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Bonds Soft Reversible Hoodie $12.60, Mens Polar Fleece Jacket $12.60, Original Hoodie/Pullover $6.30 Delivered @ Bonds Outlet

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      How do you expect it to be delivered in a few days

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        By courier.

      • Not complaining about being it not delivered. Complaining about 40% price drop just a few days after purchase…

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          the "Still not delivered…" part implies you were complaining about delivery moreso than price

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    POLAR FLEECE ZIP JACKET showing for $20 qnd NOT for $12.60……. Am I missing any code?

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      Log in

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      It shows $16 during checkout (40% off).

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      Once you add to cart they give further 40% discount

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      it'll show as $12.60 in cart

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      Oh right, need to scroll down the page (on mobile) at the checkout and there you get the additional 40% off

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    Those reversible hoodies are hideous.

    • Obviously you're not the target audience.
      FYI nor am I they are horrendous, probably why they are on clearance

  • Those rev hoodies looks creepy to me.. :-0

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      Is the front pouch to store a basketball? What were they thinking?

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    Legend OP stocked up on those items plus more 👍

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    Thanx Op

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    How to sell yourself at Centrelink?

  • Bonds are sneaky.
    I had items cancelled from another order on this deal and my email or stored password wasn't recognized.
    Had to make a new account where my credit wasn't there :(

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      There are two different sites. Bonds online, and Bonds outlet. Try signing in to the other to check your credit.

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        That was it. Thank you.
        Bought 2 things off normal Bonds website and used my $12 credit.

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    I mean, you'd obviously only wear those reverse hoodies at home so I don't see what the issue is.

    Reviews seem to be overwhelmingly positive if that helps anyone

  • I now have so much new winter clothes (way more than last year) and the country is in a Covid-19 lockdown.
    Winter has past.
    I guess I'll be making my first trip O/S to somewhere cold- in 2023 :(

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      I'm stocking up for Dan's lockdown number 23 in Victoria next winter.

  • Nothing on the womens?

    • My order was processed as Bras N Things if that helps ;P

  • Damn the black polar fleece xxl went out of stock when I tried to buy one just now.

  • Bonds XL is 107cm in the chest, thats small for an XL compared to other brands

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    For Bonds Outlet, isn't it only free shipping over $29 for members?

    • There was a promo the other day for free shipping and 10% off for new members, not sure if that's active still

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    Woke Bonds
    Unisex becomes Genderless

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    Did anybody realise the discount is wrong? Current not a further 40% off, but a 30% off.
    But anyway, the price is good.

  • Just found out the Bonds membership and Bonds Outlet membership needs two separate registrations…

    Wish I got to know the deal earlier cuz most sizes are gone….Got 1 hoodie jacket, 1 soft hoodie, & 1 jogger pants with the further 30% off (instead of the 40% as advertised) and member's 10% off first purchase for $31.50. Quite happy with the price but if it is 40% off would be $4.50 better off. Warm lounge clothing for the next winter sorted. Thank you OP!

  • For some reason all of my items are coming up as 30% off not 40% off, but still a good deal.

  • Just in time for summer, thanks

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    I didnt get the extra 40% when logged in.

    • I did for a while then my cart got emptied and now the discount is gone. Mind you, the website has always sucked so I'm not surprised.

  • Nice deal, pity I missed it :-(

  • Subtotal $45.00
    Discount (Take a further 40% off Men's Clothing, Underwear and Socks, Member 10% off) -$16.65
    Tax $2.58
    Shipping & Handling $0.00
    GRAND TOTAL $28.35

    I am trying to work out the maths here
    40% off $45 = $27
    if i am getting 10% off member, shouldn't my total be $24.30?

    • ok if i apply 30% discount, and 10% off member, its $28.35

      • So it seems members are actually getting less % (30% and maybe an additional 10% off the 30% off) but free shipping.
        Good for small orders of 1-2 items I guess..

      • The math is wrong. Ring them up for a refund of the balance (that was what I was advised when I rang up). My total order was $55 they applied the wrong discount of $10.90 so refunded me the difference of $14.40.

        40% of $55 = $22
        10% of $33 = $3.30
        Total $25.30 - $10.90 = $14.40

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    Ffs spent $150 at Bonds on Tuesday

  • Received email titled "Your BONDS OUTLET order is underway" after purchasing.
    Anyone received an email that their purchases have been sent?

    • No
      Same here

  • Anyone's order is still under process here? :(

    • My order is still processing :(

    • Same here :(

    • Emailed Bonds Outlet two days ago to find out when I would received my order with no reply as yet …………………..

      • don't think we are getting it :(

        is time to cancel the order

        • How to cancel? need to email them :P

      • Received email from Bonds Outlet Customer support as follows :-

        Good Day!

        Thank you for your response and we apologize for a caused of delay.
        Thank you for your recent order. We are so sorry for the delay in getting your order dispatched. At the moment our orders are taking a little longer to be dispatched.
        Your order shouldn’t be far away from being dispatched. You will receive an email with your tracking information to let you know your order is on the way as soon as your order has left our warehouse.
        Thank you so much for your patience while we get your order to you.
        If there is anything else that we can help you with, please respond to this email and we will do our best to help you further.

        Kind regards,
        Bonds Outlet Customer Service

        • I emailed them on 3 Sep about the incorrect price and haven't received anything

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      Received tracking number yesterday for partial items in my order

      • Lucky you mine still says Processing

      • Received refund notification for balance of the order.

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          I class Bonds Outlet now in the same category as Kogan - never to buy from them.

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            @chrisie: 100%… (profanity) haven't received a response to my emails either

          • @chrisie: Received a refund today for my order dated 3/9/21 - not impressed.

            I stand by my statement never to buy from them ………………………

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    Got 2/3 of my items, with the last one being the hoodie. They just processed the refund for this with some BS comment.

    We've refunded your account for the item/s below.

    Not sure why? Read the comments below for further explanation.

    Credit Memo Number: xxxx

    Comments: Your claim has been refunded into your paypal account.

  • Got no items, refunded today. No reason given.

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