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[Club Plus] SCA 1400kg Capacity Hydraulic Trolley Jack $34.99 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


Stack with this deal (for new members) for a further $9 or $10 off (effectively)
Lifting a vehicle to work from underneath can be a difficult and daunting job without the correct tools. SCA's range of trolley jacks offer a wide range of working heights and load limits to suit a wide range of vehicular applications. Manufactured from strong thick gauge steel and powder coated in gloss red they're built to withstand everyday wear and tear and resist corrosion and shop fluid contact. This 1400kg jack features two heavy duty swivelling castors and two fixed wheels for easy manoeuvrability on.

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    1400kg is pretty low capacity

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      For $35 it is reasonable capacity. Enough to lift one side of 90% of the cars. Just make sure you don't count on it to hold the car while you go under. Use stands.

      • Which is ok, I plan to use it to change and swap tyres.

      • doubt it'll work for 90% of cars … looks like a short arm, so won't lift high, even a normal car has a lot of give in the wheels when you're jacking it up … so ok to have a look, but probably not enough to change a tyre

        • but probably not enough to change a tyre

          Height Lowered:    140mm
          Height Raised:     335mm
  • According to the review, you need to buy oil to fill in?

    • Probably the hydraulic oil

    • No, it comes with oil. Probably got a used one.
      Check the other reviews

      • How long does these hydraulic oil last?

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    It's an OK jack but it's not Low Profile.

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    140mm is not that low, anyone considering this check your own height. Minimum in Victoria is 100mm, alot of cars are lower than that even

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    Update the title, it is not a low profile jack.

    • Yep, I was looking at a different model when I posted this.

  • the ToolPro stands (2000kg) are not a bad price for $50 either (RRP $80).

    End Date 05/09/21

  • If you are after a low profile jack with a little more capacity, this is an OK deal atm.