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Onkyo TX-NR609 7.2 AV-Receiver for ~ $500 AUD at Amazon.de


Been looking for NR609 for quite some time now, the cheapest I can find here in sydney is about 900aud w/o shipping, so I think 500aud with shipping is quite good, but it is from amazon.de so the plug is different, not sure about the warranty as well, but 2 of these is just the cost of this here in sydney so for me I think its an acceptable risk.

NR609 - 335.29 euro (listed price is 399 euro)
shipping - 40 euro

turns out to be about 488 AUD

This is my xmas gift for myself=)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • nearly fell off my chair when i saw the price (too excited), until I see it's from europe…
    Yea I too wanted to buy this but not sure how the warranty works?

  • Pfft at worrying about warranty when you look at the savings. I recently got a Dyson vacuum delivered from amazon.de for less than $500, rrp was $950. I'll continue to buy from these overseas sellers even if something one day is a complete dud.

    • ok…I guess u do have a point (it's costs about double in Aus) but what about voltage differences?

      • No issues with voltages, google it, I remember a simple map of the world that indicated various countries power needs. From what I recall majority of places outside US all use 220-240. That was one of the biggest worries I had, just get an cheap adapter, or rewire the plug.

    • They work with our 240V?

      • based on my research, germany and australia is 220-240 50hz, so it should work. my french friend says his old laptop works here aswell…

        so me think it should work!=)

        • Thanks mate…
          All I need now is somebody who can guide me with the German->English.
          I have returned my German skill to my high school teacher…

        • All EU and UK is compatible electrically with Australia. All you need is a socket adapter (or chop off the plug and replace it with an Aussie one… It's not like the Warranty is likely to be worth anything anyway).

  • Nice find, I bought the 508 last year for $400 locally. That's a good price.

  • Warranty won't be valid here. After shipping electronics from overseas I wouldn't do it again, especially without insurance. But that's just my opinion based off my experiences.

    • +2 votes

      After shipping electronics from overseas, I would.

      After all, when was the last time you had an amp die on you? They've gone obsolete on me, as codecs, connections have changed.

      In general electronics prices in Oz have come down to the global price, but for some reason the distributors/retailers here still seem to think they can get away with a stitch up on amp prices - 100% overpriced is not uncommon.

  • I found it's actually 399 euro (on Amazon UK) as well, can we buy from the UK site? And also why is it listed as 399 and not 335.29?


    I'll let somebody who is keen look, but if the tuner section means anything to you check German frequency bands, and if by some chance it has AM, frequency steps. I'm guessing it doesn't have DAB, but if it does it probably isn't DAB+, so won't work here at all. I think only a couple of countries in europe have '+'.

    • From Wikipedia: "DAB+ broadcasts have launched in several countries like Switzerland,[20] Malta, Italy, Australia and Germany." But is seems from the specifications that the DAB+ tuner is an optional extra.

  • I got my 609 from Hong Kong for $650 AUD. Everything works beautifully. No power converter necessary

  • +2 votes

    Loving these Amazon deals. Shaver from US, Coffee machine from Italy and now a receiver from Germany!

  • wow thats crazy cheap

    i think i'll have to get on a 709 :)

  • Holy crap, I think I will have to get the Onkyo TX-NR509 for $380 delivered.

  • I'm guessing for us non-german speakers we will just need to use Google translate?

    • lay out is exactly the same as other amazon sites so just open up an english one side by side

    • If you are using Firefox, just right mouse click anywhere on page and select "Translate Current Page". Not sure how other browser works, sure they must have something similar.

  • tx-nr709 is about A$700 shipped from amazon.de
    mighty tempting….

  • also is there any discount code that may stack with this?

  • Guys… help me out please..
    This one will work with my 8ohms speakers yeah?

  • Just looked up some Cambridge Audio stuff from the German Amazon. They're…..not cheap. haha :)

  • Thanks OP - bought one after procrastinating about warranty and decided to take a gamble with it…(fingers crossed) :)

  • Amazon.de are awesome for amps, was about this time last yar I bought a Onkyo TX-SR608 amp from them for just under $500AUD delievered.

    I was sceptical that I was going to get it as only cost 40Euro for postage, byt was sent by DHL with tracking code and arrived in three days at my front door from Germany!

  • Here is the tip for buying electronics from them, has to be sold by Amazon Sarl but not all stuff will be shipped to Aus.

  • Can anyone confirm that the receiver OSD/menu on receiver/text for buttons etc is in English? Also is there a way to tell when the deal/current price will end?

    • What I'm even more concerned about is that the remote keys will almost certainly be in German and that changeable like it would be with the onscreen menus. Only if you bought a new remote, at substantial cost no doubt.

