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[PC, Epic] Free - The Escapists @ Epic Games (24/9 - 1/10)


My 4000th deal/post. Thank you to all those that have supported me. I hope I've helped you save a few bucks.

Next week’s freebie/s from Epic games. As usual, available from Friday 1am AEST.

Looks like Epic have replaced Aven Colony at the last minute with The Escapists.

This week's free games - Tharsis & Speed Brawl .

Next week's free game - Europa Universalis IV

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    Congratulations, great achievement.

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      More deals than posts too! (Well, an admirable proportion).

      Legend dealbot.

      Find me a deal on colour led lightglobes for the whole house lel.

      I know.. there's a forum for that …

      • I thought dealbot was a bot lol

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    Aven Colony got a bit repetitive and formulaic.

    It would have benefitted from more depth.

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    Congrats on 4k!

  • Congrats and may you post more well after 4k.

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    Congratulations dealbot! As someone mentioned in a different post earlier this year, I thought you were an actual bot for ~2 years. Keep up the great work mate!

  • Congratulations!

  • Congrats mate. And yes, you've saved me a tonne of money over the past year or two.

  • Thanks for all you do for us OzB'ers mate. Congrats on 4k.

  • what a commitment to the bargaining community - well done!

  • Mmmmm 4K is the greatest resolution…..and number of deals.

  • Congrats on 4K! Thank's for all the free books and games.

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    This was given away previously, so many of us would already have it. Santa's Sweatshop DLC is also free if you don't have it, get it too.

  • Congrats dealbot on 4K , thank you for your service :D

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    I love you 4000, @dealbot

  • Thanks, you are my favorite bot, ever

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    The Santa's Sweatshop DLC is free as well

  • Happy 4K dealbot. Thanks for all your contribution to this site!

  • Congratulations and thanks

  • Repeat…

  • Interesting looks like Pokémon but more things

    Based in prison escape

  • Happy 4K!! Are you finally going to tell us whether you're a bot or a human now? :D

  • Congratulations and thanks.

  • Congratulation! I am the 444th who upvoted this deal!

  • BTW, thank you for your support, I didn't calculate how much I saved but you definitely make my shopping experience more enjoyable.

  • "This edition contains something you already have. Still interested"+
    Ah well…obviously I haven't played it until now…

  • Congrats Dealbot! Also, The Escapists Santa’s Sweatshop DLC is also free (not sure if it’s normally paid content or not).

  • If one more person mentions that there's free DLC… Don't people read the comments?

  • You have done well dealbot, the best bot :)

  • Congrats mate!

  • Cheers and congrats!