Over $2500 Gone from My CBA Account

This morning I found that there were 10 transactions that happened from my CBA account between 3 am and 4 am with each transaction of $200-$300 with the total of over $2500 gone from my account.
Transactions are still pending and I contacted the bank immediately and informed them about the unauthorised transition and I was advised to wait till the transactions are completed before lodging a dispute.
I was thinking it will be much easier to reverse the transaction while it is pending as I never authorised the transactions.

Guys advise me if you have previous experience with the same sort of situation and what should I do next to get my money back. Thank you so much for your input.

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    Call 7 news then call 2GB then contact another irrelevant company that can't help you, maybe Samsung or a Nigerian scammer.


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      Wrong… OzInvestigations first…

  • Did you tell them you don't want to wait?

    Did you cancel your cards?

    Dud you check that they weren't used by your partner between 6pm-11pm at night?

    • Yes, I did cancel the card and my partner did not use the card.

  • Depending on who / what initiated the transactions, you may be able to tell what was compromised (e.g. credit card number, expiry date, CVV etc) or (bank account login details). If you suspect it is your card, declare it lost and have the bank re-issue another one. If it's the latter, you should look at changing your logon password and enable 2FA.

    Good luck.

    • It's my debit card. It looks like it's been used to buy things online according to the description.

      There are no bank transfers.

      • Ok, then it may be safer to have the card replaced, in case the perpetrators attempt it again.

        Whether you have it replaced or not, consider enabling a lock on the card for transactions (e.g. online, international etc.) and only disabling it temporarily when you need to make a transaction. This can be done easily and within seconds in the Netbank app.


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    When something similar happened to me I just phoned my bank and cancelled the card, the bank did the rest, including issuing a new card and getting my money back.

    Took a week or so.

    • Sure, Thanks..

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    Sorry to hear this happened to you!

    Be patient and breathe. I've had similar happen with my CC a few times and CBA sorted it out in a few days.

    If it's a debit card, I would consider getting a credit card specifically for instances like these. It's not your savings that's get hijacked, and the bank will be more concerned when it's their money on the line, not yours.

    I understand credit cards are not for everyone, so consider this with a grain of salt, but they can be a useful financial tool.

    I think recovering debit card funds takes a lot longer comparatively, or at least it did for a friend of mine where it took her almost 6 weeks to see funds back. Eek.

    It's a pain in the ass but stay on them if the situation doesn't resolve in time. Ask for time frames, who will contact you when. Keep pestering them if you're not contacted in a timely manner.

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      Yeah, this is the reason I don't use debit card for online purchases (or even in store purchases) anymore. It's much easier to dispute a credit card transaction than a debit one. My HSBC CC dispute was fairly quick in just around a week and a half, while debits took more than a month to resolve.

      • Yeah, this is the reason I don't use debit card for online purchases (or even in store purchases) anymore.

        I just only keep a small amount in the accounts linked to cards for this reason.

        I’ve had a debit card have about a thousand taken while on holiday but it all came back.

    • Thank you so much, CBA asked me to wait till the transactions are finalised for me to be able to dispute them.

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    If it's pending, the bank is probably waiting for it to 'drop off'. If it does, then great. If not, then they will set up an investigation.
    They won't do much if anything until then.

    I had a $32,000 charge on one of my credit cards (legit OS business transaction) many years ago. The supplier pulled out of the deal and went ape $#17 at us about it being a fraudulent autho and fake/stolen credit card. Spoke with our AM within the supplier, and it was reported the stock ended up being allocated to someone else, therefore the company directors were trying to pin it on us to get out of it, as well as holding the funds for 14+ days for interest. (The AM was leaving at the time due to such practices). The supplier MD reached out to me via LinkedIn of all things and asked if we/I had requested and approved the order. I lost it, as you can imagine, some random contacting me about what I thought was a legit transaction (legit supply on their side) via LinkedIn, only to back out of it. Such a mess!

    Regardless of the value, I flagged it with AMEX and they put a note on the system. We managed to get the transaction dropped out of 'pending' and never processed. However, AMEX wouldn't do any more than record a note, until the funds/transaction processing was completed, in this case, that did not happen.

    Was within the funds on the card for a few days, but we managed to source from another US supplier without any trouble, cheaper in the end.

    Reported the 1st supplier to BBB and a heap of other agencies, all of who looked into it. Not sure if it was as a result of this (I'm sure many other issues and reports also), but the company is no longer trading, well at least under the name they were at that time.

    • Yeah, it looks like I have to wait and see. Thanks a lot.

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    The good news is you're almost guaranteed to get the money back. Just wait for the process to play out.

    It's not like the world of crypto, where if you lose your finances, they're gone forever, and you get chastised by the community for having weak hands and that it's all your fault. Add sprinkles of 'code is law' on top.

    • Sure, will wait and see..

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    CBA will return the money don't worry. Quite obvious the card was compromised.

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    i swear it wasn't me.

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    Might be related to the story about CBA cards getting shudder charges

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    Probably the ATO getting their money ;)


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    There's been a couple of threads on this suggesting this is a BIN attack. I have turned off all online transactions on my Debit MasterCard because of this happening to 4 different Debit Mastercards linked to me and my wife's primary account. We rarely if ever use these cards for online transactions, and certainly would not use both cards at the same place.

    I've complained to the CBA because no satisfactory explanation has been forthcoming about what is causing this to occur. I have not received any response yet, but I would suggest other people should complain.

    By comparison, we have VISA CC that is abused for all kinds of online transactions. Nothing has happened to it recently. It seems to be a Mastercard problem.

    • Yeah, this is a Mastercard. Will wait and see Thanks

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