  • I get the 'can't ship to your address'.

    • Is your address a "normal" address? I didn't get that message for my order but then again I can't read German!

      • Yes. I get a message in red (same as some things from Amazon US), which Google translated says no go.

        It did work yesterday, so maybe they have stopped shipments to Australia.

        • I just tried & still works can go all the way through to confirm payment

        • I had a look at the NR709 and it wouldn't sell me that, then when I went back to the NR609 blocked that too. Logged out then back in and it worked.

  • I bought one of these 6 months back with a set of KEF speakers. Amazing quality for an entry-level Amp, easily the most satisfying purchase I've made in the last 10 years.

  • now just need to find good deals on speakers… atm I'm using a set of Dreamhifi speakers (5.1)…thinking of upgrading to something decent (but have a limited budget of around $500-$600…)

  • Can someone try the NR709 and if it works give the price here?

    Ignore stated above - it's about $700

  • awesome find on a quality product - couple of questions though -

    • does this amp include airplay (play music via iphone)? if not, is there a good amp, available cheap online, that does?

    • any recommended speakers to go with it? 5.1 will more then do - smallish preferred (not a large lounge room)


  • hey guys, i picked up the same amp from harvey norman for $820.00 and paid an extra $100.00 for an additional 3 years on the warranty so 5 in total.

    Awesome amp. I haven't had an issue it with it since day dot.

  • wow this is cheap !! even compaired to hivizone
    But I really want to get 709 but no stock.. ships 1-3 months…OMG

  • I just got an email saying that the delivery date on my Onkyo 709 has been moved closer.

    Quote" Current estimated delivery date: 28 January 2012-19 March 2012
    New anticipated delivery date: 28 December 2011-December 30 2011:End Quote

    Does anyone know if the remote is in english?,if its not i may have to get a decent learning remote.

    • HI,

      The NR609 I ordered last week from Amazon.de arrived today. 6 days delivery is pretty good seeing how I am still waiting on delivery of Australian orders that were sent prior to the amp.

      Remote is in English and there are English copies of all manuals etc. Even the stickers they provide to label the speaker cables are English.

      Cost was $490 + $10 for an adaptor, pretty good compared to the $1300+ shelf price I saw at JBHifi Whitfords last week 8-)

      • cool, mine will ETA tom.

      • Thanks for the tip campers - I've ordered. Can the power cord be replaced with a computer type cable or do you need to cut/adapt the plug ?

        • Cable is wired in so you will need to use an adaptor or cut and rewire the plug.

          Set it up today. Without getting into playing around with the settings the difference when playing Close Encounters of the Third Kind (i used the helicopter chase scene as a test) over my old Yamaha amp was huge, the clarity of the audio has been increased greatly.

          Gets pretty hot so I would suggest that you allow plenty of airflow around the unit.

    • Mine has arrived yesterday too… Cost me a bit more than ozbargain65 though, after all the bank international charges it ends up with $511.
      Very happy with it… and thank you to dreambuds who spotted this in the first place.
      Well done dreambuds…. well done.

    • Hello

      Has anybody had a problem with not being able to add the 709 to their cart?

      Highly frustrating as the 609 adds without a problem

  • So from my order I got an email from 'amazon.de' asking me to fax them a copy of my credit card statement so they can verify my billing address. Anyone else get such a request … ? thanks !

  • Just bought one of these now and I'm pretty excited about it. This will be my first beastly receiver and I can't wait! Older post but still valid. :D

  • Received my order the other day - everything is in English and works perfectly. Very happy - now to buy some new speakers.



    • Got my Onkyo the other day and I am running it through some speakers that are similar to these http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SPEAKERS-NEW-CARTON-DAMAGED-ACCUS... . Bought them about 5 years ago and they are rock solid, great for stereo playback as well. I have some really expensive speakers in my home theatre room which are brilliant surround but not as good as these for listening to stereo playback. This seller also sells speaker wire, mounts etc. Trust me, you don't have to spend big bucks to get a really great set of speakers. I also have a Velodyne top of the ranger subwoofer and the ones this guy sells are close in quality, hope this helps you out.

  • Resurrecting old thread I know but how is everyone going with their Onkyo?
    Thinking of doing the same and just wondering if any of you had any problems along the way? mainly warranty and have units been working ok?

  • No problems with my unit so far, if it did die then I guess my warranty is no good and probably cheaper to repair here.

  • :) Music to my ears.
    Thanks guys!

  • Tried to order one today.
    Price increased to 429 Euro.
    Thinking it was a great deal still and went to checkout and would cost me AUD$515 Delivered.

  • This place seems quite cheap for Amps too:


    Hong Kong