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Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920 Robot Vacuum Cleaner $399 @ ALDI


Just noticed the latest aldi catalogue has the deebot 920 for a decent price.

positive is you can get it and test it for 60 days and if not happy return it without any dramas.

negatives is that most stores will only have a few in stock so your have to queue up sat morning to have any chance of getting one.

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    It is asking for a COVID outbreak at an Aldi.

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      yeah its half the price on what is selling on amazon.
      wish they did these deals for online orders instead.

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    I wanted to get my first robo vac but amazon reviews not so great… :(

    • 4.1/5 doesn't seem so bad?
      Amazon Link

      • I'm just worried about the 1* and 2* feedback…

        • We had one of these, the LDS malfunctioned because the laser unit was pushed a bit in while transporting…

          Personally, I would give it 4/5. It was a fantastic unit and the app worked great for us.

          We now have the T8 and it's better in some ways, but the 920 was better in others.

          For the money, it's great value.

          • @Romen: I was wondering the T8 as there hasn't been a deal on the Roborocks for a while. Do you recommend the T8?

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              @alvinMalhot: I do recommend the T8. It knocks things less than the 920 due to the extra sensors. It's not perfect though. The one I have doesn't have the camera, which apparently assists more in avoiding things like animal accidents. It does seem a bit slower than the 920 in completing the area, but seems to clean just a little better.

              Oh, and the pro mop attachment for the T8 is really good when you have a ton of tiles in your house.

  • Would jump on this, if Aldi wasn't 50km away when I'm stuck with a 5km limit

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    Been using Robot Vac for last few years, I have to say that these robots do most of the job to 90% of my expectations. It will always have Pro & Cons on different brand, you just have to weight up the "cost" of your time to doing the job VS. innitial cost of purchase a robot to do it over 1 - 2 years.

    If Aldi REALLY actually have the stocks I won't might to get one at this price.

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    Got it last time it was sold at Aldi.

    Pros: haven't really mopped/swept the entire house since getting it. Only spot mop and sweep in small areas. Does a decent job as long as you maintain it like all other robo vacuums. Empty dust bin, clean the filters and clean the brush are the regular maintenance stuff.

    Cons: Floor has to be completely clear of items that can get caught and tangled in the brush. Charging cables, socks, etc… it will have a hissy fit and stop. Once you untangle the brush, the robo tries to relocate and its a hit and miss at this point. If it can relocate, it will continue. If it can't relocate, it will wipe your floor map clean and redo your entire floor again.

    Weigh up the pros and cons but if the cons are too much then you do have 60 days to return.

    • Excellent summary, we have the same experience. Also, I have only recently realised that it can vacuum and mop in one go.

      It easily covers 100m2 of the tiled area in 1.5 hours with approx. 20% battery left.

    • same, we love ours!

      tempted to get another so we have both upstairs/downstairs covered

    • Thanks for the info, it was really helpful. One question regarding the mop, can you set the virtual boundary for the mop only and not for vacuum function?
      I have tile floor in my living area with few rugs around, can it be set up to vacuum the entire room and mop only the area set it up in a virtual boundary? Thanks

      • +1

        The vacuum is smart enough to recognise rugs and avoid rugs when mopping.

    • What happens if it is cleaning your kitchen/ dining room, and you use and move a chair? Does it confuse it? Ie. is it turn it on, dont use that room until it is finished situation?

    • we had the same map issue. now we have enabled multipmap. then whenever it creates a new one, just reset it and it goes to the original one. this does not work if multimap is disabled.

  • I have the 950 version which I think is pretty similar to this. Works really well. Just make sure you pick up stuff left on the floor that is to small for it to notice (cords, paper, socks). I have it automatically run around the house every second day, chuck the mop pad on it once or twice a week and it keeps the floors clean. Do a big mop about once a month by hand and that's about it. I have hard floors so your mileage may vary on carpet.

