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[PC, Epic] Free - Tharsis & Speed Brawl @ Epic Games (17/9 - 24/9)


Next week’s freebie/s from Epic games. As usual, available from Friday 1am AEST.

This week's free games - Sheltered .

Next week’s game - The Escapists

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  • +2

    I loved Tharsis - lots of build up to get the hang of it but all in all a romp. Try the challenges if you're finding the main game too difficult!

    • -1

      Its got a 58% metacritic, not inspiring.

      • +1

        It all depends on what you're looking for really

        While I generally wouldn't bother with extremely badly reviewed games, if I'm interested in a genre and see something like Tharsis with divisive reviews I'll roll the dice (pun intended)

      • +3

        A lot of it is because it's not really a video game as much as a single player board game.

      • It's literally a free f'ing game mate.

  • +1

    Game keeps crashing me as soon as I try to launch it. Same with Sheltered from last week. All other games on Epic launches fine. Anyone else has similar issues or any fixes? Thanks in advance!

    • +2

      If you have anything made by citrix installed try reinstalling it, fixed it for me. Killing citrix processes in task managers smay also be a band aid.

      • OMG. you're a genius! THANK YOU!!! that fixed it!! =))))

  • +1

    Just tried Tharsis. Wow, it's really challenging. This is just as repeatable as FTL.

  • Just checking, the dates are when you can get them free, not that they're free for that period only right?

    • +1

      You can claim it for free during that period only. After that period is over it goes back to purchase only to get if you don't already have it.

      But once you've claimed it for free. It's on your account forever. That's so long as the Epic Store still remains. Good old digital download rights management.

      • Awesome, cheers, I hadn't noticed the dates on the epic site before and thought it was like a free week of play or something. Will grab it!

  • Cheers!