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[PC, Epic] Free - Europa Universalis IV @ Epic Games (1/10 - 8/10)


Freebie/s for 1st Oct from Epic games. As usual, available from Friday 1am AEST.

The Escapists.

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  • +17

    This is an amazing game, the only game I've played for over 400 hours and not mastered the basics… For those that like some punishment with their gaming.

    • +9

      Gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers in this racket.

    • +2

      Reminds me of dota

      • +2

        lol dota, after playing thousands of hours, i was still in the 2-3k MMR range whereas my friends were in the 3.5-5.5k mmr range. I just couldn't go up, got really frustrated.

        • +4

          if you go to BSJ's youtube (8k+ mmr in case you aren't familiar), he has a really good series where he teaches a new player. There's a lot of really handy tips in there. I don't play anymore but went from 5k to immortal after that series.

  • +5

    This game is by far one of the best RTS games with nearly unlimited replay-ability, i'm currently reaching my 4000th hour over the past 3ish years and i still literally start a new game every 2-3 weeks with some mates.

    • +2

      Hats off for you to play this game as a RTS. I would never win battles if i don’t pause the game to move my troops to catch the enemy troops.

      • Hahaha, single player for Min Maxing, absolutely ! but in multiplayer games I play with my mates with a rule of 3 speed only with no pausing unless under extreme circumstances.

    • +2

      Grand strategy, not RTS

    • +4

      You manage to play this for 25 hours a week on average?!

  • +5

    Great game yes but you straight up need some dlc if you're doing more than dipping your toes in imo.

    • +6

      typical of Paradox Games - its their business model

    • +1

      Is the base game no fun without them?

      • +1

        IMO not really, the DLCs not only have content upgrades but QoL changes. Playing the base game feels incomplete.

        • do you need all the DLCs for the QoL changes or just the latest 1 or 2?
          there are 30+ DLCs listed on steam…

          • @hughes: It's just certain DLCs that are needed IMO, you can look it up on Reddit, people have made guides on what to buy.

    • There are some unscrupulous ways to unlock all the DLC if you own the base game.

      • +4

        Please provide a vague but precise enough search engine term for our pleasure

        • +4

          You might Cream your pants when you unlock all the DLC on Steam and you'll Scream when you unlock the DLC on Epic.

  • This just reminded me I need to get back into it. How is it these days?

    • As ever the loyal base scream about each new DLC breaking the game.

      How much truth there is in that I don't know.

      • +1

        I think the initial backlash was 100% justified. People's saves just straight up got corrupted for no reason making the game literally unplayable, and this was happening to almost everyone including me. However as usual with the internet some people just can't let go and keep complaining despite the fact that all the issues are gone now and the new mechanics have been balanced further.
        PDX lost a lot of players with leviathan which is what they deserved. But the game was fixed and people are continuing to enjoy it. Hopefully they have learned their lesson to do better next time :)

  • Outstanding! I've been waiting for this. Now if they next do Stellaris and Hearts of Iron, my joy will be complete.

  • Is the game free only for 1 week? i.e. After the week it stops working and you have to pay to continue?

    Or is it free forever as long as you download/install it during the freebie window?

    • +3

      These are free to keep if claimed (don't even need to install) within the window.

  • +31
    • +1

      Just came here to post this. Beaten. Good job!

    • Nice get’s, thanks

    • Oh nice, I've already have EU4 but no dlcs.

  • Weird how they have this game for free but no other Grand Strategy Paradox games like CK2, Stellaris for sale on Epic

    • +4

      ck2 has been free to play on steam for about a year, just letting you know

      • +1

        gosh, sometimes I feel like a dumb ass for buying games lol. So many free games.

      • With the amount of "essential" DLCs the CK2 base game is basically a demo now.

  • Thanks for the post. Looking forward to playing this one! :)