  • As much as I like the price. Surely they can't be asking us to line up in a lockdown situation…

    Come on Jeffrey, match it…

  • Jump on this or continue waiting for a good deal on Roborock? 🤔

    • I got the s7 and it's amazing

  • -2

    I got one from previous Aldi special (March 2021) and never used it because I got a better one as gift. Now wondering what would i do

    • +3

      Give me the Aldi one? :)

  • How do these work in multi-storey environment? Can it map two floors, so I can take it to another floor and it's going to do the job before taking back to the "main" floor where the charging station is? Can any brand/model do that?

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      "MULTI-FLOOR MAPPING: DEEBOT can now create up to 3 different maps perfect for multi-level homes and multiple cleaning spaces; When DEEBOT starts to clean, it will automatically recognize the saved area it is going to clean" from here: https://www.amazon.com.au/OZMO-920-Vacuuming-Systematic-Mult...

      • Thank you. I understand the one from your Amazon link is a 2-in-1 version ($1,428.03) and the one in this deal only vacuums. Not true, Aldi website states: "Sweeps, vacuums and mops your floors".

        What's with that price on Amazon?

  • I didn't want to spend too much for our first try of a robot vac… But incredibly happy with the Deebot N79T I got… And wouldn't hesitate buying this one as an upgrade!

    • N79T just bounces off things and doesnt really follow any pattern. Sure this will be a good upgrade.

  • This versus the S5 Max?

  • I know it varies although would it be expected to empty the vacuum out once a week for standard house? Trying to understand if it needs to be done maybe every day or can it wait for each week as an example?

    • +1

      Depending on many factors, but it's quick and easy to empty so I just do it every day anyway.

      • Trying to think if maybe its better to spend an extra $200 and not need to empty the bot that often?

        The UV thing sounds like its going to be useless but it has the dust collector in the charging base


        • Can confirm that I have purchase and received the Viomi S9 UV last week and been really happy with it. Worth spending the extra $200 for the Viomi S9 UV which has a better suction of upto 2700 pascals compared to the Deebot 920 which seems to only have around 1200 pascals.

          • @nmehta: The Deebot 920 is 600 pascals on normal suction and 1200 pascals on max suction.

            The newer Deebot N8 is 2300 pascals of suction.

            So the Viomi S9 at 2700 pascals does look good on the suction comparison.

  • Anyone scored a better deal by putting an offer through exovacs ebay store..?

    • I asked them to price match Aldi and they refused.

      • +1

        Aldi pays for it, not Ecovacs. With 500 stores, so probably not more than 1000 of these robots, it's going to be like an eBay promo.

        Few people get it, the majority is left frustrated, but visited Aldi.

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    for those following, you can currently get this for $329 including a free mop from ecovacs on eBay - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/383217473421

    make an offer to the seller and ask them to price match Aldi. They say they can’t match Aldi but can offer their lowest price on eBay which is $449. There is currently a $120 off promotion for eBay plus members - use code: PLUSSEP

    accept the offer from seller, go to checkout and apply the code. voila! scored yourself a bargain (though the lowest price to date was $189 from a similar checkout glitch and a few people got extremely lucky)

    • Seller sent counter offer $499.

      • +1

        send a counter offer for $449 haha

    • great find. $449 offer got accepted and I have purchased it for $329

    • Thank you for this!

    • With your information at hand, I played a little chess with them.
      Offered $399, they came back at $499; I tried my hand at $439, they responded with $459; so I resided to the fact I'll have to settle at $449. ;)
      Great deal at $329!!! THANKS

    • Not having to wake up early, queue in the cold, fight crowds, risk covid infection and it's $70 cheaper than Aldi….. You are a legend!!
      (bought one for $329)

    • Thanks a lot skido. Bargain at $329 + COVID free :)

    • Skido, you legend. Also got one for $329 thanks to you!

    • Sorry for asking such a noob question.
      As Im not a ebay plus member, will the code be usable once I sign up for a month?

