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[PS4] Ghost of Tsushima $41 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Ghost of Tsushima - PlayStation 4 save 41% of original price.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • How much would it cost to upgrade to the director's cut from this version?

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      sorry sir but i do not know the answer to that question. Perhaps some other lurker could answer it.

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      I think it's $30 to upgrade to PS4 Director's Cut only and $45 to upgrade PS4 base game to PS5 version with Director's Cut . Either or both upgrades can be added digitally via PSN store

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      $30 for the directors cut iki island expansion. keep in mind if you've got a PS5 and its then another $15 to get the full PS5 upgraded version, and not be playing in "ps4 compatible mode".

      digital ghost directors cut ps4 = $110
      digital ghost directors cut ps5 = $125

      so $41 for disc + $30dircut + $15ps5 upgrade = $86

      pretty decent but nothing great…

      keep in mind, disc versions >1 year old, been cheap as ~$30… its been as low as $40-50 i believe digitally? for those that hate game discs, i would expect the digital dir cut editions to come down to the more sensible ~$70-$80 sept/october. ps5 upgrade price is a ripoff, but it is a great game, and the ps5 support with proper haptics, ssd loading which makes it even faster than it was, and definitely improved texture quality & sound even over the already solid fps in ps4 compatibility mode, is worth it, especially if its your first playthrough. might as well play it at its abs best.

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        Sony are such backwards pos.

      • Can you buy the PS5 upgrade without Directors Cut ?

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          yes, there should be dir cut & ps5 upgrade, available individually, as well as the $45 combo, as pointless as it is with no savings.

          it can be a pain to find in the store tho for some people that ive seen, or i think the process is different if you've got the disc version. some extra hoops they make you jump through, but google it if thats you.

          i have the digi version, and just went in via the console store, and got the ps5 upgrade. im waiting to get further through my lethal+ second playthrough to get the dir cut iki expansion, hopefully it already gets a bit cheaper by the time i get around to it.

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            @autolux: Just confirming no real hoops for disc owners on PS5 - just buy the $44.95 all in one upgrade. Some have said the disc needs to be in the drive for this option to appear in the store but that wasn't the case for me.

        • Thanks guys !

    • $89 here, says $20.95 discount. Note this is PS4 version.

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    $29.95 from psn

    • Is my PSN being weird or something? I can't for the life of me find it when searching, just the director's cut/upgrade packs.

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        Sorry, replying to above post asking how much upgrade to directors cut.. lol glhf

        • Ah, heh. Fair enough then.

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      That was TLOU II

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        They bribed you too? Oh no….

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          Playing TLOU2 and GoT back to back on PS5 and I find GoT to be the same stuff over and over, I enjoyed TLOU2 better.

          That being said TLOU2 story is very depressing and even though I enjoyed the gameplay I won't touch it again - not because I hate the story but because it is a tragic one.

          Even after that shortcoming, I would vote for TLOU2 over GoT, and this is good because we all have our preferences and we can enjoy a variety of games which we like

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            @otter-raptor: GoT has some last generation open world designs, very formulaic outpost raiding and map waypoint based layouts. But it is very well executed, the gameplay is well thought through the story/theme/art is well crafted.

          • @otter-raptor: TLOU2: linear single player horror game.

            GOT: open world single/multi player action historical game.

            Totally different genre.

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              @Yummy: Yes but both are contenders for Game of the Year, hence the comparison On what is a better game (subjectively of course)

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                @otter-raptor: Glad Sucker Punch is still supporting the game, a year later.

                Meanwhile in Neil Druckmann camp….

                • @Yummy: No arguments there buddy :)

                  Not saying one studio is better than the other. Just my subjective take on the gameplay elements.

                  Also Naughty Dog is heavily focussing on the Factions multiplayer, so that could be the reason, who knows. I'm just happy with the 60FPS unlock for both games

                  • @otter-raptor: They were saying no MP then they backflipped, like 6 months ago? Now what happen? No news, nothing. I gave up and sold my TLOU2 copy.

                    ND is currently busy making new game and I hope that would be UC5. I dont think they would have time creating the faction MP. If they started from scratch it would take em a year at least.

                    Got my GOTDC on PS5 even though I already have vanilla PS4 ver (showing my support to the dev). Havent played yet, too busy with the new fun Alien Fireteam Elite game.

                    • @Yummy: They're doing Factions as a standalone game and they're hiring actively, also remaking original last of us, not sure why though, the game holds up well.

                      They're done with Uncharted I think and are working on a new IP , but we will see that only after 3-4 years

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          TLOU2 is a way better game with way better production quality and story. Ghost though, was sooo boring.

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    Adventurer armour all the way for game immersion until you get Ghost armour. Having full set samurai gear doesn't quite have the same effect

    • I was about two-thirds of the way through when I got the PS5 upgrade and started again. The other armour is just sitting there untouched this time around. Traveler's Attire all the way til I get that sweet ghost gear.

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    I wish they had demos, I've played a few PS4 games I bought and literally deleted them after 15 minutes.

    Everyone goes on about this game tho!

