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Tenda Beli SP3 Smart Wi-Fi Plugs, 4 for $38 Delivered @ Shopping Square


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Tenda Buy 3pk, Get 1pk Free

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Tenda Beli SP3 Smart Wi-Fi Plug 3+1 pack

Easy and Efficient Smart-Home Management
Enhanced Voice Activation
Prevent Long-term Operating, Protect Devices
Power Saving
Alexa and Google Assistant compatible

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  • +1

    I genuinely tried and failed to think of any real use of the smart plug….not trolling….just my experience….

    I do have two and I used them but definitely can live without them and not really noticing it…

    • could you not use these with a lamp for instance. leave the lamp "on" and control via smart plug, same with pedestal fans.

      • I thought of that similar application, but the thing is that many of the appliances (in my house) these days, they don’t have a permanent “ON button” (e.g. the on and off is the same button) so it’s hard for me to “automate” the appliances by switching it to on position and use smart plug to switch on or cut the power…

        • Attach it to different equipment, 1 per week to create a profile of power consumption in your home.

    • A lot of things listed on OZB nowadays are really toys for people.

      To me, these replaces power point timers as these can be synced with time and you can control them from a phone or a Web browser (do need to setup correctly). Prefer ones with power usage meter feature and we know Tenda's security (lack of) is a concern. It does plaintext connection to mother base.

      To keep the cost down, these all use el cheap WiFi chipset (so don't expect any WiFi 6 feature) and the firmware is locked so you cannot get rid of the link to the mother base for most of these. I currently use ones which I had firmware flashed so they work locally only (no mother base involved). But, I do have Google, Amazon and Apple devices… and those… well, they are being watched, analysed by big brothers.

    • I currently use 2, 1 for oil heater in my office, other one is for the kettle (I physically flick the switch on at night and it's baked into my routine so I get hot tea after I finish poopoopeepee and shower).

      • Is it safe to use with high powered devices like heaters and kettle? Would the plug overheat?

        I have always read that heaters must be plugged into the wall without the use of extension leads, power boards or smart plugs.

        • It should be fine, but only if you have a really basic kettle will you be allowed to keep the switch on with power off…

    • Completely agree, these are a convenience than a necessity.
      However, it does make some things easier.
      For instance, I use mine to switch off the multiplug that powers the TV, Shield and speaker system, so they're not leeching power all night. Saves me trying to squeeze back the TV each night.
      If I wanted to be super conservative on my power usage, I'd also switch off the WiFi and NBN, but I'm often downloading at night.

      I also use them to switch off all the Echos, so they are not glaring screen on all night, and then to switch back on in the AM. Again, something I could spend several minutes doing each night and morning.

      I doubt this model will provide this functionality, but if you can monitor the power usage of the washing machine, then you can set up an automated alert for when it has finished.
      Admittedly that may require some tinkering around with a smart hub of some sort, as Alexa and Google do not offer that functionality out of the box.

      I've also found plugs to be more reliable than bulbs if they are not used for a while. Find that some bulbs need to be re-associated with the WiFi if they have not been switched on for a couple of weeks. That's distinctively inconvenient, especially if it's for a garage or some other area that has no natural light.

      Anyway, not an endorsement of this product, just some suggestions of where they might make life easier.

      • “ I use mine to switch off the multiplug that powers the TV, Shield and speaker system, so they're not leeching power all night.”

        I thought about that too, but then I asked myself….20 bucks for smart plug to do this job….how many hours of saving I need to have before I make it back…..probably fairly long? I would be interested to know if this is not the case tho….

        “ I'd also switch off the WiFi and NBN, but I'm often downloading at night.”..

        Interesting, would the smart plug work (e.g. switch on and off) after it cuts the internet? Genuine question, again, no trolling….

        • +1

          Also, the smart plug will draw power 24/7 to remain connected to wifi. Yes it's small but may offset the savings in standby power consumption of TV overnight.

    • I have one on my pool pump, paired with echo it's handy to yell out when you want the pump running or not (and also make routines so it comes on at certain times - middle of the day when it's sunny to run for free from solar or after 10pm when it's cheap offpeak rates)
      Also have one on the xbox and tv for when the kids need screen time regulation enforced. It impressed my non-tech savvy work colleagues to no end when I was out at a dinner and got a text from my wife saying the kids were playing up and to turn off the xbox. It was just icing on the show-off cake that I was in Paris at the time. haha.

