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[Backorder] Authentic Turkish Delight, Pistachio Nuts, 250g $7.88 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

  • Australian Made
  • Authentic Turkish Recipe
  • Natural Colours And A Delicious Taste
  • Brand: Authentic Turkish Delight

Compared to $12.95 at David Jones: https://www.davidjones.com/turkish-delight-rose-flavour-with...

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Authentic Turkish Delight
    Australian Made

    Not really authentic then….

    • how do I know the comment is "authentic" and is coming from @JV?

      • Don’t be skinny!

        • Are these Turkish Delights good enough to betray your siblings over?

    • +2

      Agree! Same with other products like curries. Authentic made in Thailand vs. Coles brand authentic, you can’t compare that.

      • +4

        So an Authentic Japanese restaurant isn't authentic unless it's in Japan?🤔

        • +6

          Asahi isn't authentic unless it's from Japan…

          • +1

            @RSmith: Oh yeah I agree they can't seem to get the brewed under licence thing right here it's awful.
            I think the term can't be used too literally otherwise we wouldn't have authentic Italian fashion wear like Gucci unless it was made in Italy, there would be authentic and non authentic Gucci sold by the same company.

            • +3

              @Spendmore: Wow so right about asahi.. I don't have it often but always thought it's pretty good… Except the last few times.. I was shocked how horrible it tasted.. Now I know it was brewed under license! The sad part is for those who don't know that there's a difference..they'll basically just stop having Asahi… (Like me)

        • +3

          And why do they print this fact only on the bottom of the case? 🤔

    • You wouldn’t know a Turkish Delight in your Life

  • These are so good! Haven't had with Pistachio (buying it now as well as Pomegranate), just original, but they're a nice balanced flavour and great value for money.

    I do think however that this has always been the price of these on Amazon and they're never discounted.
    CamelCamelCamel agrees but nonetheless this does beat the prices elsewhere

  • How much are these normally from Amazon?

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    You haven't had Turkish Delight until you had it at a place called Hafiz Mustafa in Istanbul. It is from another universe.

    • +2

      My mother in law went there I think, said the same thing. Apparently there are daily queues of people including locals (pre COVID) and you have to get in early or you’ll be lined up for ages. She said it’s unlike any Turkish delight you’ve had, plus the variety of flavours. It’s on my “Some time in the distant future” list.

    • +1

      I see an online store too of hafiz Mustafa - are they legit?

      • +3

        Official Aus distributor based in Melb

        • looks awesome, this is definitely authentic and very expensive!

        • Thanks mate, added a bookmark. They deliver free as well so especially in Covid times, I can send these directly on those festive and/or special days.

    • When in Instabul, whenever pekish pop into any turkish delight store and they feed you samples galore.

      The selection of flavours there is not to be believed until seen.

    • +1

      It is from another universe.

      Oh, so it too, isn't "authentic" then? :-)

    • I dream about their trilece CONSTANTLY

  • +8

    too much sugar, this can be deadly

    • Yes. I believe making one eat several boxes of Turkish delight was used as a method of Capital Punishment.

    • +1

      Sugar as main ingredient at around $1/kg makes business sense.

  • +2

    My Woolies had a pallet of these in the Pomegranate, Rose and Strawberry/Lemon/Orange on clearance for $2~ a couple months ago. The Pomegranate are delicious and more-ish but I found Rose and Strawberry/Lemon/Orange sickly sweet. Dunno about pistachio.

    • +1

      Sounds like this’ll taste like the rose one just with extra pistachios thrown in

    • Did you post the bargain at the time? lol

      • +1

        Haha aw I assumed normal price was like $4. I only got one box each, too. RIP pomegranate delight with the morning espresso, and good riddance to that sugar

  • I normally get mine from nutsaboutlife ($12 per kg). How does these ($31.5/kg) compare?

  • oos

  • I make my own Turkish delight these days. Hard to get interesting flavours (classic rose water is in supermarkets tho, and peppermint works well too), but making like 1.2kg for $2 is awesome.

    • +2

      What recipe do you use/recommend?

      • +1


        This is what I've used, but settled on 1-1.5tbsp of gelatine powder. The 3tbsp recommended made it too chewy for my liking.

        The second stage mixture (once it's not pure sugar) needs constant, strong stirring to keep it from burning (it burns super easy).

        Will probably take a few runs to get it right, but it's not that hard once you have a good handle on things.

  • Lol i have too many of these boxes. We live near the owners of this company.

    • +3

      Near Jeff Bezos???

      • -1

        Yeah i knew someone was gonna be a smart ass but cbf lol
        Not in the mood

  • I want Turkish delight made by Turkish not Australian,I wont pay the price of $2 goods put a fancy name and sell for 4*

    • +1

      This Turkish delight is made in Granville by Turkish people. I think the original owner sold it to Aussies and moved back to Turkey but pretty sure it's still cooked by Turks.

      • -1

        So it is Australian Made or Turkish made?

        • First line of the deal post says Australian made.

    • +1

      Official Aus distributor based in Melb. Expensive but authentic from Turkey. Worth every $

      • wow, that looks amazing. What are your favorites?

        • +2

          Ottoman kadayif is 10/10. Nothing like youve tasted before.
          Then the Baklavas and Mixed Turkish delight. When in Turkey i would stop by every single day to get my fix. With Covid and not being able to go, this place is a God send to Aussies haha

          • +2

            @kerim86: I am really excited Krim86, the site looks amazing and I took your lead and ordered the Ottoman Kadayif.

            The store looks amazing as well, really nice for premium gifts.

  • I love Turkish Delight, but I find this brand lacks a distinctive flavour. All you get is sickly sweet. My little kids who will scoff anything vaguely sweet were completely disinterested. They need to find themselves a different Turkish person's authentic recipe. 😄

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Ordered ,available again .

  • +2

    I can't believe it but I ordered 500g of Ottoman kadayif from Hafizmustafa.com.au on Sunday and it arrived Monday via Sendle, wow was that quick.

    I opened it and shared just a little with my mum and then packed it up for the next day… Next day came and my mum revealed she ate the lot already… and told me how delicious they were…

    I will order again in a week for an upcoming family members birthday but won't be leaving it with my mum to mind.