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Onkyo TX-NR609 $610 @ JB Hi-Fi


This is the cheapest I've been able to get the price down to here in Australia.

You can get it for ~$500 AUD at Amazon.de with Dreambuds' bargain post:

An issue with the Amazon deal was the warranty, which had people in the comments section a little apprehensive. Roughly $100 more and you get your warranty, an Australian power plug (/shrug) and are able to take it home and set it up the same day. The same day set-up was pretty big for me.

At any rate, I hope your local hi-fi retailer will match this!

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  • Website says $849.

    Whats JB's rules about price matching across states ?

  • Bought one of these from JB before Christmas for around $720 (part of a package). Extremely happy with it!
    This price is a bargain although be aware a 'newer' model is about to be released ….

  • Looks pretty good. Anyone recommend some good speakers that make the best of this beasty?

  • Damn, very tempting - I'm just about in the market for a new amp - was going to wait for the 515 or 616 (new models for 2012), but this is a pretty awesome price!

  • thank god someone finally posted a reciept without an extended warranty. Most of the retailers wont price match the item unless you take the extended warranty when people post the deals with an extended warranty attached.

    Nice work.

  • Hi Tetsuma,

    Was this amp brand new in box or the floor stock? Bcoz, I went to jb hifi Blacktown and showed the receipt but they said, The item in the invoice is repacked, so they can't match the price?

    • It was, but the price wasn't decided by that. He'd already given me the price and after returning from his upstairs stock room told me that they, "Don't have any boxed, would the floor model be ok?"

      I was told by a salesman at Harvey Norman that he'd match it. Their quotes are on the back of cards though. I could get you one and scan it, but doubt it would help. Trying Harvey would by the only alternative if your local JB won't budge.

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    Just a quick note to say that I tried this receipt at my local JB and the (very helpful) staff said they couldn't match it because it was below cost. However, he then offered it to me 'at cost' $660. Yay! :)
    Not floor stock. Not repackaged.
    I'm very happy.