, ACT also starts on the 22nd.

      • +2

        And ACT is technically geographically within NSW. And also in lockdown …

        Victoria had a delay to last year's collectables (whatever they were) because of lockdown. It's clearly lockdown related. Otherwise, why the delay?

        Even the Woolies CEO said so

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    So, does lego style mean they are compatible with lego or not?

    At least it beats those cards or whatever they are in the last promo, I never even bothered to get any even to see what they were about.

    • +2

      If it's like the Bunnings ones, yes they're cross-compatible

    • It means they're compatible, and basically a cheaper unlicensed version…

    • The Olympic athlete stickers?

      I claimed some to see what they were about, didn't know what to do with them so I plastered them all over a co-workers desk.

  • I hope these will be passible player-token replacements for my copy of Forbidden Island!

  • If I place order tomorrow for 9/9 collect&collect, would I get the collectables brick? Many things to buy in tomorrow cayalogue.

        • +16

          Look out everyone, this guys got a degree over here

  • +16

    This will define my children's childhood, like the Age of Empires CD in my Nutri-Grain box defined mine

  • +1

    Don't you mean Blocko-style bricks collectibles?

    • They should add square wheels to the trucks too.

  • I'm surprised they are legally allowed to call it lego style if it's not made by lego

    • Woolworths isn't. That is from Canstar.

    • calling something "lego-style" is not a use of the trademark "Lego" as a badge of origin for the product. It is merely a use of the word "Lego" as a descriptor. Hence, no TM infringement.

    • +1

      Lego's patent on the connection method expired a while back so anyone can make compatible bricks now.

  • What's the point, they will just end up in the vacuum and I couldn't be stuffed searching for non Lego pieces.

  • hm choking hazard imminent

    • +4

      Is this referring to parents choking the WW staff because they've run out of brick packs?

  • +7

    It’s disgusting, look at the way that man is staring at that girl…



    • +2

      I don't know why, but I got a good laugh out of that.

    • LOL

  • -2

    Just reduce the cost of items for your customers instead of spending money on these gimmicks to get them spend more money on ya, Woolies! I wonder how media doesn't ever speak against this.

  • +3

    Imma wait for the official Ozbargain brick set personally.

  • +4

    Get rid of plastic bags for environmental reasons. Proceed to repeatedly run promotions giving away tons of useless plastic trinkets that will be landfill 2 months after the promo ends. Call me cynical but I think their bag removal was classic greenwashing.

    • Definitely 2 steps forward, one step back.

      I know when you work with big business that change takes a long time but when it does it happens fast eg straws, picnic plates. We all need to vote with our wallets and feet.

  • I can’t wait to build my replica! But if there isn’t a tiny, lego-style sentry outside to greet the customers, I’ll be most disappointed.

    • I sure hope there is a tiny checkin QR code.

  • People have started hoarding the trucks in nsw, not available at most woolies anymore

  • 3173 gave me a bunch extras

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