Samsung Warranty Repair Seems to Be Lost in Transit

Just looking for advice in case Auspost can't find my package.

I have sent my Note 10+ in for repair under warranty through Australia Post, with a supplied postage label from Samsung. The phone was sent on the 14th of August and it made it to Chullora on the 24th, but now seems to have fallen in to a black hole.

What are my options here assuming Australia post cant find/recover my phone?

Does Samsung still owe me a phone? am I (profanity) out of luck? Has anyone had to deal with this before?

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    supplied postage label from Samsung

    You have no contract with Aus Post and they owe you nothing. You have to raise a case with Samsung and they'll then do so with Aus Post directly as the "client". The overall outcome is something you'll have to wait and find out what happens unfortunately. Anyone's past experience is anecdotal and may not apply to you. However, I would expect Samsung to resolve this if you followed all their instructions, have a valid RMA case, used their label etc. It's not your fault.

    • Yeah that's what i thought, unfortunately Samsung has made me do the legwork so far. I've had to open the case with Australia post and i guess Samsung will hopefully step up if it cannot be found.

  • Not unusual for Chullora

    7 days is not that much considering the current situation.

  • made it to Chullora on the 24th, but now seems to have fallen in to a black hole.

    As in Chullora NSW… As in covid central?

    Auspost is under the pump, aka

    I think it is a little too early to call it 'lost'. Just sit tight……

    • Yeah Covid central haha.

      Yeah I don't have much of a choice at the moment unfortunately, just trying to work out the next step if its lost. Also I know Australia post are under the pump but I've been ordering a lot of stuff for a PC build and haven't had any issues or delays.

  • Check the terms and conditions for the return, you will find samsung takes no responsibility for any lost/stolen returns for warranty.

    • The only thing i can see in their warranty terms and services is : Samsung will not accept responsibility for damage to the product during this
      transport caused by unsuitable or inadequate packing.

  • Australia post is pretty slammed at the moment. If it hasn’t moved by the end of next week then you can get worried.

    Did you insure it at all? You might want to dig through the T&Cs

    • No insurance, was a paid postage label from Samsung. Doesn't seem to be anything in the terms and conditions covering this sort of thing.

      • You’ll just have to wait then. From what I’ve heard and seen they are skipping scanning parcels until they reach the destination as well.

  • Brother had his watch go missing in transit last week. Calle them, they couldn't fit it, so sent out nee upgrade mode.

    • That'll teach him for sending his Cartier watch via Auspost!

      • Wow - I think I was under the influence of something when I wrong that! (Think its called, lack of sleep)…

        Take #2:
        Brother had his watch go missing in transit last week. Calle them, they couldn't fit it, so sent out nee upgrade mode.
        "Brother had his Samsung watch go missing in transit on the return last week. Called them, and they couldn't find it. So they sent out a new upgraded e-sim version."

        "That'll teach him for sending his Cartier watch via Auspost!"
        Ha ha - sadly for him, it wasn't a Cartier. However, I did see him eyeing off one of my Breitling's the other day! Told him to go back to the toy that makes a buzzing noise and make 'certain gestures' which raise the step count! lol…

  • My S21 Ultra with broken screen was mailed from Devonport GPO to Hobart GPO where the samsung service centre retrieves them. A distance of 300kms. I mailed an envelope to a Hobart residential address at same time. Envelope arrived 2 days later but 2 weeks later my phone still MIA, and received in Devonport according to tracking. I have followed it up both with Samsung and Auspost but none can give me any useful info on what happens next. Samsung says it is past their service guarantee and are chasing it up. I had to buy a second hand S10+ for $500 on top of paying Samsung's 500+ for my screen repair.

    Nobody can tell me what Samsung's obligation is for exceeding the service guarantee either.

    I'm just upset they make phones out of glass and charge that much for screen replacement! It's much cheaper for iPhones!!!!

    So not happy with Samsung's service. I know it's Auspost to blame but Samsung should just send me a new or reconditioned S21 ultra, since that is what they will receive from me once it arrives, and I guess they'll keep the 500+ to fix my broken screen to have a replacement reconditioned S21 Ultra…. no loss to them. Now I don't even know what is happening.

    So yes I'm also not impressed with SAMSUNG servicing SOP.

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