Kogan - "Our Lowest Price" False Advertising

Purchased a chair from Kogan on 22 Aug for $69.99

Now listed on the website for $79.99 and advertised with "Our Lowest Price".

Clearly not the lowest price.

Received a non-response from Kogan. Any thoughts on how to take this further?

We work hard to bring our customers the lowest price by sourcing our products from all around the world, and this can fluctuate based on a number of factors, such as the AUD/USD exchange rate, availability, and demand, among others.

To get regular updates about Kogan.com's deals and sales, we recommend signing up for our newsletter.

You can enter your name and email in the area at the bottom of our homepage: https://www.kogan.com/au/.

Price changes are a common occurrence in many technology-based retail businesses, as prices will fluctuate over time.

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    Any thoughts on how to take this further?

    Stop wasting your time with this mob.

    • I mean, they aren't great, but they also haven't been terrible in my past experience.

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    Gosh, a OzB member since 2010…

    Your best way to "teach" them a lesson, is to not shop from them.

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    Report them to the ACCC and definitely in the future keep in mind that its all junk. Nothings a deal unless you see it on ozBargain :p at least thats what I've learned being here.

    In any case, Kogan has been sued for this stuff before by ACCC, I seem to remember (but could be wrong) that its actually part of their budgeting to be sued.


  • What they meant to say is lowest price right now. And given its a own brand, no one else sells it cant be wrong. Except its missing those words

  • Start a class action!!!

    *Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight….!!!

    Call ACA - they are always searching for stories. Especially now with C-19 it's all about Covid and not much else… Quiet news days/weeks…

    • ACA is sh*t doesnt listen to normal people's stories

      • aaahhh… actually… 🤦‍♂️

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    It's called marketing. "Our Lowest Price" means exactly that, their lowest price.
    It does not say the word "ever".
    It happens all day every day and they know how far they can push their luck. Just like a certain supermarket that advertises "Down Down, our prices are down"… They may have reduced a few of their prices that week so it is not a lie. They may have increased a few hundred as well.
    Just how it is….

  • Have you got a screen shot of the previous price?

    • OP should have order invoice/confirmation email as proof.

      • Yes and have my order invoice as well.

  • I have a same exp now. Midea DC Motor Fan was $79 on Thursday and I plan to buy it before LatitutePay Promo ($25 off $75 purchase) ends today. But it jumps to $149 with "Our Lowest Price" False Advertising from Friday!