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Samsung Galaxy Note $578 Delivered - Kogan


ok..i know i hate Kogan in the past because they jack up the price after got their Xmas giftcard.


But now I think its time to use the giftcard and lower the price. Its $559 + $19 shipping at the moment. At this price, I think it a good deal.

p/s: Im still thinking to buy note or nexus. not sure which one is better. any thought?

edit: price has been edited, thanks to dave

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  • OP, the note is too big. Go for nexus
    ShoppingSquare and Kogan got it below $500 + postage today

  • Bear in mind the Nexus has no expansion. The Note is huge, so if you plan to clip it onto your belt think again.

    Personally, I'd see the Note as better value for money and expect it to get ICS reasonably soon.

  • I am a SGN owner and yes it is huge. But I actually don't find it too big for most of my pockets (a couple of pairs of jeans it fits but I have to push the frakkin thing in). I have it in my pocket when I'm working out without any issues and the size as far as pockets go isn't an issue.

    Having said this I prefer baggier style clothes: if I was emo and wore tight jeans I'd be in trouble ;)

    You might also want to consider that the monster size means one handed operation isnt always possible as you can't reach the whole screen - I've kind of gotten used to juggling it in one hand and contorting my hand around the device. The price you pay for a massive screen.

    It's definitely not a phone for everyone, particuarly women unless they carry a handbag all the time (fashion divas take note ;), but it's size isn't an issue most of the time for me. I suggest mocking up a block of wood or something (with rounded corners if at all possible) and testing it if you worried about the size. I knew I was OK with it because my old HTC Universal is roughly the same width x height and three times as thick.

    If it's too big but you want a screen larger than 4.3" (Samsung Galaxy SII and most other "large" smartphones are this size) I'd also suggest Galaxy Nexus unless not having an expansion slot is an issue which it certainly is for me. One 1080p movie more or less will take up your entire internal storage card with only 11GB (pretty sure this is Nexus internal SD size).

    Performance wise Note and Nexus are more or less equal according to Antutu (FWIW). The screens are the same resolution (making the Nexus "better than retina display" and the Note slightly "worse") but I suspect the Nexus has a better screen ATM due to Samsung not setting levels properly on the Note. This may or may not be fixed in future - it's not something you notice all the time in general use but you will when viewing images and video.

    Nexus also looks much smarter as far as the device physically looks - polished. Note looks a bit cheap (not nasty but cheap nonetheless) - it's not an issue if you put a case on the thing.

    • Wanted to add this to above post as an edit but for some reason there's no edit link:

      I'm currently putting ICS (Android v4) onto my Note which hasn't been officially released yet, it's based on leaked ICS Note. Anyhow 1 part of the screen levels issue has been fixed (theres no longer any colour banding but black levels still need fixing) - I take this to mean Samsung is on the case and getting the screen up to Nexus standard.

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    once you go galaxy note, you can't go back to a smaller phone. It makes you not need a tablet cause the screen is big enough for everything a tablet does. I love my note and when I hold my gf's iphone I wonder how on earth did I use an iphone before when its just so small

  • This phone is getting cheaper and cheaper in short period of time. DWI is selling it for $575 delivered and eglobal is selling it for $569 delivered. Both have the blue and white colour. I am very tempted to buy but still waiting for the oz stock. Do any of you know when the oz stock will be available?

  • Anyone used this with Writepad?
    looks like a great combo. The thing I love about my nokia 5800 (in fact the only thing I like about it) is the handwriting recognition.

  • ICS for Note is already available.

  • The other option you may want to consider is the HTC Sensation XL. It's a large phone - 4.7" screen. Specs: http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_sensation_xl-4161.php.

    And I gather Kogan sells it.

  • Now $559 + postage ($19?) at Kogan -> $578 delivered

  • just got my notes. massive screen and i love it. Thanks for the comments guys.cheers