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      Yea I bought it after all the rave reviews, played for a few hours and sold it

      • Yeah, I generally buy used so I won't lose to much money!

        I just get bored so fast, I'm use to playing cod warzone.

        Thinking of buying F1 2021

        • +3

          I totally agree. I put on Need For Speed yesterday and literally halfway through the first race I was already bored.
          I thought games have just got worse but I'm starting to think I'm just getting old 🤔
          I actually found GTA5 boring as hell too. But absolutely used to love San Andreas.

          • +1

            @Puglife: Hahaha
            I think we're getting old 😂

            • @Adelv: I think it's more that we put pressure on ourselves to really enjoy games, when really we just need to relax and appreciate the game. Even still, I couldn't play GOT as it's so repetitive.

              • +1

                @onlinepred: This sounds right to me.

                If you've got 1 hour to spare and you're screaming at the tv "entertain me" before you go back to 9-5, that's different to sitting down for 6 hours having nothing else to do, and seeing if you find something fun/interesting/relaxing/challenging.

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      How long did you play it for? It gets significantly better after the first couple of hours.

      • Good to hear. I've just got arrows and feel like I've played this exact game so many times before. Glad to hear it picks up.

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          Honestly, I wasn't fully hooked until Act 2. Make of that what you will.

      • Unless the whole open world mechanics entirely changed, I doubt it I loved the sword play, but the works was dead to me after playing rdr2.

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      its one of the top 5 must plays of the ps4 gen, and easily the best send off of that generation. hype realised, not some woke fakeass snoozefest. the single player in the game is solid. i'd put it up with rdr2, mgsV, god of war & sekiro, as the best games of the last gen. solid amount of story & side missions, and a solid amount of exploring/platinuming to do inbetween or afterwards. even though it can be a bit samey towards the end, theres a tranquility of exploration to it like breath of the wild and especially if you love samurai films.

      add to that the free online co-op multiplayer, and its a no brainer. its got content for months… the multiplayer content alone is more story & playtime than a lot of actual games, and they are about to update it further with new modes.

      • +2

        Rdr2 as an open world game is leagues ahead of got. I enjoyed GOT as a sword play rpg, but open world was pretty average. I would wonder around exploring the environment in rdr2 as it was so detailed and carried, with surprises and missions to be found everywhere, you could experiment with things, try fishing etc. GOT is way too repetitive

        • yeh, i mean essentially i agree, and you could call it more of a swordplay rpg if being exhaustive. the world is not quite as detailed & open to the level of an endlessly referential wink wink rockstar game. thats why i think its far more like breath of the wild or metal gear… you breathe the world in, not just run & gun through it. it is a shame because it does feel so great and they really nailed all the different types of gameplay, esepcially the 'stealth' style of phantom pain (which both took a lot of cues from each others franchises), you wish there was more because it feels great to inhabit the world… but definitely they really could have done even more amazing things with slightly more variation & deeper under the surface content & references to all the classic samurai films its taking cues from in the world. more hidden duels & weird characters or encounters & locations & real world tasks or games to spend time on, as well as just generally mixing the gameplay up a bit more.

          having said that, theres a subtle style to tsushima that is on its own level entirely. it stands on its own, as theres no ip even remotely close to it for the samurai/shinobi experience, and it also nails sword based combat better than any attempt ive ever seen. but mainly, i think its easily the most cinematic game made so far, in a similar way red dead achieved feeling like multiple westerns and even moreso than a kojima game, because the actual gameplay itself often looks & feels like a cutscene, straight outta mutliple actual genre movies that actually exist & are obsessively loved. it has a particular movement to its visuals that is quite literally a b&w kurosawa film, that you're controlling in real time. theres a real tranquil brilliance to just exploring & admiring the natural world of the period of the game. very much in the same sense as rdr2. the 3d puzzling aspect of the games exploration, on first sight, it may not be all that apparent, especially if you're not all about the way of the samurai, but while they're not particularly difficult or anything, the shrines particularly really do make you want to climb every peak, and see every angle of what feels like a living & breathing world thats under attack. also, i dont think that detracts at all from how brilliant single player game is. its more just overall repetition beyond a certain point. personally, i think a lot of the effort that would have otherwise been devoted to more intricate open world stuff, went to multi-player, which they do integrate more seemlessly into the single player world in the directors cut, through the legends storyteller locations. taking you through the torii gates of the spirit world to battle oni demons with the multi-player aspect. thematically, thats pretty fkn clever and amazingly well presented & faithful to the lore of the world its bringing to life. also, with it they basically give you an entire free online co-op multiplayer game in the vein of destiny with swords, that has 4 classes & a bunch of game modes with a tonne of extra content to unlock, which are all brilliant and a lotta fun with mates or randos…

          as much as i loved red dead 2, the multiplayer always felt like an interminable waste of time to me. i do think all open world games suffer from this problem though. even the best ones. rather than endless unique experiences, they basically come up with x different options, and scatter them y times around the game world… regardless of how many different things there are to do, once you start doing that same thing multiple times, and it feels like or literally is the same thing multiple times, its gonna feel grindy eventually no matter what. it mostly depends on how intricate & fun they are, without feeling like repetition. all open world games do this & attempt to weigh it up, because it feels like work and is unnatural unless you're ocd or autistic to repeat task x, y times. however, every unique fun thing of course, has a $ economic cost in development time…

    • -1

      It's Assassin's Creed made by Sony. And I played Assassin's Creed longer than I cared to play this.

