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[PC, Epic] Free - Sheltered @ Epic Games (10/9 - 17/9)


Next week’s freebie/s from Epic games. As usual, available from Friday 1am AEST.

Also free this week - Nioh: The Complete Edition.

Next week's free games - Tharsis & Speed Brawl

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    Thanks again Dealbot!

    • -2

      Bro, he didn't do anything. Epic releases free games on the same day every week.

      • +6

        he's giving exposure and reminding us to grab the freebies :D makes it easier for me to just click the link on mobile and checkout

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    Go to sleep!

  • +3

    missing their crazier deals like control and a plague tale for free

    • +2

      They just did the new Saints Row. I haven't played it yet of course.

    • +3

      Control is actually on sale with Epic right now - $23.99 for the ultimate edition. But that doesn't compare to its price on Steam - $23.98!

      I went with Epic because I already had the base game and just wanted the downloadable content, but obviously I'd have jumped at the Steam offer for the massive saving otherwise.

      • I hope you didn't fall prey to buying the Season Pass. That gives you the DLC but not the Ultimate Edition which is a much newer build of the game and has extra graphics enhancements and other fixes.

  • Minimum requirements:

    OS: Windows XP
    Processor: Dual Core CPU
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: GeForce 7800, AMD HD 4600, Intel HD Graphics 3000 or above
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    Storage: 600 MB available space
    Sound Card: Windows Compatible Card

    • +10

      Damn! Time for an upgrade.

      • -9

        Seriously? Those requirements are ancient

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    Nice iv been keeping an eye on this game for awhile :D

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    Wow I helped kickstart this game. It was good, not as great as I thought it'd turn out but I always hoped they'd do a sequel and expand on the idea a bit. Cool concept.

  • +1

    thanks dealbot kind of looks like fallout shelter but with better gameplay

  • Really good game that, shame it's linear as hell, the endings a bit flat but definitely a great game.

  • Is this This War of Mine in colour?

    • +1

      It looks more like the game Fallout Shelter mobile game.
      Hopefully this one has no pay 2 win garbage.

      • Wait, fall out had pay 2 win? Isn't it a solo player game that is pay to convenience?

  • Sheltered
    Is this game about me? 😁

  • I was just thinking that this looks like "this war of mine"

  • Sheltered keeps crashing immediately when I try to launch it. Tried verifying and reinstalling several times. No luck. Anyone else has a similar problem or any fixes?

    • +1

      Can't help unfortunately but just wanted to +1 this issue. Don't suppose you found a solution?

      • thanks, no luck. had to uninstall in the end. :(

      • +1

        oh someone posted a solution that worked for me! it was the Citrix workspace application/program that messed it up. i uninstalled it and the games work now. i'll have to re-install it for work soon, but at least i know the problem now! :)

  • Cheers!