    • gonna try this now…see if it works 6/9/21

    • Absolute legend @skido!!

      They only came back with 499 for me but I'm happy with that. 379 delivered without risking covid and disappointment of Aldi running out of stock.

      Wonder how my pooch will react to a robot running around the house, being the absolute chicken shit she is. Once she refused to come in to a room for a couple of days because a tiny little mouse was in that room :D

  • Thanks skido , just did the $449 offer within 10 mins offer accepted, minus $120 = $329 absolute ozbargain!!
    this needs a post of its own..

  • Thanks Skido. got one for $329 without the risk of catching covid!

  • Be bit cautious when buying from Evocas ebay site. They cancelled my item after processing the payment saying there is an issue with my adress.Which is been my adress for hundreds of deliveries. Wonder how their after sales service if this is how they process the orders. Noted they have blocked negative feedbacks on ebay too. No wonder why they have high rating.

    • did you order with the discount?

      here’s the magic link to leave feedback regardless of the cancellation reason:


      • Yes i did..Seems i cannot use this link as seller cancelled them..

  • Looks like they're playing harder on Sunday - lowest I could get them to was $489 with 3 counter offers today.

    • Yes they are..They even cancelled the accepted $449 offer after i paid for it. Doggy behavior. Wonder how the after sales service will be..

  • Anyone have luck getting one from eBay? Put through and offer for $399, asking to price match ALDI (assuming they would counter), and for safe measure used my fiance's to offer $469, still no reply to either.

    Starting to think they are being more strict with the discounts.

    • I tried today and they revert back giving me counter offer of 495$. I have replied with 449$ but no response yet…

      • Lucky you, they offered me $509… I think they've gotten plenty of offers and have figured it out now.

        • I got final offer of 479$ which brings this down to 359$.. still good compare to this one.

        • Send them counter offer that is what I did..

          • @vikrantnarvekar: Yeah I did, they came back with $489 and this message

            Due to the difference in sales platform related costs and sales volume, we cannot reach the price that matches Aidi on eBay. But we still won a special price to you from our boss, AUD489

    • tried $449 a few times today and each time got $489… which I finally accepted… still a good deal, I guess.

  • Has anyone had theirs sent from eBay yet?

    • I have! Just received the “your order is on its way” email a few mins ago.

    • Yep. Got an email Monday with tracking number.

  • This similar price to the Viomi V2 Pro or V3 but has less suction power, less battery power and possibly a worst app than Xiaomi. I couldn't really find many decent reviews on the 920. Any advice for which vacuum to choose at this price point?

    • Here is a video that thoroughly goes through the Ozmo range, including the 920. This guy is the king of robot vacuums and knows his stuff. So if you're going to listen to anyone, listen to him.


  • Looks like ALDI is removing this robovac from any NSW stores that are in lockdown.

    • Lots at Broadway (NSW), but opting for the eBay offer instead. Glad I looked at OxBargain before putting it on the belt.

  • Full list of locations that they removed here:

  • I reckon sold out in 5 minutes - too much of a bargain for a quality Robot Vac.
    I have a Wyze one I imported from the US (as a gift) and it uses LIDAR and is similar. Really good unit.

    Anyone mange to get one ?

  • Just got back from Aldi in Sydney west suburb and there were still 8 available. I think these robot vacuum are under powered for the price of $399 an only can store 2 maps. So it's not for me.

  • Maybe not as good as the Wyze then.

  • I just picked one up at Mitcham SA, still another 10 or so on display.

  • Any ebay purchasers received further notification?
    Mine says Received and ready for processing on the 8th at 11:33pm, but nothing more since.

    • Still waiting. Didn't get any response from eBay seller. Estimated delivery date lapsed yesterday.

  • +1

    received mine from ebay, was a bit of a delay though, the tracking never updated until morning of delivery.
    *** just checked, 7 days from date of post notification until the next post update** *

  • Received mine from Ebay today..just waiting for it to finish charging 😬

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