    • I loved the game but if you're sick of open world games don't buy it. The story also is a little slow to get going - during Act 1 I only really cared about the side quest stories. After Act 1 the story really picks up and gets way more interesting.

  • +3

    Buy the directors cut and don't look back. This game is insane.

  • +3

    Will wait for sub $20.

    • +2

      I am waiting until it becomes free on PS+. I have a large back-catalogue of games to get through on PS4 and PC so I can wait.

    • +1

      i was waiting for the lowest drop for this game too, but i need something for this pandemic asap! thought to myself its good enough!

  • +1

    Does anyone know whether I still need the disc if I buy this from Amazon and do the upgrade to PS5 Directors Cut?

    • +3

      Yes you do.

  • I wish they'd announced all this DLC last year closer to when it came out.
    I platinumed the game and the not seeing any news about add ons (like many Sony published games) I sold it. Now can't justify buying again and getting the DLC :(

    • I sold the game after platinumed it and then bought it again second hand (at 5 dollars less than my selling price) for the new game + and multiplayer patch.
      And now enjoying the Iki expansion.

  • I'm new to the PS4 club and would love to know where others usually find their game bargains? My kids have requested Crash bandicoot, but I'm seeing it around $50 everywhere. How does OZB community usually hunt the deals down?

    • +1

      Search psn store for advertised summer sales and the sort if you don’t need a physical copy of a game

    • +2

      Welcome to the club.

      JB Hifi and EB Games (when on sale) are solid starting points as games go on sale fairly often.
      If you check up previous EB Games posts there are some really good deals when the sales are on.

      • +1

        Thanks heaps for this great tip! Managed to score 5 from JB yesterday through Click and Collect all for $45. The staff killed the price further which was great..

    • -3

      If you have PS Plus, the cheapest way is to ask a friend (that's trust worthy) who has a PS5 to add your PS Plus account to PS Plus Collection, which includes Crash Bandicoot: The N. Sane Trilogy. You could temporary change the password so your friend can login, add the PS Plus collection (might as well ask him/her to add all the games in). Then, change the password back. Obviously, this is against Sony's Ts&Cs.

      If you don't have PS Plus, then wait for a deal (just keep checking OZB regularly).

    • +8

      For digital games you can use PSPrices. Create an account, add your favourite games to the watch list ("My discount subscriptions"), and you'll get notified when they go on sale.

      For physical editions of games, you'll just have to keen a keen eye out on OzBargain and the various retailer websites.

    • i'm usually lurking amazon primarily. As they price match and beat competitors but i hate buying from them but its the cheapest alternative but i would like to support local businesses.

      Amazon, big w, target and jb hi fi usually are places to find deals.

      • +1

        Can't understand why anybody would hate buying from amazon, great prices, excellent customer service, easy returns, ALL ps4 games come sealed.

        • its becuz they destroy local/small businesses in Australia. They have no chance to compete with Amazon while amazon are able to reach business goal with implementing harsh work standards for workers with low payment.

      • +1

        That's awesome!! I picked up Spiderman's price from Amazon and asked if JB could match, and they did.. WIN!

    • buy a used one from fb marketplace normally 25 - 30
      I have Crash N-Sane trilogy, if you are interested I can sell it to you.

      • Definitely keen! I can't DM you for some reason.

  • +2

    only video game ive bothered to complete in a fair while

  • Feels like 6 months ago best time to buy this one ey

  • In case you didn't know. This game is amazing.

  • +1

    I skipped the PS4, i just didn't have time for games, but when the PS5 launched i grabbed one on preorder.

    I'm really enjoying GoT. Now I typically like Hollowknight, Ori and can't wait for Metroid Dread on Switch. All 2D metroidvanias…. But I finished Sackboy, Rachet and Clank and now well into GoT having completed Act I. Its taken a while for me to understand things like stances and attacks and I've not got the hang of parrying. It also took ~45 minutes of intro/training, before the game actually started.

    I really like exploring, I think I've found everything in Act I and I'm methodically exploring the map in Act II. I'm not sure how long I've played the game for but I paid $109 and feel like I've got my money's worth out of the game. I don't really enjoy any online competitive or coop games, so I'm glad developers are still producing very detailed one player games like GoT.

    Just my take, wish this deal was around, but lockdown meant i took the $109 it was on sale for at JB.

  • Noob question: is this better than God of war?

    • I say yes, for complexity of gameplay, fidelity of visuals, and possibly no for story depending on what you're looking for.

      Better in every way for me.

      Better overall for most.

    • I couldn't do God of War, the combat is to finnicky for me and even on easy detracted from the game for me (I readily admit I'm not a good gamer).

      Ghost of Tsushima hits exactly the right balance.

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