    • +2

      I smart plugs for:

      Hot water system
      Pond pump
      Air compressor
      Work bench power-board (running lights, fan, makita charger etc)
      Battery trickle charger
      Oil burners
      Air purifier
      Electric fan on wood fireplace
      Pedestal fans
      Exhaust fan

    • +1

      Mine control a lamp, electric blankets, my home theatre (TV, AV receiver, video game consoles), and computer.

      It's very handy.

  • There are valid uses for some, but for most, including at home, are just for fun/convenience.

    I've stuck with the Xiaomi/Mi range since the start - Have over 30 devices.

    We have an indoor farm that we have temp/humidity devices installed and monitored and if either increase/decreases outside of a defined range, either Fans, Humidifiers or Heat Bars can automatically switch on to compensate.

    Our grow lights are all on scheduled smart timer/power plugs as well. Both Xiaomi & Brilliant.

    I'll eventually get around to automating some of the watering but haven't yet as I like to monitor our growing manually and water as required. But easy enough to do.

    We use the movement sensor on the front door of the shop that triggers a doorbell down the back and a flashing light in our prep room.

    All of the above was really easy and cheap to set up, with the exception of the peripheral devices (Heat Bars, humidifier etc)

    The cameras we use are all capable of triggering events/automation and then activating devices as required as well.

    Pic of the Grow Room - https://share.icloud.com/photos/0Zdgm2-RrEr7dfrEc0AR7jIEw

    • +1

      Is it legal plant or …?😬🤭 JK

      • You would be surprised how many times I'm asked that exact question every week…

    • I'd love to know - why do you have an indoor farm? What do you grow? Do you sell them or to eat yourself? I had a similar (very small) setup for vege seedlings for the back yard

      • We have (had?) a Microgreen business - Was very busy for 4 years, then lockdowns happened. Restaurants closed, wholesalers cancelled standing orders etc. etc.

        We also used to sell at Farmers Markets every Saturday - Was fun !

        We now only sell directly to the public via a Click& Collect stand at our Indoor Plant shop in Cheltenham VIC. We only open Saturday 10-12 atm and most regular Market customers order in advance or have standing pickup orders. We have excess stock available as well.

        We hope that it will one day return to better times, but restaurants and wholesalers/providors would need to feel a lot more comfortable before they purchase the pretty, tasty, aromatic product we sell. We would be the last product to add back onto a menu.

        Our Click & Collect stand in Cheltenham

        Thanks for your interest.


  • I'm on the market for a Tuya one.

    I reckon saying "OK Google, turn on the electric blanket" is a useful one when you're in the living room watching a movie that's about to end.

    • Its exacly how I use mine!

    • Why you are after tuya specifically ? Which else you have used ?

      • +1

        Just because I already have a bunch of tuya smart stuff already and I'm trying to minimise having too many smart home apps.

        Not a real show stopper though.

  • Did an order. Plan to plug my external hard drive into it one as it doesnt have a power switch, so normally I have to unplug it when not using. Not sure what I'll use others for yet, prob a lamp for one :P

    • If you disconnect it within windows it will power off the hdd until you next restart the computer. I wouldnt use a smart plug for this because windows could be writing stuff to it and cutting the power while the platters are spinning could crash the heads.ssds arent so bad but you couldstill lose stuff that windows has banked up in the cache.

      • oh i always do the disconnect thing in windows first

  • Are these water resistant? Can they be used on an outdoor power point? I would like to be able to turn on my pool heater remotely :D however there is no protection from the weather over the outdoor power point.

    • I don't believe these are water rated but I would suggest to put your outdoor powerpoint in a weatherproof adaptable box to protect it from the elements.

  • can we monitor energy with these?

  • Can these be programmed to turn on lets say 1am and turn off 3am ?
    Is there an app to control them apart from Alexa, ok google ?

    • +1

      I dont own this one but i believe Yes
      I have Tuya Smart from Amazon and tp-link hs100
      And with them, they have automations within apps.
      I set auto switch on my devices 10 min to work (WFH)
      I set my night lights auto switch off after 1 hr every time
      And they have option to switch on and off like u r asking
      So this also have their own app and it should work.

    • +1

      Yes, there is the official app:

      However, if you don't want it to connect home or Google or Alexa, you will need to do your own setup (involves a bit of hacking). These plugs are known to be insecure and someone has came up with a proof of concept internal server to make these plugs connect to your own server instead of Tenda's one. Not sure whether it works with Home Assistant.

      Tempted to get 1 to play around, but not interested getting a 4 pack.

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