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Free Aquaponics and Hydroponics Course in Beta Stage


Hi Oz Bargainers,

This is a very unusual request and offer. One of our company pillars is educating our future generations on sustainable food production. We educate, service and provide teachers and students with resources and products in the Sustainability and Stem Education sectors.

We have recently launched our Teachers Resource Portal, however we are extending an invitation to the public to participate in our FREE Aquaponics and Hydroponics courses for the purpose of providing feedback, technical issues including logins and recommendations… and it's a bit of fun for parents and kids that are currently homeschooling.

We decided to provide this offer to the Oz Bargains community because you're a meticulous bunch that aren't afraid to say it how it is. We know it's a daring decision, however if we can get this right, we can really support UGF's environmental objectives.

Please provide your feedback to [email protected].

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    Does it teach you how to clap onto your neighbour's power wire and setup mounting brackets in the ceiling or basement?

    • +4

      HAHA. No… Urban Green Farms does not endorse or teach our clients how to jack your neighbours power. That's stealing. This is best comment we've ever seen though! You made us laugh out loud.

  • How much do you normally charge for this?

    • +3

      It will remain free to all schools and educators. In due course, we will be setting it up for the public for a $1 dollar donation that will be used to provided underprivileged schools and communities with products for their schools.

      • -6

        we will be setting it up for the public for a $1 dollar donation

        So you are saying that we a saving $1 ?

        • +6

          This isn't about saving or making money. It's about serving the community and educating our future generations on how we can protect and enhance our collective natural assets, whilst supporting some of our neglected schools.

          • -3

            @Urban Green Farms:

            This isn't about saving or making money.

            You've posted on OzBargain, not OzCommunityService…

            Read the posting rules.

  • +2

    Does it come with an edu email?

    • Hey Edamamme, we usually filter edu emails and provide them with the exclusive teachers portal access that also provides a range of grant support "pre-filled" forms, teaching resources and even subscription models for private schools that are not eligible for grant funding. Is that what you mean?

      • +3

        I think someone who is not a student is trying to find a creative way to get a .edu email account so that they can access cheap MS software etc

        • -1

          Yeah I can see that, & if it’s on OzB then That would be a totally justifiable reason for some.

          In my case I’ve just finished home renovations, and are working on our garden & planting, it’s exciting & I’ve been looking into many courses.

          I also would like to have a personal edu email for all the benefits it offers once I sign up for a course too (the Ozbargainer in me), this seemed liked a ‘win win’ so to speak.

          Nothing sinister going on over here! ✊

          • @Edamamme: Haha we'll give you access to the portal! When you sign up, send us through an email and we'll open the portal to you :)

        • Interesting! We'll take a look into it. We'll reach out to our contacts to gather a better understanding of the requirements for an edu email. We believe that there has to be a registered educational listing to link the edu email, but we'll look into it.

  • This is great! I've been doing a lot of research into starting up an aquaponics system.

    • +1

      You're welcome! Let us know what you think.

  • +1

    It will be great if you can show SOME content FIRST before asking us to sign up via our email or FB. If I like the content then I may sign up.. thx

    • I second this. Love the sound of this course, would be great to just have a couple of screenshots.

    • Great idea. We'll see how we can make some changes to provide a preview function.

  • Hi rep, does the course go into details like the power/size of air pumps required to pump air into the pond? Or do we even need air pumps to start with?

    • Unfortunately, no we don't, but love the idea. We'll take a look into it.

  • +3

    Do you provide instructions on how to grow.. hm, let's say tomatoes.. in a wheelie bin?

    • "Tomatoes"? our programs are broad-stroke.

  • Thanks OP, I was looking for something like this. Will do the course and provide comments. Also do you need any issues come across when logging in ,doing the course

    • Absolutely. Feel free to provide any feedback.

  • Ok.
    Secrete Society it is. :)
    How do I get in?

    Edit: my bad, missed "Sign Up" button.

  • I friggin LOVE this! Thank you!!

  • So how do I signup up for feedback OP? I've already registered on the site though

    • No problem. Just go to the courses tab and select the free course option. It takes about 5mins for the approval.

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